6 August 2016




Hello, and welcome to Room With Books!

Come and join the party … RRBC Back to School Book & Blog Block Party all through August! That’s right, we’re partying for a whole month.

Links for the other party places are on the RRBC website

On today’s stop, you’ve landed in Cheyenne, Wyoming


Prizes I’m Giving Away Today!!!

TWO Amazon Gift Cards of $5.00 each




ONE Barnes & Noble Gift Cards of $5.00 each


Huge thank you to everyone for stopping by!

Number of winners for this stop: 3!

To be in it to win it, be sure to leave a comment!





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  1. By Nonnie Jules on

    I am many days late and many dollars short, but that’s OK! I still made it! Looks like you had fun, Patricia!

    Good job!

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Nonnie! I’ve been having a BLAST! I didn’t know August could be so much fun. I’m glad you stopped by! ~Patricia~

  2. By Lori Soard on

    Hi Patricia,

    I was tied up yesterday, but wanted to stop by and offer some support. Looks like you had a good turnout for your stop.

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you for the support, Lori! This has been an amazing day and I’m sure it will be an amazing month for RRBC! What more could we ask for?

  3. By John Fioravanti on

    Sorry I’m late visiting, Patricia. You have put together a very attractive site here! I hope you’re enjoying the Block Party!

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, John! I appreciate the support and I’m having such a wonderful time at the Block Party! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to join us at RRBC! ~Patricia~

  4. By Linda Mims on

    Hi Patricia! Sorry to be late, but once I got here, I was able to peek into every little corner and I have to say I liked what I saw. The photos on your “About Page’ were just the right choice for warm, cozy reading. I give this site “five steaming cups”!

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      I’m just glad you stopped by Linda! As to the “five steaming cups” rating, I’m honored you find Room With Books deserving. Thank you! ~Patricia~

  5. By Lizzie Chantree on

    Just popped by to say hello to your wonderful blog. I missed the party by a day as I was travelling, but wanted to stop and comment anyway. What a fabulous site! I had already been by and liked your Facebook page and linked up on Twitter, but for some reason hadn’t seen your blog. Just subscribing to the newsletter now!

  6. By Jo Anne V on

    Sorry I am late to the party but wanted to stop and say hi

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Jo Anne! Your support is greatly appreciated!

      I hope you get to enjoy the rest of the Block Party! ~Patricia~



  8. By Jan Sikes on

    Hi, Patricia! Great blog site. Hope you’re enjoying your day of partying. So great to meet a book reviewer! Have fun today.

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Jan! I’m enjoying myself immensely! I appreciate your support, and that of all the RRBC members. ~Patricia~

  9. By Gwen Plano on

    Hi Patricia, this is lovely blog site, one I will visit often. Thank you for joining in the fun!

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Don’t we all, Mary! I hope you’ll follow along this month as the fun doesn’t end until August does!

      Thank you for always being the person that shows up on any tour I’m participating in to say hello and give support! ~Patricia~

  10. By Stephanie Collins on

    Hi Patricia! Thanks for contributing to our blog block party; I really enjoyed poking around your site. I stopped by your FB page and signed up for your newsletter, too. I’m curious; do you have a favorite genre – or a genre you just can’t get into, no matter how much you try? Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂 ~Stephanie

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Stephanie! I appreciate your support!

      I keep an open mind and I will read most genres for review, with the exception of Erotica and BDSM. I have made exceptions for books with those underlying themes at times but there must be a larger plot to the book! I love to review psychological thrillers, memoirs, romance, romantic comedies, paranormal romance, sci-fi, and the list goes on almost as long as the list of genres!

      For my personal reading (which is limited these days), I tend to choose Christian literature, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.

      Thank you again for your support and well wishes! ~Patricia~

  11. By Miranda L. on

    Very nice giveaways! Way to keep the block party ball rolling!!

  12. By Staci Troilo on

    “Room with Books.” Love that. Makes me want to curl up by a fire (well, not today because we’re in the middle of a heatwave) in a comfy chair and explore new worlds.

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Staci. That is the ambiance I was trying to create! I hope you’re following the RRBC Book & Blog Block Party! Enjoy the party! ~Patricia~

  13. By Mae Clair on

    Hi, Patricia. Love your blog. I’ve been a guest multiple times in the past as part of blog tours I’ve participated in. I’m always delighted when you’re blog is a stop on the tour. So excited to have you aboard on RRBC now, too. Wishing you an awesome day on the blog party!

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Mae Clair! It’s always a thrill to see an author that I’ve supported come back for a visit! I love being part of RRBC and this has been a most incredible day. ~Patricia~

  14. By Mcki Pelusoi on

    Ahh Patricia, here’s a blog room that I could call home. Sigh, I can’t live long enough to read all the books I want. I’ll be back to browse around and to ask you for a review for my newly released kid’s book, if you don’t mind.

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Micki! I’d be glad to have you at home here on Room With Books and I look forward to hearing from you about a review! Enjoy the rest of the RRBC Book & Blog Block Party! ~Patricia~

  15. By Michael Lynes on

    Hi Patricia – sorry I’m a bit late to the party but somehow the link was not available this morning and I’ve been out all day. Hope that RRBC Blog Block Party was fun – and your page is terrific! – MikeL

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      I’m glad you decided to try again! Thank you, Michael. Your support is greatly appreciated! The RRBC Block Party is the best! ~Patricia~

  16. By tracey clark on

    short, sweet, and to the point… which just makes me want to check out the rest of your site… 😛 happy wordage

  17. By Maretha on

    Dear Patricia, Thanks so much for a lovely website and giving us a further glimpse into your workd filled with books and more books – a bookworm’s delight. All the best for today.

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Maretha! I hope you’ll stop by in the future. This bookworm is always looking for my next great adventure!

      Enjoy the rest of the #RRBC Back to School Book & Blog Block Party! ~Patricia~

  18. By Jo Ann Wentzel on

    Enjoyed a quick look around, need to come back when I can spend a bit more time. Nice website. Looks like you’re a very busy reader.

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, JoAnn. I invite you back here any time. I love to sit around drinking coffee and reading books! I hope you get to enjoy the block party for the remainder of the month! ~Patricia~

  19. By P. H. Solomon on

    Have a great day hosting the blog party stop, Patricia! You are so wonderful to share books this way and support the rest of RRBC!

  20. By Steven Bates on

    Wonderful graphic interface on your site, it just silently calls for comfort and a great book to read! Hope to see many more reviews, (maybe even one for my book..lol) Truly an enjoyable romp in your site.

  21. By Natalie Ducey on

    Hi, Patricia! Wow…your support for fellow authors is just amazing! And for that I have to say THANK YOU and give you a virtual ((hug)). 🙂
    I’m now following you on Facebook and Pinterest! Hope you have an awesome day!

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Hello, Natalie! I’m so very lucky to be able to do what I do. To you, and all indie authors, you are very welcome! And I appreciate the hug and the support from you! Have fun following the RRBC Book & Blog Block Party this month! ~Patricia~

  22. By Rhani D'Chae on

    Hi Patricia. Thanks for having us by today. You have a great site, and I’m glad I got a chance to visit. Thanks for the cookies & punch. I’m on a diet, so virtual cookies are my favorite kind.

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Rhani. I appreciate you stopping by. I’m glad you reminded me that I had the virtual treats. I had completely forgotten! Hope you enjoyed them! ~Patricia~

  23. By Richie Gerber on

    Hi Patricia!

    This is a wonderful site. I plan to send a review request when you return from Summer Vacation.


    Richie Gerber

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Richie. Don’t wait to send a review request. I’ve plenty of time for reading while I’m away! I look forward to receiving your review request! ~Patricia~

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Hello, Susan! Yes, a month long party! You should follow along as the giveaways are unbelievable and the books and blogs you’ll find are top-notch! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Thank you, Joy. I’m having the time of my life! I love all the interaction with RRBC members! Thank you for stopping by! ~Patricia~

  24. By Rebecca Carter on

    Nice blog. I looked through a few posts. I agree that book characters can be more real than all the physical people around us.

  25. By Jan Hawke on

    Hi, Patricia! Your blog is really what RRBC’s all about – something for readers, writers and reviewers and more besides. 😀 It’s a delicious kaleidoscope and really welcoming… in fact I just need to go make some coffee and get my latest read! 😉 Hope you and Sally are having tons of fun today! 😉

  26. By Laurie on

    A Friend just turned me on to your blog.And you have landed 30 min.from my house in Cheyenne! I’m just South in Colorado. Will give everything a look over. Is this for young reader’s? I have a 11yro granddaughter who is a avid reader.

  27. By Laurie Lewis on

    Hi Patricia. I think I found RRBC from a link you provided, so thanks for that as well as for all the work you do to bring good books and avid readers together. Thinking of you. All the best.

  28. By Yvette M Calleiro on

    Pamela Ford’s book sounds like the main character got way in over her head. lol! Thanks for sharing the book and your review with us. 🙂

  29. By Michelle Abbott on

    Hi Patricia. I love your blog and have already signed up for your newsletter. Have a great day at the party!

  30. By Harmony Kent on

    Hi Patricia! I hope you have a great day on your #RRBC Back to School Book and Blog Block Party! I love your website 🙂

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