The Virus Book Event

The Virus: A Thriller

by Stanley Johnson

The Virus

Genre: Thriller & Adventure/Adult
On Sale Date May 26, 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: WitnessImpulse


Cover ~ The Virus

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How do you stop an invisible killer?

When a young woman in New York City dies mysteriously after a trip to Brussels, top epidemiologist Lowell Kaplan identifies the cause of death as the Marburg Virus—a fatal strain that has surfaced only once before in history.

Determined to trace the source of the disease, Kaplan follows a trail of intrigue from the labs of Germany to the jungles of Central Africa.

With danger nipping at his heels, and the secrets of the virus’s origin kept deliberately under wraps, Kaplan must go to unimaginable lengths to stop a deadly scheme.


About the Author

 Stanley Johnson is a British politician and author, and a noted expert on environmental and population issues.

Fatal Games Book Event

Fatal Games

Fatal Games

Series: Kate Daniels Mystery

by Mari Hannah

Genre: Mystery/Detective/Women Sleuths
Publication Date: April 7, 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Witness Impulse
ISBN: 9780062387134
Pages: 416
List Price: $11.99 USD


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In Mari Hannah’s brilliant, dark mystery—set on the beautiful and wild Northumberland coast—skeletal remains have been discovered beneath the menacing shadows of Bamburgh Castle’s fortified walls, and DCI Kate Daniels must solve her most intriguing case yet

Far from their Newcastle base, DCI Kate Daniels and her team find themselves on the rugged Northumberland coast, working their latest baffling investigation. As a blistering weather front closes in, Kate calls on a forensic anthropologist to help identify the remains of a corpse that has been found by the ancient castle on the barren beach. But the more she delves into the case, the more questions surface.

Meanwhile, newly widowed prison psychologist Emily McCann is lured into the twisted world of convicted sex offender Walter Fearon.As his sinister mind games become increasingly disturbing, is it possible that Kate’s case has something to do with his murderous past? With Fearon’s release fast approaching, Emily fears what he might have in store for her.

As the body count rises, Kate must scramble to outwit a clever, diabolical killer whose fatal games have only just begun.

Read a Sample of the Book

Sense of Place

by Mari Hannah

Landscape, any landscape, has long influenced art: music, painting, poetry and prose. As an avid reader of crime fiction, what I most love about books is that they transport me to places I’ve never been. For example, Richmond, Virginia, a city I know only through Patricia Cornwell’s novels – all of them! Now, through my writing, I’m thrilled to share my own part of the world with new readers in America.

When I was asked to contribute a piece for the Literati website, I jumped at the chance. I thought I’d begin by pinpointing where I live and explain what makes me want to write about it. My home is in the village of Corbridge, Northumberland, population less than 3000, formerly Corstopitum – a garrison town – the most northerly in the Roman Empire. It’s nestled in the Tyne Valley in northern England, once the home of another author you most certainly will have heard of, the late Dame Catherine Cookson.

Corbridge is equidistant, around fifty kilometres, from the Scottish Border, the Land of Prince Bishops (County Durham) and the English Lake District. It is, as we say in this part of the world, ‘a spit’ off Hadrian’s Wall, a location that plays a big part in my second novel Settled Blood when a young woman is found dead at the base of the Roman wall in the shadow of Sewingshields Crags.

I have to admit that when I wrote The Murder Wall, the first book in the Kate Daniels series, I didn’t really think about setting at all. It was only after publication that I came to realise what a major player it was, almost a character in itself – and deservedly so. I know this because crime fiction fans wrote to me in their droves commented on the novel’s strong sense of place.

Now it’s time to ’fess up. I’m not a northerner at all; I was born in Westminster, London and moved here as a teenager. That said, I’ve always credited the region and its writers with inspiring my success. I believe you cannot separate people from places. Once I’d created Kate Daniels as a miner’s daughter from Northumberland, the rest was easy. She took on a life of her own. I couldn’t write about her without making tangible references to her surroundings. Imagine sailing into New York without mentioning the Statue of Liberty. It’s a no-brainer.

So, who is my fictional murder detective and where does she hang out? Well, Kate is a Detective Chief Inspector in Northumbria Police, one of the largest forces in the UK. It serves a population of one and a half million and covers two thousand square miles. The area is my stamping ground too, so I travel widely for research, visiting locations day and night, in fine weather or foul, to really get the feel of the places I’m writing about.

Kate lives in Jesmond – a leafy suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne – the centre of my universe before I moved to the Tyne Valley. I still visit often and I’m proud to have been included in a long list of writers from the 1800s to the present day who have a connection to the area. Not a bad accolade for an incomer! See if you can spot my flag on the photograph below.


When Kate is not investigating crime she likes nothing better than to climb on her Yamaha motorcycle and ride out in the countryside. Her destination of choice is Hartside Pass, the place she goes for solitude after a harrowing case. From there she can see right across the Solway Firth to Scotland as well as Helvellyn, Great Gable and Skiddaw in The Lakes.

There really is nowhere else like Northumberland. The landscape is so diverse; the city isn’t far away and we have the most dramatic countryside right on our doorstep, sweeping coastline and castles – it really is magical, providing a constant flow of ideas and creativity.

I’m not conscious of it but I think my passion for the area shines through in my writing. It prompted The Times’ Marcel Berlins to list Kate as a Northerner to join the roster of top literary detectives. It has been said that I depict the dark side of my region but I’m always sensitive to places and people. Where necessary, I play with the geography a little, changing names of key buildings where I have to! A church for example where two bodies are found in The Murder Wall as alluded to by another journalist in the next paragraph . . .

The Arts and Entertainment Editor of my local newspaper was certainly tickled by the fact that he knew many of the places in my debut. Just after the novel came out, he wrote: “One of the truly great things about Mari’s thriller is that – with the exception of the church, fictionalized as the Catholic St Camillus because she thought choosing St Andrew’s, real-life and C of E, would be a step too far – she is not afraid to use real North East place names. You can follow the route taken by her heroine, DCI Kate Daniels, as she drives around Tyneside and the Tyne Valley. The pizzeria at the end of my street even gets a name check, as does the deli not far away.”

The dramatic and far-reaching landscape around me means that I’m able to ring the changes as far as locations go. It keeps the books fresh, taking my readers to new destinations every time. In Deadly Deceit, we move to a gritty inner city area, Newcastle’s West End, on the eve of a World Cup football (English soccer) match, with the eyes of the world on South Africa.

I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I set my books in the north of England because it’s where I live and where my heart is. When I’m away from the region, it pulls me back. I feel a deep sense of loss, even though I wasn’t born here. I fell in love with the area and I hope US readers will too.

The Murder Wall, Settled Blood and Deadly Deceit will be published by Witness Impulse, digital imprint of Harper Collins/William Morrow.

Readers can find me at:

I am also on Twitter: @mariwriter


About the Author



Mari Hannah was born in London and moved north as a child. Her career as a probation officer was cut short when she was injured while on duty, and thereafter she spent several years as a film/television screenwriter. She now lives in Northumberland with her partner, an ex-murder detective. She was the winner of the 2010 Northern Writers’ Award and is a nominee for the 2013 Polari First Book Prize.

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Blessed Are Those Who Weep Book Event

Blessed Are Those Who Weep
Blessed Are Those Who Weep

by Kristi Belcamino

Series: A Gabriella Giovanni Mystery

Genre: Fiction/Mystery & Detective/ Woman Sleuth
Release Date: April 7, 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Witness Impulse
ISBN: 9780062389404
Pages: 320
List Price: 1.99 USD


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Eonly 9780062389404 Small



About the Book

San Francisco Bay Area reporter Gabriella Giovanni stumbles onto a horrific crime scene with only one survivor–a baby girl found crawling between the dead bodies of her family members. Reeling from the slaughter, Gabriella clings to the infant. When Social Services pries the little girl from her arms, the enormity of the tragedy hits home. Diving deep into a case that brings her buried past to the forefront, Gabriella is determined to hunt down the killer who left this helpless baby an orphan.

But one by one the clues all lead to a dead end, and Gabriella’s obsession with finding justice pulls her into a dark, tortuous spiral that is set to destroy everything she loves …


What People Are Saying

“Tense, disturbing and smart….Belcamino is a writer to watch.” — Alex Marwood, author of The Wicked Girls

“Truly first- rate.” — Bruce DeSilva


About the Author

Kristi Belcamino

Kristi Belcamino is a writer, photographer, and artist. In her former life as a newspaper crime reporter in California, she flew over Big Sur in an F/A-18 jet with the Blue Angels, raced a Dodge Viper at Laguna Seca, watched autopsies, and interviewed serial killers. She is now a journalist based in Minneapolis, and the Gabriella Giovanni mysteries are her first books. Find Kristi on Facebook or on Twitter.

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Enduring Fate Book Event

Enduring Fate

Enduring Fate

by Alicia Rae

Series: Fate of Love

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publish Date: December 30, 2014



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Enduring Fate Cover

Colton Kingston has loved Paige Summers his entire life. All he has ever dreamed of is having Paige by his side while he lives the simple life of a cowboy raising horses and cattle on his farm.

When tragedy strikes, fate tests the strength of their love.

Paige’s confidence is shaken as she wonders if she can heal from her past and move forward, so Colton can have the life he was born to live.

Can Colton and Paige endure everything in fate’s path?

Or will Paige give up her one true love to give Colton the life he deserves?



About the Author


Alicia Rae is a Contemporary Romance Author who lives in Dekalb, Illinois, with her husband and three beautiful boys. Alicia has a passion for reading all types of romance, writing to bring a story to life, and photography.

Thank you to my dear sister, Kels, who showed me a few years ago how much I truly missed reading. And to my loving husband, for not throwing away my Nook, and planting the seed of writing into my mind. I am forever grateful. Xo

Readers, words cannot thank you enough for supporting me along this incredible journey. I hope you enjoy my novels as much as I do writing them. I thank each and every one of you.

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams…

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A Ghostly Undertaking Book Event

A Ghostly Undertaking

by Tonya Kappes

Ghostly Southern Mysteries #1

Ghostly Undertaking '


Genre: Mystery & Detective/Cozy
Release Date: February 24, 2015
Publisher: Witness Impulse an imprint HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780062374646
Pages: 304
List Price: $7.99 USD


About the Book

From USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes, comes a brand new hilarious and fun paranormal mystery series about Emma Lee Raines, a funeral home director who can suddenly see dead people!

Bopped on the head from a falling plastic Santa, local undertaker Emma Lee Raines is told she’s suffering from “funeral trauma.” It’s trauma all right, because the not so dearly departed keep talking to her. Take Ruthie Sue Payne–innkeeper, gossip queen, and arch-nemesis of Emma Lee’s granny-she’s adamant that she didn’t just fall down those stairs. She was pushed.

Ruthie has no idea who wanted her pushing up daisies. All she knows is that she can’t cross over until the matter is laid to eternal rest. In the land of the living, Emma Lee’s high-school crush, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, isn’t ready to rule out foul play. Granny Raines, the widow of Ruthie’s ex-husband and co-owner of the Sleepy Hollow Inn, is the prime suspect. Now Emma Lee is stuck playing detective or risk being haunted forever.

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About the Author

Tonya Kappes

Tonya Kappes has written more than fifteen novels and four novellas, all of which have graced numerous bestseller lists including USA Today. Best known for stories charged with emotion and humor and filled with flawed characters, her novels have garnered reader praise and glowing critical reviews.

She lives with her husband, two very spoiled schnauzers, and one ex-stray cat in northern Kentucky. More than anything, Tonya loves to connect with readers, and has a ‘street team’ of fans and followers on social media. Be sure to checkout her Facebook, Twitter, blog and newsletter!

Connect with the Author

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Planning for Love Book Event

Planning for Love

Love, California Style

by Ellen Butler


Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: January 26, 2015

Publisher: Crimson Romance

About the Book

California party planner, Poppy Reagan is a Type A personality who runs her professional life with the precision of Swiss watch. Unfortunately, her personal life is the pits. On Valentine’s Day she walks in on her boyfriend playing hide the snake with a 20 year old. T his isn’t the first boyfriend to cheat on her, and with her 33rd birthday approaching, Poppy decides it’s time to take her dating life as seriously as she does her business. She swears off the bad boys she’s normally attracted to, and strategically maps out a plan to find an honest, nice-looking man to become her life partner.

As she works her way through a string of hilariously bad dates, she begins to wonder if her soul mate actually lives in
California. Her foolish emotional spirit secretly yearns for the sexy Ohio dermatologist who she met on a trip to Hawaii last year. T he one who she insists is “just a friend,” because she refuses to engage in a long distance relationship. Can the good doctor convince her heart to over-rule her head and move this California girl to the midwest?

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About the Author

Ellen Butler

Ellen Butler Twitter style–author, mother, wife, shoe lover, chocoholic, fashion fan, sarcastic wit, autumn enthusiast, dancer, book worm, and good-time devotee.

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Signed copy of Heart of Design, the first book in the Love, California Style series (US & Canada only – ebook for International winners). An Amazon giftcard.

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Myrtle Beach, SC March 14, 2015 Authors in the City

2015 BeachFB Banner

Join over SEVENTY authors in Myrtle Beach!


M. Leighton

10799547_716370918439916_1708159643_nNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, M. Leighton, is a native of Ohio. She relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she can be near the water all summer and miss the snow all winter. Possessed of an overactive imagination from early in her childhood, Michelle finally found an acceptable outlet for her fantastical visions: literary fiction. Having written over a dozen novels, these days Michelle enjoys letting her mind wander to more romantic settings with sexy Southern guys, much like the one she married and the ones you’ll find in her latest books. When her thoughts aren’t roaming in that direction, she’ll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.

A note from Michelle: I love coffee and chocolate, even more so when they are combined. I’m convinced that one day they could be the basis for world peace. I also love the color red and am seriously considering dying my hair.

websiteblogtwitterFacebookGoodreadsamazon usB&N


Shayla Black

271149_130268757059272_7594492_nYou know what they say about curiosity and the cat…but if you still want to know, read below.

Shayla Black (aka Shelley Bradley) is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 40 sizzling contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances produced via traditional, small press, independent, and audio publishing. She lives in Texas with her husband, munchkin, and one very spoiled cat. In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading and listening to an eclectic blend of music.

Shayla’s books have been translated in about a dozen languages. She has also received or been nominated for The Passionate Plume, The Holt Medallion, Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, and the National Reader’s Choice Awards. RT Bookclub has twice nominated her for Best Erotic Romance of the year, as well as awarded her several Top Picks, and a KISS Hero Award.

A writing risk-taker, Shayla enjoys tackling writing challenges with every new book.

websitetwitterFacebookGoodreadsamazon usB&N


RK Lilley

1970428_271934556316307_1662468144_nR.K. Lilley lives in Texas with her husband and their two beautiful sons. She’s had a lot of interesting jobs, from being a first class flight attendant, to being a stablehand, but swears she never knew what hard work was until she had children. She’s been addicted to both reading and writing fiction since she can remember. She loves to travel, read, hike, paint, game, watch anime, and make the most of every single day. She is the author of the erotic romance novels In Flight, Mile High, Grounded, Bad Things, Rock Bottom, Lovely Trigger and the novella, Lana. She is currently hard at work on the fourth book in the Up in the Air series, Mr. Beautiful, and the standalone erotic romance novel, The Wild Side. Release dates for both titles will be announced soon.

You can contact R.K. at

websitetwitterFacebookGoodreadsamazon usB&N


Katie Ashley

1236582_277653025726387_719311716_nKatie Ashley is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her two very spoiled dogs. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Supernatural, Designing Women, and Scooby-Doo.

With a BA in English, a BS in Secondary English Education, and a Masters in Adolescent English Education, she spent 11 1/2 years educating the Youth of America aka teaching MS and HS English until she left to write full time in December 2012.

websiteblogtwitterFacebookpinterestGoodreadsamazon usB&N

For a complete list of authors, go HERE!



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11:45 AM – Skip the Line Winners early entry.

Noon – 4 PM – Book Signing

4-6 PM – Meet & Greet with Authors, Bloggers, Vendors

6-8 Pm – Dinner

8-10:00 PM – 80’s themed After Party


If you’d like to sponsor this awesome event, you totally can. Here are all the fabulous details!

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Prince of Demons Book Event

Prince of Demon NYT

Prince of Demons

by Victoria Danann

The Order of the Black Swann #1-#3


Release Date: January 19th, 2015

Publisher: Andromeda LLC, dba 7th House Publishing

About the Series



USA Today Bestselling Author, Victoria Danann, brings us a tale of romance, suspense, and high adventure.

After Dallas finance manager, Atalanta Ravin, was left standing at the altar in a publicly humiliating jilting, she quit her job, sold her house, gave away her furniture, and set off in search of a new life living on a boat in Boston Harbor. She got the adventure she’d always secretly longed for, but not in a thousand dreams could she ever have imagined that her fantasy lover might turn out to be a prince of demons.

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TOO MUCH STORY TO BE CONTAINED IN ONE BOOK! This is a trilogy of rapid release novellas.

As the witches say, A Fear is an Unrequited Wish…

USA Today Bestselling Author, Victoria Danann, brings us a tale of romance, suspense, and high adventure.

In the second part of this short release trilogy, Lana wakes after a night of too much song, dance, and pub red ale to find herself in a demon dungeon sleeping on top of a fellow prisoner who happens to be seriously drool worthy. When the cryptic stranger proposes an escape plan, she goes along and gets the adventure she’d subconsciously longed for, whether she wants it or not.

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USA Today Bestselling Author, Victoria Danann, brings us a tale of romance, suspense, and high adventure.

The third and last part of the Prince of Demons trilogy. Lana seeks out The Order’s best witch tracker for help. She hopes to reunite with Brave for a calmer, quieter courtship, the goal being a happily ever after for a prince of demons and a Dallas finance manager turned adventurer.

That’s when the adventure really begins.

Purchase Link



About the Author


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

2013 Winner in the categories of:

  • BEST PARNORMAL ROMANCE NOVEL (Vampires & Shifters) – Moonlight

My early work (eight-years-old) would be called fan fiction today. I began by writing my version of Bobbsey Twins novels on legal pads that my dad brought home from the office. As an only child – in the days before children became little electronic receivers – there was often not much to do other than seek amusement in my own head.

Childhood fantasies involved being the only girl (for some odd reason) at a ranch for wayward boys. Yes. I do realize this sounds vaguely familiar. T hose fantasies were supported by real life events because the boys included me in the afternoon neighborhood games whether it was cowboy/Indians or G.I. Joe.

When I left the Bobbsey Twins behind I didn’t write again until I was married with children and in my mid-twenties. I completed a paranormal romance and gave it to my spouse to read. After hearing his criticisms I didn’t write again for decades. At the time I didn’t understand that he’s the absolute farthest thing from my audience.

It turned out to be a blessing because during that time that I didn’t write, I lived an extremely full life. I traveled a lot, raised a family, got an education (I have an M.A. in Psychology.) and explored my compulsion to be a spiritual seeker. The fantasies were a constant companion throughout. The faces and names of the characters changed as I matured, but they remained a source of comfort. They helped me through hellraising teenagers and three near-death scares.

By the time I started writing again, I had something to say. I write cross-genre with uniquely fresh perspectives on paranormal creatures, characters, and themes. Add a dash of scifi and a flourish of fantasy to enough humor to make you laugh out loud and enough steam to make you squirm in your chair. My heroines are independent femmes with flaws and minds of their own whether they are aliens, witches, demonologists, psychics, or past life therapists. My heroes are hot and hunky, but they also have brains, character, and good manners – usually – whether they be elves, demons, berserkers, werewolves, or vampires.

If you’re interested in me personally, I am also a classically trained musician who defected to Classic Rock. This is Roadhouse, the very best in Classic Rock, taken near The Last Concert Cafe, Houston Texas, 2011. I’m the utility player which means I play rhythm guitar, keyboards, sing back ups and a few leads. I authored and illustrated Seasons of the Witch calendars and planners for fifteen years. I live in T he Woodlands, Texas, which is why I sometimes joke about being the witch in the woods. Married. Four children. One very smart, mostly black German Shepherd dog.

Connect with the Author

Website | Facebook | Goodreads Fan Group | Twitter | Pinterest



Mouse pads and signed books, U.S.

eBooks international.

The Windermere Witness Book Event


The Windermere Witness

by Rebecca Tope


Genre: Mystery & Detective

Publish Date: 1/6/2015

Publisher: Witness Impulse

Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.



Following a personal tragedy, florist Persimmon “Simmy” Brown has moved to the beautiful region of the Lake District to be closer to her charismatic parents. Things are going well, and Simmy is happy to lose herself in her work. But the peace she has found is shattered when, at the wedding of a millionaire’s daughter, the bride’s brother is found brutally murdered in the lake.

As the wedding florist and one of the last people to talk to Mark Baxter alive, Simmy gradually becomes involved with the grief-ridden and angry relatives. All seem to have their fair share of secrets and scandals – a distant mother, a cheating father, and a husband twenty-five years older than his bride. When events take another sinister turn, all eyes turn to the groom and his close knit friends each more secretive and volatile than the next. As a prime witness Simmy finds herself at the heart of a murder investigation that could undo a family and a whole town…

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About the Author



Rebecca Tope is the author of four murder mystery series, featuring Den Cooper, Devon police detective, Drew Slocombe, Undertaker; Thea Osborne, house sitter in the Cotswolds and now Persimmon Brown, Lake District florist. She is also a “ghost writer” of the novels based on the IT Vseries Rosemary and Thyme.

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The Eleventh Commandment Book Event

The Eleventh Commandment

by Richard Van White Jr.

The Eleventh Commandment

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date: January 6, 2015

Length: 376 Pages

Stand-alone novel

About the Book

Eleventh Commandment copyThe Eleventh Commandment:
“Prevail together or surely perish together.” —Prophet Naraji Ilkani, 4082 A.D.

The mighty Ambros clan has reined over the Imperium for many centuries, having first seized power following a series of brutal intergalactic wars known as “The Wasting” that ravaged the universe for hundreds of years, destroying entire star systems, sterilizing planets, and decimating populations with natural and engineered plagues. Only through absolute control and their strict adherence to The Eleventh Commandment have the Ambros been able to bring about centuries of inter-planetary peace and economic prosperity. But at what cost? Rigid conformity and homogeniz ation?

Now, after many years of study at the Academy on Tempel where he’s been carefully groomed as the next leader of the Imperium, Pfizer Ambros is returning to Earth to join his family in inaugurating the Omnividome, a multi-galactic instalink connecting every being in the Imperium. His mother, Emperor-Executrix Anastacia Ambros, intends the Omnividome to usher in a golden age of planetary autonomy and unprecedented inter-galactic collaboration. But many fear that a new era of autonomy and self-determination will bring back contentiousness, greed, war and worse—a second Wasting. There are dark forces that want to see this happen, forces that seek to destroy the Ambros and everything they have built.

Pfizer and his family are about to discover that even for the most powerful clan in the universe, a single day can change everything.

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Teaser Excerpt

“It had seemed to Pfizer that his parents had suddenly developed an interest in him. They had him tested, probed and analyzed for acceptance into the illustrious Academy on Tempel- the foremost and oldest center of learning in the Imperium. Of course this attention did not come with any outpouring of emotion from his parents. The Empress-Executrix and the First Lord were busy with their CEO’s and Senior Execs ruling and administering an imperium of more than a million planets.”

Book Trailer

About the Author


R.V. White has long been fascinated by space travel and the infinite mysteries of the universe. His love affair with science fiction began while watching Star Trek on a black and white television in 1969, the same year that man landed on the moon. He soon developed a voracious appetite for all things sci-fi—from classics by Robert A. Heinlein and Frank Herbert to Doctor Who, Space 1999, and the Star Wars Trilogy. This is R.V. White’s first science fiction novel. He resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but also spends considerable time in Maryland with extended family.

Connect with the Author

Website | Facebook


A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc., an organization dedicated to finding a cure for Rett Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects girls almost exclusively. The author knows a special young lady living with Rett Syndrome and wants to help her find a cure soon. To learn more about the inspiring work of Girl Power 2 Cure, visit the author’s website at: