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Black Forest Reckoning

By Bluette Matthey


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Publisher: Blue Shutter Publishing
Pages: 299
Genre: Travel Mystery


About the Book

Outfitter Hardy Durkin and company are visiting the Black Forest area of Germany, staying in the guest wing of a local castle, Schloss Haeflin. In the midst of hiking the Black Forest, enjoying all things Swabian, and spending a day in Baden-Baden, the hikers find themselves at ground zero for coeds disappearing from the nearby University of Freiburg and foul play is suspected. Unresolved personal issues of several members of the group threaten the tour’s cohesion, and Hardy discovers the Baron, who owns the schloss, has stolen someone’s identity as well as his fortune. Ever the sleuth, Hardy untangles the web of deceit, madness, and murder in ‘The Black Forest Reckoning’.

Black Forest Reckoning

Drafting a novel …

By Bluette Matthey

During my investigation of the locale for a new travel mystery I research the area’s history, lore, culture, geographic location, etc.  During this broad search I get threads of different story lines.  One central plot idea emerges and starts to develop.  The first draft starts in my head.  I write what I see in my head, what I hear.  It gets woven together and then unstitched and re-worked many times before it hits the computer.  I write linearly for a while, then develop individual vignettes of characters or subplots as they come to me, and weave these in the story when appropriate.  I mentally structure the novel, then put it on paper.  By the time I’ve completed the story in terms of resolution and tying up loose ends the book has been heavily refined.


About the Author

Bluette Matthey

Bluette Matthey is a third generation Swiss American and an avid lover of European cultures. She has decades of travel and writing experience. She is a keen reader of mysteries, especially those that immerse the reader in the history, inhabitants, culture, and cuisine of new places. Her passion for travel, except airports (where she keeps a mystery with her to pass the time), is shared by her husband, who owned a tour outfitter business in Europe. Bluette particularly loves to explore regions that are not on the “15 days in Europe” itineraries. She also enjoys little-known discoveries, such as the London Walks, in well-known areas. She firmly believes that walking and hiking bring her closer to the real life of any locale. Bluette maintains a list of hikes and pilgrimages throughout Europe for future exploration. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, faithful dog, and band of loving cats.

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