1986 by Morgan Parker Book Review


by Morgan Parker

1986 Cover

Publisher: Quotestork Media, Inc.

Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

Publication Date: 20 June 2016

Book ReviewDisclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of 1986 by Morgan Parker from NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review.

I have been a *fangirl* of Morgan Parker’s since I read the book Textual Encounters. I have followed his writing diligently. To say that 1986 was a real surprise is an understatement! I read the blurb for the book and swallowed very hard at the thought that this wasn’t going to be the type of love story I was used to. I had mixed emotions. I wanted to read 1986 but I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it, then what would I be forced to write?

Was I surprised by my reaction to 1986? Absolutely. I found myself lost in the pages very quickly and pleasantly surprised. Reading 1986 let me transport myself back to the days prior to the disaster portrayed by Parker. The fictional account is so incredibly real at times that it was difficult to remember I wasn’t reliving the event.

I encourage you to give it a try, and honest, read from cover to cover try. Find yourself amazed. Stop. Read the ending once again, and remember the truth written within these pages, even though Mr. Parker hid it within a story pulled from his superlative mind.

I highly recommend 1986 by Morgan Parker and give it five explosive cups of Room With Books coffee.


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