15 January 2014

Newton, Sheldon D.: Be Ye Transformed


Be Ye Transformed

by Bishop Sheldon D. Newton

Jan 6-17, 2014

Release date: October 3, 2013


ISBN: 978-1938807336

Publisher: Zoe Life Publishing; 1st edition

Genre: Christian Non-Fiction

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About The Book:

And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2)

Do you desire to have an exciting and intimate walk with the Lord? Then Be Ye Transformed is a must read. In this life-transforming book, author, Bible Teacher and pastor Sheldon D. Newton clearly lays out the path to victorious Christian living.

He addresses such vital subjects as:

  • How to renew your mind to God’s Will & Ways
  • How to bring the body under subjection to God’s Word
  • How to Pray Effectively & Receive Answers
  • How to forgive from the heart
  • The Power of Practicing the Presence of Jesus
  • How to Read, Study and Meditate in God’s Word

and so much more.

The principles in this book will change your life permanently for the better if they are applied. Get your copy today and learn how to walk with God in a powerful way. Be transformed.

New DitzelExcerpt:

From Chapter 8
The Lack of Spiritual Growth and Development
There are several reasons why many Christians do not seem to grow up spiritually.
One reason is because they are not properly taught concerning the principles of Christian development. It really does matter which church you go to. You need to be in a church that feeds you the Word of God and that rightly divides it. This means that you need to read and study your Bible as well so that you can know if it being rightly divided. Do not just join a church because it is a church. Go somewhere where you are fed, and fed with God’s Word.
It is indeed amazing that some believers stay in a dead church that just gives them traditions and opinions of men. Even if they visit somewhere else and find out that they were not being given the pure milk and meat of the Word of God, they will go back, (I gather, thinking that the old wine of traditions, formalism and in many cases, error) is better.
Some will tell you that they cannot leave where they are because of their family navel string being buried in the church yard. They are tied to a dead work and refuse to go where they can be fed God’s Word. I am not teaching that you should just jump from church to church. That’s like a sheep continually jumping the fence and finding another shepherd. This is not what I am teaching you to do. To the contrary, you need a good church home, where you can grow and develop spiritually.
Some would say that one church is just as good as another. That is not true. Some churches are bad for your spiritual health. Did you know that?
You need to find a church home which will teach you who you are in Christ Jesus, what belongs to you in Christ Jesus and principles of love, faith, and truth. You need somewhere you can learn how to walk with God and discover and fulfill His plan and purpose for your life. You need a church home where they will teach you how to live holy, righteously and godly in this present world. And when you find such a church, settle down and learn all you can.
Aim to become a part of that work. Find out where you can work in that church and give the pastor your assistance. Support the work in every way that you can with your time, talents, and abilities, and also with your finances. Become a soul winner for Christ, inviting people to your church, so that they can be saved and so that the work of God can grow, prosper and flourish.
Another reason many people do not grow and develop in the things of God is because they do not do the things necessary to develop spiritually. They are in good and godly churches which feed them God’s Word. They hear how to grow in the Lord and the things God expects of them. But they do nothing with the information they hear. They slow down and hinder their own spiritual development by being a hearer of the Word but not a doer. In other words, they deceive themselves.
James 1:22
“But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”
This is really sad and yet, nonetheless true. So many Christians, who by now should have been powerhouses for God, working with and for the Lord and making a marked difference for Him in the earth, are very ineffectual in their Christian witness, because they simply will not do the Word of God that is taught to them line upon line and precept upon precept.
Let us just be honest about it. Many of us are simply, spiritually lazy. Some believers are spiritual sluggards, who don’t want to press into God and do His Will. They are too busy living their own lives how they want to live it, in worldly pleasure, with little or no desire for spiritual things. They are having fun. They are doing things, that may not be sin in and of itself, but which take them away from studying the Word of God and take them away from prayer and by the way, fasting is out of the question to many. (Am I speaking about you)?

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About The Author

Sheldon D. Newton was born again at the age of thirteen and filled with the Holy Spirit shortly thereafter. After receiving the Call of God into the ministry, he began teaching and preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of fifteen, and has been actively involved in ministry for over thirty years. His burning desire is to see believers established in the faith, rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus, living transformed lives through the application of timeless godly principles.

This Divine Calling continues to take him throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, and around the world, proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.
Bishop Newton is a pastor, teacher and seminar lecturer. He is the noted author of various life-changing books, including: Humility and the Honor of God, The Sword of the Spirit, Diligence to the Things of God, Be Ye Transformed, How to Live for Christ As A Youth, My Name is Jealous, and Practical Principles of Success.

Bishop Newton is the senior pastor of Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International, in Nassau, Bahamas and also serves as overseer and advisor to various churches and ministries. His ministry’s motto is: “to feed the people of God with the Word of God, raising up effective leaders, living by the standard of His Word and the Utterance of His Voice, manifesting His power, setting others free.”  Bishop Newton resides in Nassau, Bahamas with his wife and two children.

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