WATCH RWISA WRITE Showcase Tour – Michael Hicks Thompson @mhthompsonsr
#RRBC , #RWISA , Watch RWISA Write / August 23, 2017

I do hope you are taking the time to follow this incredible tour! Today is the 23rd day of the WATCH RWISA WRITE Showcase Tour! I am profiling a different RWISA member here each day of August. You’ll be introduced to some good reading and some very talented writers.  Please visit  each member’s Author Page and their Author Story and share your comments and LIKE their pages.  You may find their books within the RWISA catalog. Now, Room With Books proudly presents. . .   DETOUR  -> CUBA By Michael Hicks Thompson   PART I Once the port-of-call jewel for Magnus Wealthy, Cuba has been a country lost in time for the last half century, plus some. Never been to Cuba? I recommend it. But do it before it returns to the playground of the filthy rich and the Hemingway admirers. Yes, I’ve been there twice. But not as Magnus Wealthy. Think short-term mission trip. Door-to-door evangelism. Knock, knock. “May we come in.” (Of course, my interpreter said it the proper way: “¿Podemos entrar?”) An interpreter is essential if you can’t speak the language. But here’s the beautiful thing. Most Cubans are the friendliest people you’ll meet. They love to meet and greet Americans. We’re a mystery to them. It’s amazing. And understandable….