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A Thin Slice of Heaven

by p.m.terrell



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About the Book


She had arranged to meet her husband in Northern Ireland for a second honeymoon, but when Charleigh arrives at the remote castle, she receives a message that he won’t be coming—and that he’s leaving her for another woman.

Stranded for the weekend by a snowstorm that has blocked all access to the castle, she finds herself three thousand miles from home in a country she knows nothing about.

She is soon joined by Sean Bracken, the great-grandson of Laird Bracken, the original owner of the castle, and she finds herself falling quickly and madly in love with him. There’s just one problem: he’s dead.

As the castle begins to come alive with secrets from centuries past, she finds herself trapped between parallel worlds. Caught up in a mass haunting, she can no longer recognize the line between the living and the dead. Now she’s discovering that her appearance there wasn’t by accident—and her life is about to change forever.

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“What’s happening?” Charleigh whispered. Her throat had grown dry and her voice was hoarse with tension. Though she attempted to keep her tone low so they would remain unobserved, it sounded loud and harsh in the strident atmosphere that seemed suddenly to have gripped the village. She felt anxiety growing deep within her and the urge to get back to the castle burgeoned with ferocity and urgency; but she realized with a sickening sensation in the pit of her soul that the growing inharmonious throngs were between them and the sanctuary of her room.

“Do not be afraid, m’ Leah,” Sean answered. He did not whisper but his voice was deep and taut. After a moment, he said, “They are reenacting an event that occurred… some time ago.”

“Oh,” she breathed. She should have felt relief but her insides continued to roil as if his explanation did not match the scene unfolding before her. Nervously, she said, “Reenactors. We have them in America.”

“You have witnessed them, then?”

“Yes. I find them very interesting…” She forced the words past her dry lips. “They reenact battles from the Civil War and the Revolutionary War, mainly.”

As the churning skies turned to the color of tar, Charleigh could discern the sources of the strange glow: they were torches held aloft by dozens of people. More were joining them, stragglers rushing from the village to catch up, while they began to spread apart in a more orderly column as they converged on the flat land they’d crossed on their way into the village. One man in the forefront stopped and began pointing and directing those that followed.

“These reenactments,” Sean continued, “were the people alive?”


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by p.m. terrell

My first foray into writing about the paranormal was with my Black Swamp Mysteries series. While researching declassified CIA documents, I came across information regarding psychic spies. I thought that having a psychic spy—someone who could travel to the most remote and inaccessible regions through the power of the mind—would unleash countless possibilities for future plots.

Little did I know that it would also open up entirely new worlds to me, which have led to the paranormal activity in A Thin Slice of Heaven. Studying the work of psychic spies meant also studying psychic phenomena and quantum psychics. It meant opening the mind to the fact that what we can see with the naked eye is only a tiny fraction of all that is going on around us. Consider, for example, that we cannot see the air and yet we know it is there; we often see trees bending and we feel something brush across us, and we know from scientific evidence that it is a breeze.

But to envision parallel worlds means taking a quantum leap from having faith that air and atmosphere exists to understanding that our cosmos might consist of multiple worlds that are so close together, they are like placing two sheets of paper one atop another.

Many of us have felt that brush with another plane of existence already. It happens frequently when someone we have deeply loved passes away. We might feel their presence when we least expect it; or we might catch the distinct aroma of their favorite cologne. We might see symbols that meant something to us both: pennies from heaven, certain animals or birds—or in Charleigh’s case in A Thin Slice of Heaven, it is butterflies.

We might dream of a loved one and awaken the next morning to the knowledge that something we thought lost was squirreled away in a specific spot, or the answer to a nagging question is found.

The deeper I researched psychic phenomena, the more I considered the plot of my latest book: a haunted castle that blended two worlds together—the living and the dead. Many cultures have believed through the millennia that those who have left the physical life are closer than we might expect; from the Native Americans to the aborigines to modern religions. What ties the worlds together is love: the love of a parent for a child, sibling love… or romantic love.

There have also been reports throughout time of the two worlds blending in a physical sense, where the spirit of one on the other side can touch a living human being. Greek and Roman mythology, for example, often told of children created by the romance of beings on either side coming together.  In modern day religions, we think of spirit beings as angels or spirit guides.

The possibilities are fascinating, and they led me to write this paranormal romance, blending a spirit from the other side with a living human being.


About the Author


p.m.terrell is the pen name for Patricia McClelland Terrell, a multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed author of more than twenty books in five genres: contemporary suspense, historical suspense, romance, computer how-to and non-fiction.

Prior to writing full-time, she founded two computer companies in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. Among her clients were the Central Intelligence Agency, United States Secret Service, U.S. Information Agency, and Department of Defense. Her specialties were in white collar computer crimes and computer intelligence, themes that have carried forward to her suspense.

She is also the co-founder of The Book ‘Em Foundation, an organization committed to raising public awareness of the correlation between high crime rates and high illiteracy rates. She is the organizer and chairperson of Book ‘Em North Carolina, an annual event held in the real town of Lumberton, North Carolina, to raise funds to increase literacy and reduce crime. For more information on this event and the literacy campaigns funded by it, visit http://www.bookemnc.org.

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Author’s website: www.pmterrell.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pmterrell

Blog: www.pmterrell.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/author.p.m.terrell



p.m.terrell will be awarding a Celtic Butterfly Suncatcher similar to the one mentioned in the book, symbolizing both the never-ending cycle of life and the metamorphosis of a butterfly to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.



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