October 13 2013

Review Requests

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Hello Authors, Publishers, Tour Organizers and just curious people.

Thank you for stopping by.

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I am Patricia, owner and sole reviewer on Room With Books.  I began Room With Books June 10, 2013 to help promote indie authors. I’m a seasoned reviewer, blogger, beta reader, editor, writing coach and avid reader. I am on Facebook, Google+, LinkedInPinterest, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, and heaven only knows where I will show up next.

All reviews may be posted on my blog, NetGalley, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. If your book is available on another site, I will gladly consider posting my review there as well.

If would like me to consider your book for review, please complete the submission form below. I will contact you via email if your book is selected for a review.

If you would like me to participate in a tour, please email me at blog@roomwithbooks.com and I will make my decision based on scheduling and content.

Formats: MOBIs are preferred. Please contact me if you use another format to verify that I have the program necessary for reading it. I don’t accept book “gifts” on Amazon or other services as I do not wish to give the impression that my reviews are bought for the price of a book.

Genres: Christian, Fiction, Mystery, New Adult, Non-Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Thriller, and Young Adult, in full length novels and novellas. Please feel free to ask about other genres as I consider each book on an individual basis.

♥♥♥ Unfortunately, not all requests can be accommodated. I only give honest reviews. As the reviewer I have the right to decline reviewing any book. I do not slander or degrade authors, but I do offer constructive, honest reviews. My reviews are my opinion and should be considered as such. ♥♥♥

Room With Books is a direct result of my love of books and reading and I thank you for considering me for your review.

Patricia, Room With Books