12 May 2016

A Fire That Heals Book Tour @LovingtheBook

 A Fire That Heals

by D Vansen

“A Lost Faith Is Never Too Far Gone”

Serena is devastated when her lifelong friend, Aminadab, is banned from Zarahemla for abandoning his faith and persecuting the saints. To add to her despair, she loses the rare ruby her father entrusted to her and she feels all is lost.

Unbeknownst to her, Aminadab finds the ruby, and takes it as his only reminder of Serena. As an outcast, Aminadab and his company of dissenters seek refuge among the Lamanites, who happen to be the very people who killed his parents. Not only is his anxiety high for being surrounded by these bloodthirsty people, but he quickly discovers he’s in the middle of a Gadianton plot to start a war between the Nephites and Lamanites.

Selling the ruby soon becomes the only option Aminadab has at escaping the volatile life he finds himself in. However, this act might forever banish him from ever being in Serena’s graces again.

In D Vansen’s Book of Mormon adventure, Aminadab must choose which side he’s on in a reflective journey of self-discovery, while Serena must stay faithful and hold onto the hope that a lost faith is never too far gone.


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D Vansen lives in Northern Utah with her family. After serving a LDS mission, she developed a love for the Book of Mormon and its eternal truths. She claims that if you ever want the scriptures and its characters to come to life, plot a novel from them. She loves all things artistic, unless it involves combining food ingredients. Thank heavens she has children that will help with that specific talent.


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Top Ten List

Ten random facts about D Vansen

  1. From Alamosa, Colorado
  2. Middle child out three children
  3. Hates snow–and lives in Northern Utah, so explain that one.
  4. Not a morning person
  5. Loves reading and writing, but that’s a no brainer for an author.
  6. Loves to go to the movies
  7. Loves to laugh
  8. Hates having her pictures taken
  9. Has four children
  10. Wishes she had a singing voice.


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