WATCH RWISA WRITE Showcase Tour – Joan Curtis @JoanCurtis
#RRBC , #RWISA , Watch RWISA Write / August 24, 2017

I have been introduced to some authors I hadn’t read before this tour, and they are absolutely incredible! Today is the 25th day of the WATCH RWISA WRITE Showcase Tour! I am profiling a different RWISA member here each day of August. I’ll introduce you to some outstanding reading and some very talented writers.  Please visit  each member’s Author Page and their Author Story and share your comments and LIKE their pages.  You may find their books within the RWISA catalog. Now, Room With Books proudly presents. . . A Gift of Silence By Joan C. Curtis The man stood outside the store window, shifting from foot to foot. I’d have probably gone right by him, but as I passed, he looked me straight in the face, sending a chill up my back. Mystified, I found a place in the shadows and watched. He wore a black golf shirt with a Nike swoosh. His black slacks were neatly pressed, but scuffs covered the toes of his dark shoes. As he paced in front of the store, as if waiting for something or someone, his left foot dragged. Maybe that was where the scuffs came from. A girl passed by him without so much as a glance. She wore flip-flops and short shorts….