12 February 2014

Antenette, Vy: The Way Love Is


The Way Love Is

Vy Antenette

Publisher:  Gemini Phoenix Publications

Genre:  Urban Romance

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ISBN-10:  0989140334

About The Book


Chaianne Lewis is determined to make a better life for her and her daughter despite the bleak childhood she had to endure. Right out of college she starts her own Private Investigation firm which proves to be more than she bargained for, in more ways than one. Chaianne soon discovers that her niche for spying may actually do more harm than good. Now instead of tailing others, it’s her own back she needs to be watching. When death happens upon her doorstep she’s burdened with the realization that it’s the one person she thought she could love forever. Will her heart forgive that easy or will the reality of the situation prevent her from loving… again?

Chaianne is left to believe that sometimes that’s just the way love is, or is it?

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Here I am, standing on the west side of campus waiting for Dominic to pick me up, and he is nowhere to be found. “What the hell is taking this fool so long?” I knew I shouldn’t have let him talk me into selling my car. “Chaianne, get rid of that shit. It’s a piece of junk. I’ll help you get something else.” That was just another way for him to have me at his disposal, because when I had my own set of wheels, I made moves, and that made Dominic very upset. I took my cell phone out of my coat pocket and dialed his number. When he didn’t answer, that pissed me off even more. Fuck it; I’ll walk. I headed back toward Friar Hall, the main building on campus, and took the walkway that separated Friar from the Library. As soon as I hit the main road, I saw Dominic standing outside of his car, talking to Jasmine, the known campus hoe. This muthafucka!

I stepped between Dominic and Jasmine. “So, is this the reason your ass can’t get me on time?”

“Oh shit! What’s up, Chai? I was just asking her where I could find you,” Dominic said.

“Whatever, Dominic, she wouldn’t know. If you wanted to know where to find me, you should’ve picked up your phone and called me. Speaking of which, where is your phone? Because I called and you didn’t answer.”

“It’s in the car, charging. Why you all tight and shit. I’m here, ain’t I?”

“Yeah, but you’re late, as usual.

“I guess I’ll let you go. I don’t want you to get in trouble,” Jasmine said to Dominic.

“Trouble? Please, I’m good!” Dominic stated, trying to sound tough. “She ain’t my mother.”

“Oh word?!” I screeched. “Are you serious? Fuck you and that bitch—”

Jasmine was indignant. “Bitch? Who you calling a bitch? Because the only—”

Pow! Before she had a chance to get the rest of her statement out, I’d hauled my cell phone at her face, hitting her right in the mouth. It fell to the ground and broke.

“What the hell did you do that for?” she cried.

“Oh, my bad. That was for him,” I lied. The last thing I needed was for this punk bitch to go snitch. “But I guess you should learn your role before you go adlibbing in scenes that don’t concern you,” I said and then walked off.

“Yo, where you going?” Dominic yelled after me.

I waved him off and kept walking. I didn’t have time for his bullshit. Lately, our bickering had become a trend, and the running theme seemed to be other women. Rather than deal with the nonsense, I figured the best thing for us both was space. Dominic felt otherwise because I’d only gotten about five feet when he came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder.

About The Author


Vy Antenette was born, raised and still resides in Albany, NY and is a graduate from the College of St. Rose and South University. She is married to the love of her life and the mother of three beautiful children. Vy is the oldest of eleven and comes from a very close knit and supportive family, with her (maternal) grandparents being extremely influential in her life.

It was never her lifelong dream to become a writer let alone an author but she has always had a way with words. After speaking at a funeral someone came up to her and said “you should write!” so she did. At first, the process was difficult as she had a hard time making the story flow, so she stopped. Five years later in May 2012 she decided to write again and by the end of that year she had penned four complete manuscripts. Her first novel, The Way Love Is hit the market in June of 2013. Her second novel is due to be released late Fall or early Winter of this year.

With red being her favorite color, hearts her favorite shape and Valentine’s Day her favorite occasion, she found it almost destined that all her novels would reflect love in some way. Labeling herself as the “Queen of Hearts,” she hopes that all who read novels from the Love Collection will become lifelong admirers. Although Vy is not sure how far her talents will take her she is pleased with the direction in which her literary talents are heading and is eager to continue writing. “Like a bottle of fine wine…writing gets better with time.”

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