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Blood Drama by Christopher Meeks FreeBlood Drama by Christopher Meeks, Yours, Free!

As a reader of this website, we’re happy to work with author Christopher Meeks and publisher White Whisker Books in offering a free version of Meeks’s well-received thriller Blood Drama. You can read it on your tablet, ereader, or phone—any Android or iOS (Apple) device—by using a free app called “My Must Reads.

Description Blood Drama by Christopher Meeks

Blood Drama revolves around graduate student Ian Nash’s bad day. After losing his girlfriend and being dropped from his theatre program at a Southern California university, he stops at a local coffee shop in the lobby of a bank–just as the bank is being robbed. He’s taken hostage by the robbers. Now he has to save his life.

Praise Blood Drama by Christopher Meeks

Blood Drama is highly entertaining and extremely enjoyable. It is a combination black comedy and crime novel.” – Lori Lutes, She Treads Softly

“A murder mystery filled with interesting characters, harrowing encounters and a bit of a love interest between Ian and Aleece make this an interesting and satisfying read.”- Kathleen Kelly, Celtic Lady

“Excellent suspense. Figuring out and following the clues to catch all four suspects is something that Ian is surprisingly good at and something Aleece excels at doing. I loved riding along as all the pieces fell into place.”- Carol, A Voracious Reader

“Meeks may have daringly stepped into new territory, but he continues to remain in the rarefied atmosphere of fine contemporary authors.” – Grady Harp, Literary Aficionado

About Christopher MeeksBlood Drama by Christopher Meeks Free

Award winning author, Christopher Meeks has four novels and two collections of short fiction published. His most recent novel before this was the acclaimed thriller, “Blood Drama.” His novel “The Brightest Moon of the Century” made the list of three book critics’ Ten Best Book of 2009. “Love at Absolute Zero” also made three Best Books lists of 2011, as well as earning a ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Finalist award.

He has had stories published in several literary journals, and they have been included in the collections “Months and Seasons” and “The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea.” Mr. Meeks has had three full-length plays mounted in Los Angeles, and one, “Who Lives?” had been nominated for five Ovation Awards, Los Angeles’ top theatre prize.

He recently completed the manuscript to his fifth novel, The Chords of War, which follows a 20-year-old punk rocker who volunteers for the Army and finds himself fighting in the Surge in Iraq, 2006. It’s based on the true story of his former student, Samuel Gonzalez Jr. The film rights have already been sold. The manuscript now has to be edited and published, out next year.

Mr. Meeks teaches English and fiction writing at Santa Monica College, and Children’s Literature at the Art Center College of Design. To read more of his books visit his website at:



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