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What a glorious spring day it is here! The weather is wonderfully warm. My flowers are starting to bloom. And even the little birds are starting to rebuild their nest outside my living room window! This might be my favorite time of year!

I enjoy blogging and reviewing books. Late this year I will add author to the list of things I do!

I want to share the back-cover blurb of my book with you.

It was difficult, and very sad, to see my life laid out on paper. The timeline covered the front and back of a 36″ x 24″ poster board and wound around it like a steep mountain switchback.

The memories brought back by black lines on paper . . .

June, 2001

He dragged me down the stairs by my hair. I remember giving up. I was so tired, physically and emotionally. The fight had gone out of me. I’m certain if one had looked into my eyes they were empty. I was already gone.

He dragged me to a standing position, which I could barely hold in my weakness. Peering into his eyes I saw evil. I saw death. My own. My daughter’s.

“Remember, no matter what happens,” he leaned down, whispering in my ear, “no matter what happens, remember how much I’ve loved you!”

I stood there stunned. He loved me? He loved me? How could this be called love!

That moment was a turning point for me and I’ve been crying out to tell my story ever since. I hope you’ll join me when I release “Where the Heart Grows” later this year!



  1. I love those yellow daffodils! It really made my day go well. I am glad you are hanging strong,m and enjoyed reading the article. I would like to give thanks for your really great writing. I wish the best in keeping up the good work in the future.

  2. My! You had such a busy day yesterday and I’m so glad for you, Patricia! <3 So sorry I'm late to the feast but I had minor eye surgery yesterday so I wasn't able to come online very much at all and didn't have much time or access to a keyboard.
    Kudos for writing your memoir – which I can see is both powerful and disturbing. I'm very glad that you found your happy ending in the end 🙂

    1. Good afternoon, Jan. It’s never too late here! I hope your eye surgery was successful! I appreciate your support! It means a lot to have you on my side!


    1. Good morning, Mary. My story does have a happy ending! Today I can consider myself blessed by everything I have been through because it made me the woman I am today! That is what makes the memories of the terror lessen! Bless you!


  3. I think I’m getting a wee bit too old for parties like these just look at the time I’m getting here. I really love Amazon gift cards as they allow me to ACTUALLY BUY some of the books I review, instead of looking for Amazon freebies and gveaways

    1. Good evening, Robin Leigh. You’re never too old for a block party like we throw at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB! I’m glad you made it before midnight! That’s the magic hour for entering the giveaways! Thank you for stopping by!


  4. so sad ,and intriguing.thank you for sharing the story ,very courageous.and all the best to you

  5. I was very upset reading the blurb. I hate abuse of any kind. It brings tears to my eyes. I wish you all the best.

    1. Good evening, Rita. Just know that my story has a happy ending. Every tear, every moment of sorrow, every “thing” that I’ve encountered has led me to this point, and for that, I am grateful! Thank you for stopping by today!


  6. Hi Patricia. This was a fun post. I’m looking forward to the release of your book. I hope you have an awesome day On the tour.

  7. Hello, Patricia, and thank you for reaching out with your heart and soul in your words. Those of us that wear the emotional scars of abuse, long after the physical brutalization has ceased, are co-joined by our shattering and eviscerating experiences. The flash-backs we undergo when we first attempt to place our lives open for exploration in our revealing words, we live through, in the hope that by baring our soul … we may in some way help others understand that they DO have a voice … BRAVO!

    1. Good evening, Suzanne. Thank you for hearing my pain, my healing, and knowing the growth that had to happen to bring me to today. I speak out hoping that one person who is still in that abusive situation will know that there is life after abuse, that things do get better with hard work and determination. Yes, the flashbacks can be discouraging and the night terrors, well, describe themselves. But the sunshine that touches the soul after such darkness is just that much sweeter.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your words of encouragement!


  8. Such a powerful excerpt. You are so brave to have lived through that, even more so to share your experience with the world. Best wishes to you on your release.

  9. Hi Patricia. Good luck with your book launch later this year. If the blurb you posted is a precursor to what your book is about, it will be a terrifying and eye-opening story–one that I am sure is difficult for you to tell.

    1. Good evening, Ron. I appreciate your words of encouragement! I hope more that my story can be one of inspiration for someone who may be in the same situation today. Thank you for stopping by today!


    1. Good evening, Kim. Thank you for those words. I like to think I’m here and stronger for the experiences I’ve had. Thank you for stopping by today!


    1. Good evening, Yecheilyah. Thank you for your very strong vote of confidence! I do hope you’ll win something, but don’t try to buy my book, it hasn’t been published, yet.


  10. Hi Patricia,
    I love you tea cup logo! And your bright, cheerful page. Thank you for sharing you work and blog with me!

    Have a great day!


  11. Hi Patricia! Love the daffodils. Spring is my favorite time, too. I’m looking forward to your story. I’m sure it was difficult to tell and I applaud your courage! Now, Par-tay!

    1. Good evening, Linda. Daffodils have always been such a happy flower. I love growing them indoors as well so I can have sunny, happy flowers all year long! Thank you for your words of encouragement and for stopping by today.


  12. Patricia, this is remarkable and truly inspiring. Hugs followed by a high five! 🙂
    It’s a powerful blurb and I give thanks that you’re in a place in life where you can share it. You endured, survived and now you shine bright, hopefully with a peaceful heart.
    I adore the title, too; it reflects solace gained after a long turbulent journey.
    Best wishes with the release, and I’m a guaranteed reader! 🙂

    1. Good afternoon, Natalie. Your words mean so much to me! Thank you for looking inside the words printed on a page to see the woman behind them. I appreciate you stopping by today!


  13. Great post – that sounds like it’s going to be a very powerful book – I look forward to reading it 🙂

  14. Wow!! Patricia, that is one of the best blurbs I’ve read, What a great hook for your book. Who could not read it after that intro. Wow again!! Enjoy the rest of your book & Blog party.

    1. Good afternoon, Micki. Thank you for those words! I will work on taking that compliment and internalizing it. I’m awed by your observation! Thank you so much for your support and for stopping by today!


  15. Hi Patricia. Yes, I know you and I remember your RTs. I consider you a friend and I hope you think of me the same. It’s a sad story you tell. It’s good to see you’re obviously in a better place now. I know the memories still haunt, but now you are able to share. I look forward to being able to tweet and help you promote your book. Congrats. The weather is great here in S. Texas too. Great Party! Beautiful heartfelt post. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

    1. Good afternoon, Larry. And yes, we are friends! The story has a sad beginning but I look at where I am now! I think it’s a story of victory! Yes, with severe PTSD, the memories can be very intrusive at times, but with every chapter written, his hold on me lessens!

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I’m totally jealous you are in So. Texas. I have family around the Dallas-Fort Worth area that I miss terribly!


  16. Awe!! I love the pictures. We have several places in our yard where birds build year after year, it’s a wonderful reminder of spring. Congrats on your upcoming release, looking forward to it.

    1. Good afternoon, Charles! Love my Wyoming from corner to corner each direction! I’ve left several times, but this is home and I always come home.

      Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by today!


  17. I love the pics of spring you have on your post and your compelling blurb has me waiting for your story to be read. Much luck and smooth riding through the publishing process. I only have one book under my belt, but if you have any questions, you have a multitude of people to help answer questions in RRBC, me included.

    1. Good afternoon, Laurie. Thank you for your kind words. I do know how blessed I am to be a member of Rave Reviews Book Club as a “budding” author! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog!


  18. Hi – wow, what a blurb for your book! That is terrifying and has already gripped my heart – what a powerful story, and I’m so glad you are here with us to tell it. I can’t wait to read your book! Great post, and I’m glad I stopped by! 🙂

    1. Good afternoon, Patricia. Not quite a novel, more of a memoir. Totally suspenseful, and filled with times of terror, but a great ending! Thank you for stopping by today!

      Totally strange. It feels like I could be writing to myself, Patricia! Even the last initials are the same! 😉


  19. Wow! Just this short blurb convinces me that you have a story to tell, Patricia. No doubt it will be an emotionally draining thing to do, but just looking at the glimpse you’ve given us, you are definitely up to the task. Kind regards and I hope you enjoy your tour today.

  20. Oh my goodness, Patricia! What a riveting post. I am amazed at how many “survivors” there are in the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. Survivors from abuse, sorrow, cancer and a myriad of other things life can toss our way. Can’t wait to read YOUR story. You do so much to support others, I look forward to supporting you. Hope you enjoy your party day!!

    1. Good afternoon, Jan. It has always amazed me at the number of authors I’ve met that are survivors, and also the numbers that suffer from autoimmune diseases! Authors are such a strong group of people!

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. I appreciate you stopping by!


  21. Patricia, I don’t know if Where the Heart Grows is your story or fiction (I pray it’s fiction). Either way the blurb is powerful. I congratulate you on stepping into the arena of authors and wish you the best on your journey. The members of RRBC will be behind you, cheering you on!

    I also have to say the pictures of spring are lovely. We’ve finally reached spring-like temperatures in Pennsylvania too. Have a happy party day!

    1. Good afternoon, Mae Clair. Where the Heart Grows is my story and how that relationship forced me to finally take a serious look at my life! I’m counting on everyone in RRBC to help me get this baby perfected before publication!

      Thank you for your kind words and I appreciate you stopping by! Enjoy spring while you can, Mae Clair, and I’ll warn you when the cold weather looks to be returning!


  22. Patricia!
    Great post and an amazing blurb. It was chilling. I am looking forward to reading your debute book. I loved your flowers and nest pictures, spring is a wonderful time of renewal and beauty! Enjoy your day!

    1. Good afternoon, D.L. I appreciate your words of encouragement. I do love spring and today is just perfect!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


    1. Good afternoon, Mary. Yes, this is a memoir. It is the telling of a very tragic time in my life and how it has changed since.

      Thank you for stopping by!


    1. Good afternoon, C.S.! Thank you for the vote of confidence. I’m looking forward to finishing it up and getting it out there!

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by.


    1. Good morning, Joy. I agree that domestic violence should never be tolerated, but we know it is all too often!

      Thank you for your words of encouragement and for stopping by!


  23. Powerful blurb Indeed…..Thanks for the nice stop; and I still need to get to Wyoming someday soon.

    1. Good morning, Robert. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You would love Wyoming. I consider it the best of all the places I’ve lived and it’s also the place I came back to for healing!

      Thank you for stopping by!


  24. I’m floored right now. Seriously, my chest is tight and my heart is racing. Your words carry your energy, and I could feel your soul crying out. Wow. I applaud you for facing your past and having the courage to share it. Wow. On a much lighter note, I’ll be up in WY at the end of June. I can’t wait to visit the beauty that you call home. 🙂

    1. Good morning, Yvette! I’m sorry you were affected this way by my writing, but thrilled at the same time. Thank you!

      You and your family will love Wyoming in the summer, but be prepared for some cool nights! I wish you all safe travels!


  25. My goodness, Patricia, that is a powerful blurb to share. Your book will be on my “must read” list. Do let us know when it is published! And, heartfelt congratulations for climbing the ultimate mountain of your stormy past and finding yourself whole and beautiful.

    1. Good morning, Gwen! What an honor to be on any of your lists! I’m quite certain I’ll be having a release tour and telling everyone once this book is published!

      Thank you for your kind words, always, and for stopping by!


  26. Wow Patricia! I am wondering how you survived that moment. I must say that I can relate to the insanity of it all having been told that “No one will love you like I do.”
    What a crock that is? Anyway I am looking forward to reading your story. Good luck on your tour today.

    1. Good morning, Shirley! I survived that moment by the grace of God who was holding me in the palm of His loving hands! I’m sorry that anyone can related to domestic violence, but I know we are out there, many still remaining silent.

      Thank you for stopping by, and for your good wishes!


  27. Congratulations on writing your book and in sharing your story. I don’t imagine that was easy to do. But I know that it will inspire and touch so many. It is so important that we speak up when we can because so many still can’t. Thank you. What did you find the most difficult about writing it? I think you have a very powerful book blurb. My only question is, I’m not sure what you mean by sentence 2 – The timeline covered… I’d love to interview and host you on my blog when your book is published.

    1. Thank you, Maggie! It’s still a work in progress. I believe the most difficult part has been taking the story out of my therapy and telling it in a way that it’s relatable to my audience. The second line refers to the timeline my counselor and I drew on the poster board. That picture will be in the book. I would be honored to be hosted on your blog, Maggie! Thank you!

    1. Good morning, Marlena! My story still needs a lot of work and I’ll be turning to those of you in RRBC that I know can help me polish it to perfection before I publish!

      Thank you for your encouragement and I’m so glad you stopped by!


    1. Good morning, Harmony! Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’m thrilled to think of being on your TBR list! It makes me a bit giddy!

      Thank you for your words of encouragement and I’m glad you stopped by!


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