Born at Dawn Book Review

Book Review

Born at Dawn

by Nigeria Lockley



Genre: Contemporary Christian Fiction, Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Urban Books (September 30, 2014)

ISBN-13: 978-1601626752

About the Book

bornatdawnfront (1)Thirty-four year old Cynthia Barclay knows that marriage is supposed to be for better or for worse. Unfortunately, for the last ten years of her marriage Cynthia has experienced the worst that marriage has to offer at the hands of her abusive husband Marvin Barclay. With the hope of saving herself and her family she turns to the Lord. Expecting to see God manifest himself greatly in her life sooner than later Cynthia is not content just waiting. She wants out.

Abandoning her hope, her husband, and her two young sons Cynthia boards a bus from New York City to Richmond, Virginia. She begins a new life armed with six thousand dollars on a prepaid credit card, a sketchy plan for success, and a promise to return for her sons. That is until she meets Cheo, a photojournalist with enough connections to take her where she wants to be and forget where she came from.

After six years in Richmond Cynthia’s dark past resurfaces. At the risk of losing it all—her past and her present Cynthia returns home to right her wrongs. Has Cynthia chosen the right time to return home or is it too late for God to restore everything she has broken?

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I am so pleased that Nigeria Lockley asked me to read and review Born at Dawn.

Born at Dawn is a story of tragedy, truth and reconciliation. Cynthia Barkley has lived with years of humiliation, infidelity and physical abuse in her marriage with Marvin. She’s determined to stay since her marriage vows included for better or for worse. Until it becomes more than she can handle.

Born at Dawn is well-written and incredibly relevant.  With the overwhelming attention domestic abuse is receiving in the media, a book that focuses on domestic violence and a beginning toward healing is right on target.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 121: 1-2

1I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? 2My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

I wish more time had been spent on the healing and reconciliation. The opportunity to witness and reach those that need to hear the Word is the message I wanted to hear screamed from the rooftop of Harlem and Richmond, as Cynthia began her journey through faith, before she gave up and went to drastic measures to end her seemingly insurmountable situation.

That being said, Nigeria Lockley has written a wonderful book that touched my heart. I’ve been through the years of abuse and feared the consequences to my own psyche as I read it. Born at Dawn was written honestly, sincerely, and with a great deal of insight.

I highly recommend Born at Dawn and give it five steamy cups of coffee. Please take the opportunity to read this remarkable novel by Nigeria Lockley.

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~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ © Oct 27, 2014

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About the Author

author_800x532 (2)Nigeria Lockley possesses two Master’s degrees, one in English Secondary Education, which she utilizes as an educator with the New York City Department of Education. Her second Master’s degree is in Creative Writing. Born at Dawn is Nigeria’s first published novel. Nigeria serves as the Vice President of Bridges Family Services, a not-for-profit organization that assists student parents interested in pursuing a degree in higher education. She is also the deaconess and clerk for her spiritual home King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Church of God. Nigeria is a New York native who resides in Harlem with her husband and two daughters.

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