10 April 2015

Better Than Me Sales Alert

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Better Than Me

by Emme Burton

Better Than Me




Biz Connelly is headed back to Weldon University armed with an affirmative mantra, a new five-minute rule about freaking out and her emergency back-up bottle of Xanax. Last semester ended badly, leaving her unsure about whom “Biz” really is anymore. She is determined to get through her final year with no drama and as few panic attacks as possible.

The plan seems solid. Then, early in the semester, Biz is introduced to two guys at the same time. Jake is a sweet, open jazz major and unlike the guy that leveled her last year. And then there is Davis, the theatre designer. He is beautiful, dark, quiet and has eyes that render the usually over talkative Biz speechless. She makes a decision to keep any relationship she has under her control. But can she, really?

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