#RATERSNOTHATERS , #RRBC / September 10, 2017

During a recent chatroom meeting at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, a certain someone (Amie O’Brien) yelled out “RATERS NOT HATERS”, and I hope you all know how hard it is to yell anything during a chatroom meeting! Have you ever known someone that gets an idea in their heads (Nonnie Jules) and just won’t let it go? This idea rattled around a few days then RATERS NOT HATERS was born! Well, I bet all y’all can’t guess what is being added to my resume?! If you guessed Co-Host of “RATERS NOT HATERS” you’d be right! PATRICIA GREEN (me), Co-Host  JOY NWOSU LO-BAMIJOKO, Co-Host SHIRLEY HARRIS-SLAUGHTER, Co-Host   BEGINNING ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd at NOON CT, you are all invited to join us as we rate the books that we all want to read. We are some of our top readers in the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB and we post reviews on a pretty regular basis, so, who better to give our opinions? With the internet trolls on the lose, you just can’t believe many of the reviews you read these days. I mean, these trolls are on a mission to seek and destroy the greatest of written works, just because…

Krissy V: For Better or For Worse, Til Death Do Us Part Series: Book One
Blog Tour / April 17, 2014

      Natasha Benson invites you, the reader, to follow her journey of marrying the man of her dreams: he loves her; protects her; makes her laugh; and she wants him to be hers forever… Until they actually get married! Natasha –  “My life was so perfect, so structured and then it all came tumbling down in the worst way possible” Who knew that my wedding vows would become the story of my life? This is my story, about how the perfect love can go horribly wrong. Follow me as I go through the big highs and great lows in my happy ever after.   Add to your TBR List   Til Death Do Us Part: For Better or For Worse – Releasing April 2014 In Sickness and In Health – Releasing May 2014 To Love and to Cherish – Releasing June 2014   Spin-Offs from Til Death Do Us Part Series: To Have and To Hold – Releasing July 2014 – Hopefully For Richer or For Poorer – Releasing August 2014 – Hopefully     Krissy is a mother to two young children, who in turn keep her young. She lives in Dublin, Ireland but is originally from South Devon in the UK….