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Snow Effect

by Dena Garson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Independent

Publication Date: April 20, 2016

Snow Effect

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Nicki Cartwright is one snowflake away from losing her dazzling TV camera smile. Between her mother interfering in her non-existent love life, a spotlight-stealing co-worker, and the threat of the snow storm of the decade, Nicki wants nothing more than to run away to a tropical beach. Instead, she lets herself be talked into attending the McNair’s 50th anniversary party.

Randy Stephenson’s drive from Chicago was uneventful until a winter blast made the last thirty-something miles nearly impassable. By the time he makes it to his grandparent’s cabin, an anniversary party is the last thing he wanted to endure. But finding Nicki there, the girl he had always regretting leaving, makes him glad he came.

Turns out fate-or maybe just a set of scheming grandparents-has plans for them. Stranded at the cabin, alone and with no real party in sight, they’ll have to face old hurts and an electric attraction. Is great sex, a little honesty, and a potentially priceless painting enough to mend a broken heart?

About Dena Garson

Dena GarsonDena Garson is a Process Redesign Specialist by day and a writer and jewelry designer by night. She is raising two rowdy boys who play lots of sports which forces her to spend way to much time on the practice field and/or sidelines. Thankfully she has a loyal and loving Labrador Retriever to listen when she complains.

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Star CrossedStar Crossed: Their love was meant to be.

Eight USA Today and NY Times and Bestselling authors offering steamy contemporary romance the way you love it! A collection of spicy and extra spicy tales of fated love. Get swept away by stories of ordinary people getting extraordinary second chances, risking their hearts and finding true love. This is a box set to laugh, cry and lose your heart to.


Katalina Leon ~ Dark Sky
Dark hearts. Dark Sky. Since childhood, Severin and Avery’s love was meant to be. For eight years, tragedy has torn them apart but fate offers them a second chance.

Sabrina York ~ Smoking Holt
Bella’s secretly wanted Holt for years, and now…here’s her chance. Will his fiery dominance burn this willful heroine to a crisp?

Ann Mayburn ~ Sodom and the Phoenix
Will shy Tanwen find the courage to embrace all the forbidden pleasures that Master Adam has to offer, or will she continue to be a ‘good girl’ and deny herself the satisfaction and love she truly desires.

Michelle Fox ~ Operation Burlesque
The last thing a burlesque dancer should do is fall in love with a sexy special ops agent, especially when that puts her on the radar of the terrorist network he’s taking down.

Rebecca Royce ~ Under The Lights
Despite the odds, their passion burns as the show must go on. Can these two see there is love to be had both under and away from the lights?

T.L Reeve ~ Releasing Hannah
For Hannah, coming home is the easy part. Finding herself, while searching for the right Dom to release her inhibitions will push her heart to its limits.

Dena Garson ~ Snow Effect
When Randy walked away from Nicki eight years earlier, he shattered her heart. Now that fate -or maybe just a couple of scheming grandparents- has brought them together again he’ll have to convince her that he deserves a second chance.

Virginia Cavanaugh ~ Lovers By Night
Paige Sutton wants to play doctor with handsome Brandon Kline, a hot doctor that is sure to give any woman palpitations. This sizzling medical romance is just what the doctor ordered.

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Award Winning Author Cyndi Faria takes readers to Whisper Cove with Spirit Awakened! Spirit Awakened and Spirit Released tell the eternal love story of Jake Mitchell and Faith Cabrillo. The Whisper Cove series has recently undergone a cover makeover. Ms. Faria is thrilled to share the new look with you all and a $20 Giveaway!

Spirit Awakened1600x2400 9-14 Flatten


Spirit Awakened by Cyndi Faria

Whisper Cove #1

Available Now

Jake Mitchell is a neurologist who doesn’t trust what can’t be explained. That is, until he moves to the rumor-haunted town of Whisper Cove and meets a beautiful nurse named Faith Cabrillo. When Faith awakens Jake’s sixth sense that defies science, he’s thrown into a world of passion, spirits, and a centuries-old lovers’ curse that can never be broken….

Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Spirit Released1600x2400 9-15-14


Spirit Released by Cyndi Faria

Whisper Cove #2


In the seaside town of Whisper Cove, a centuries’ old curse tests true love…

On her wedding day, Faith Cabrillo prepares to confess a desperate secret to her fiancé, Jake Mitchell—she’s cursed with both the ability of speaking to the dead…and never fulfilling the promise of true love. Before the truth is revealed, Jake’s life is endangered and Faith sacrifices herself to save him.

Grief-stricken, Jake refuses to accept Faith’s comatose state. His innovative research keeps Faith alive, yet he’s faced with his biggest challenge when Faith’s spirit appears with a warning that his life is still in danger. Because Jake’s a man of medicine, he denies his Faith truly exists on two planes. Until he talks to her. And holds her. And begins to hope that he’s wrong.

Will Jake’s devotion and Faith’s body and soul be forged by love’s healing power in time to stop a killer before the curse again claims Faith …this time forever?


Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble



Sweet, Sexy, Always Satisfying…

If you love a tale with courageous heroes and heroines, where their unconditional love for each other gives them strength to defeat their inner demons, Cyndi Faria invites you to enter the pages of her romances and find happily-ever-after.

Cyndi Faria is an engineer turned romance writer whose craving for structure is satisfied by plotting heartwarming contemporary and paranormal romance stories with a dash of American folklore.

“Cynd Faria writes with passion and her stories touch the heart.” Virna Depaul, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

On and off her sexy romance pages, this California country girl isn’t afraid to dirty her hands fighting for the underdog and caretaking rescued pets.

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Author Cyndi Faria is giving away a $20 Gift Card!


Lane, Prescott: Perfectly Broken


Perfectly Broken

About Perfectly Broken:

Even after years of trauma therapy, Peyton still believes she’s broken. She has little desire to date or show off her natural beauty, content simply to hang out with her best friends and run her pie shop in New Orleans. But her world turns upside-down when a handsome architect and self-confessed player shows up in her shop and thinks she’s perfect, much more than the usual hook-up. While Peyton does her best to resist his charms, believing she could never be enough for him, she can’t deny the obvious heat between them. With Reed determined to have her, Peyton must decide whether to continue to hide behind her apron and baggy clothes or take a chance and share her scars with Reed, a man with a playboy reputation and scars of his own — a dark past he can’t possibly share with Peyton, not after learning the horrors she’s endured. But if they can find a way to trust each other, and themselves, they just might be able to heal, to save each other, to live perfectly broken together.

Available for purchase: Amazon



“Peyton can pick for you.”

“Yeah, she’s got some weird sixth sense about pie,” Bret said. “She can tell what pie you like just by looking at you.”

“We call it the ‘Pie Personality Gift,’” Quinn said.

“I think I’ll just take the apple,” Reed said.

“That’s no fun,” Peyton teased. “How about I give you the apple and also what I think you’d like, and then we’ll see?”

“Sure,” Reed said with a shrug. “How can you tell?”

“Let me see your hand,” Peyton said, a twinkle in her eyes.

“Are you some kind of palm reader?” Reed held out his hand and gave a smirk to Bret — as if this was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever done.

“It’s nice you do what you’re told,” Bret quipped.

Peyton slipped her hand into Reed’s, and a sudden electrical charge shot between them. She flinched at the contact, her baby blue eyes flying wide open, but he gently closed his fingers around hers, never letting slip a chance to hold a pretty girl’s hand, even if he didn’t believe any of her pie witchcraft bullshit. Quinn cleared her throat to voice her disapproval. But Peyton and Reed both ignored her, leaving Quinn to frown and grab a nearby table with Bret.

Reed studied her as she worked, or whatever the hell she was doing. She was a natural beauty — her baby blue eyes, long brown hair, and fair skin, without a stitch of makeup — a far cry from the overtly sexy model he usually went for. He memorized her perfect pink lips, knowing what they could do for him, and the curve of her neck, a silver locket dangling from it. He saw something else, too — at least he thought he did. There appeared to be some complication about her, some sadness behind her pretty eyes, something she was trying to hide. I could make you happy.

Peyton examined the shape and lines of his hands but found it hard to focus, a part of her wanting to run and hide, another wanting to run her hands through his dark, messy hair, to feel the slight stubble on his face, imagining his hands running down her body, her breasts against his washboard abs. Then she caught herself and drew a deep breath, her stomach churning, a million butterflies floating around. She looked up from his hands, into his steel blue eyes, shocked by her attraction to a man she knew nothing about. “You are devil’s food chocolate praline.”

“We’ll see.”


About Prescott Lane:

prescott lanePrescott Lane is the author of First Position and her new release, Perfectly Broken. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and graduated from Centenary College with a degree in sociology. She went on to receive her MSW from Tulane University, after which she worked with developmentally delayed and disabled children. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren’t enough happily ever afters in real life.


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Hot Summer Nights, A Steamy Summer Anthology

Title: Hot Summer Nights Anthology
Compliation of:
USA Today/NYT Bestseller Geri Foster,International Bestsellers Rachael Orman, Jade C. Jamison & Courtney Cross, Amazon Bestseller Abbie St. Claire,

Plus, authors Lacey Davis, Kelly Collins, Avery Claire, J.W. Phillips, & Kimmie Easley

Genre: Erotic Romance


Can you handle the heat? A compilation of steamy stories to entice, tantalize, heat you up and take your breath away by ten of your favorite authors. Grab a cold drink before settling in for a hot summer night of reading.

Intended for 18+. Be warned you may need a change of panties from erotic situations, naughty language and hotter than you can handle sexual liaisons. 


Melody is on her third date with James Thomas. She knows he expects them to have sex tonight, but what she doesn’t know is that he’s taking her to Fantasies for Rent an exclusive ranch where she’s in for the hottest experience of her life. Melody may learn she’s a submissive, but in the end will she agree to all the fantasies the club has to offer?This book contains situations that you may find objectionable. If you find spanking, anal sex, bondage or ménage offensive, then this book is way too hot for you.

Tilly Shanters has big plans to make this summer a blue ribbon event. She’s heading off to college in the fall and has a few things to check off her list.

~ Win the county fair pie contest

~ Pack for college

~ Lose her virginity

Author Alex Saunders is just passing through. He has a few things to check off his list as well.

~ Clean out the house that was willed to him.

~ Sell it

~ Get to Hollywood to see his book turned into a movie

They had their summer set, until fate stepped in to redirect them. One night––one event––everything changed.


A fifth-year surgical resident who only has time for her new career…

A talented heart surgeon who’s just returned from Doctors Without Borders and wants to make time for romance…

A relationship that can’t possibly get off the ground…or can it?

Quinn Ross has only a couple of months left of her residency in Houston before she takes her boards and joins a prestigious heart surgeon in Dallas. When she gets a serious case of pneumonia and becomes a patient herself, she meets Dr. Roman Burke.

Roman found his love in Doctors Without Borders and made a career out of helping those less fortunate, especially small children in places like Haiti. Roman hid his heart under a magnificent tattoo for a very private reason and when Quinn thinks she’s found the reason…she’s misled and very wrong, making a wild move which leaves her feelings and her heart locked away.

Can they find they find their way back to each other?


After finding her husband of twenty-one years with her best friend, Cherry Black found herself in an abyss that she was not ready to climb out of. That was until her long lost spark was renew upon meeting and interviewing the elusive owner of the hottest BDSM club in the state.

An interview that she will never forget.
An interview that will either heal her or destroy her.



After eight years of marriage, Ian and Brittany are in a rut. Their life together has become routine, no longer filed with fun and spontaneity. And their love life? Non-existent.

Longing to break the dull, repeating pattern that is her life, Brittany looks to a friend for some advice on how to put some spice back into her marriage.

Her friend’s advice? A hands on, in home sex therapist.

Brittany brushes her off at first, but after another night of unexciting sex, she’ll try anything…ANYTHING to save her love life, even if it is an unconventional route. Journey through the ups and downs of love, life, and lust with Brittany, Ian, and their sex therapist.




A shooting star

A tragic mistake

A forbidden secret

A sexy summer of love

When two worlds collide, two hearts unite.

Jackson “Jax” Caraway has been on the journey from hell. Four years ago, his life was turned upside down when he was smacked with the title of pedophile, fleeing the city, now a black sheep. There are two sides to every story, and his side has yet to be justified. Finally ready to step from the shadows to live his life, he’s decides to take the plunge. He just never expected for fate to drop a bombshell at his feet.

Jessa Roberts, graduate of fashion design school in Paris, is at a crossroads in her life. Finally she is free to plant her roots wherever her heart takes her. After having accomplishing her dreams, she doesn’t know what to live for anymore. Looking skyward, she wishes upon a shooting star to discover what the meaning of her life is. Normally a quirky, urban girl, she decides to branch out during a boring summer to experience the country life. And boy does she love the country view, all six feet, hard body in tight wrangler jeans, white t shirt, and boots. Lucky her, the amazing specimen is outside her window too.

On a hot summer day, their worlds collide; sparking instant chemistry, intertwining their hearts, and a magical love affair begins. A true fairy tale. Will the past come back to haunt them? Will the secrets of their forbidden love tear them apart? Can their love be enough to last more than the summer?



I’ve really done it this time.

I’m such a fucking weak, pathetic mess when it comes to this man and he knows it.

And because he knows it, I hate him for exploiting my weakness.

He blows my entire world wide open, breaks down my barriers and I let him.

Because when it comes to this man, my beautiful, broken man, I’m totally fucking lost.

I don’t know how to deny him or deny myself of what I truly need.

He awoke darkness within me I had no idea existed.

But he did. He saw the monster I really am, embraced it, coaxed it to the surface and unleashed it.

He fixed me, saved me and put me back together.

Then he broke me all over again.

And still I came back for more, just one more night.

One more night to be me.

One more night to be the real me.

The me that only he gets to see, because the minute I leave his penthouse apartment, I will bury my real self way down deep again.

Until the next time.

Because there will be a next time.

There is no END where we are concerned.

He is my broken man and I am his broken woman.

And we are broken together.

Whether I like it or not…………


Elizabeth Slade, a college English instructor, has experienced success as a romance writer, but she has a dirty little secret: She can’t write sex scenes without a little help from Carl, a gorgeous guy who plays her pretend boyfriend and makes a booty call whenever her imagination is flailing.

She’d like for Carl to commit to be her permanent and real boyfriend, and she thinks that’s where they’re headed until she finds him getting way too cozy with another woman in a bar.

At that point, she enlists the help of her friend, fellow college instructor Roman Decker, who offers to temporarily take Carl’s place while she sorts through her emotions. She grows confused when she realizes she’s also attracted to Roman. When Carl comes back to her on bended knee, does she take the bad boy who broke her heart or try to convince her friend to make a real go of it?


Hope Fairbanks is ready to cut the purse strings. She longs for the day that her affluent family will quit trying to buy off her dream of traveling the world as an art broker. When she lands an internship at an elite NYC art gallery, Hope believes she’s finally on her way to freedom. That is until her first major assignment is to assist the highly sought after painter, Jonah Dempsey, with an upcoming show. The eccentric, older artist unleashes Hope’s creative side by stripping away her inhibitions, one lashing at a time.




Ava Porter wants to seduce her boss who has no idea she’s even on the planet. After indulging in enough wine to knock out her common sense and removing her contacts,she decides to pay him a visit.

Lucas Anderson is dog sitting for his younger brother when a beautiful woman knocks on the door, removes her coat to reveal a red bra and matching thong. Not a man to say no to a lady, he invites her in.

After an amazing night together, it takes a while for them to reunite, but when they do,sparks fly. Ava has dated so many losers, how can she think differently of Lucas? Life is full of surprises and they have to learn if love can be more than a one night stand.

Abbie St. Claire:


Ley, Rosanna: The Villa

The Villa Cover

A surprise inheritance. A journey of discovery.

Three women, all seeking answers. Will Villa Sirena bring them together – or drive them apart?

About The Villa:

The Villa CoverWhen Tess Angel receives a solicitor’s letter inviting her to claim her inheritance – the dilapidated but beautiful Villa Sirena, perched on a clifftop in Sicily – she is stunned. Her only link to the island is through her mother, Flavia, who left Sicily following World War II and cut all contact with her family. Could this be Tess’s chance to find out why?

Initially resistant to Tess going back to her roots, Flavia realises the secrets from her past are about to be revealed and decides to try to explain her actions. She compiles a book of her family’s traditional Sicilian recipes as a legacy to pass on to her daughter and tells her story which began in the summer of 1944 when she rescued an injured English pilot in the countryside near her home in Cetaria and helped nurse him back to health.

Meanwhile, Tess’s teenage daughter Ginny has lost her sense of direction. She is stressed by college and by her blossoming sexuality and consumed by questions that she longs to ask her father – if only she knew where he was.

Tess, a qualified diver, discovers the beauty of the underwater marine conservation area of Cetaria and falls in love with her inheritance. But there is a mystery attached to The Mermaid’s Villa concerning the missing Il Tesoro. What is this treasure and what does it have to do with her family? Tonino Amato and Giovanni Sciarra both seem to want to help her find out. She is drawn to Tonino, who creates dazzling mosaics from sea glass in the ancient baglio and tells her of the myths and legends of Sicily. But Giovanni warns her against him. Why are they sworn enemies and who can she trust? Tess must navigate a way through the prejudices of Sicilian history and the opposition of her family’s enemies in order to find out.



Available for purchase: Amazon / B&N



About Rosanna Ley:


Rosanna_LeyRosanna Ley has worked as a creative tutor for over twelve years, leading workshops in the UK and abroad, and has completed an MA in creative writing. Her writing holidays and retreats take place in stunning locations in Italy and Spain. Rosanna has written numerous articles and stories for national magazines. When she is not travelling, Rosanna lives in West Dorset by the sea.


Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Website



HEAT WAVE: Six Sexy Stories for Sultry Summer Nights


Six Sexy Stories

for Sultry Summer Nights


Heat Waved Boxed Set Banner


Summer. Hot. Sticky. Sexy

heatwave-REV-frontflat (2)Although not all of the stories in this collection take place in the summer, they are definitely hot, might make you a little sticky, and are unquestionably sexy. What is more perfect for a sultry summer night?

Seduction is the name of the game in some of our stories. Control, submission, and domination flavor a couple more. And the others? Just downright deliciously sexy, in multiple ways.

Grab your favorite ice cold beverage, ladies, and prepare for your own personal HEAT WAVE! With an introductory promotional price of $0.99, why resist?

vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)

Retailer Availability: 

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks,

Kobo, All Romance Ebooks,

Turquoise Morning Press, and more


Promotional Price: $0.99

Future Retail Price: $3.99 (Fall, 2014)

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press



Cheapskates in Love

Evelyn Jules

Turquoise Morning Press


Here’s the blurb for Cheapskates in Love:

Cheapskates_EJules_LGIt’s couples’ skating night down at the local rink and Elena Armstrong can’t seem to keep her cocky jock blind date around long enough to knee him in the balls. Sadly, she was too much of a cheapskate to pay for a membership to an online dating site and based everything on Leonard’s personality profile alone. Big mistake.

At the opposite end of the rink, Ben Kessel, another cheapskate on a blind date with Iris, the ice princess, is having a similarly miserable time. Elena, a hater of all things sports-related, inches out into the skating world butt-first and collides with Ben. After sharing their hilarious and horrifying dates-gone-wrong stories, the two disappear and make everything right again on the floor in the players’ dressing room. Almost everything. They forget to exchange numbers. Now these two cheapskates need to make the ultimate sacrifice: pay for a membership to the online dating site so they can track each other down. But is the possibility of love really worth the price of $24.95 per month?

vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)

Here’s an excerpt from Cheapskates in Love: 

“So how does a guy like you end up on an online dating site?”

He nodded, as though he was expecting the question. “I could ask you the same thing, Elena.” Just the way he said her name brought on the tingles. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”

Again. He knocked the breath out of her lungs again. The first time her butt might have been partially to blame, but this time his words had the same effect. Hell, nearly every word out of this man’s mouth was like poetry to her ever-increasing libido.

God bless him, he even knew when to keep talking, because right now she was having a

hard enough time breathing let alone forming a coherent sentence. “I’m pushing towards thirty-five. I have two younger sisters who are married with children. I’m just…tired of dating the wrong women. It’s so hard to find someone you connect with on more than one level. I thought maybe this site would do the dirty work for me.”

“God,” she whispered. “I’m sorry. I just…I’m having a really amazing fantasy in my head right now. Do you think, uh…Could you say the whole ‘beautiful’ thing again?”

He laughed harder than she’d heard him laugh. He could laugh all night long and she’d never grow tired of it. When he calmed down, he raised a hand to cup her cheek and repeated the magic word in a deep, husky timbre. “Elena, you are a stunningly beautiful woman.”

Before she realized what was happening, she found herself leaning in to him. He smelled like hot cocoa and cinnamon. She licked her lips, tasting excitement, a tiny bit of fear, and so damn much desire it scared her. Their lips connected and she felt that desire all the way to her toes. The kiss was slow and sweet. His tongue gently teased her lower lip. A quiet moan filled the air as she opened her mouth and granted him access.

vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)

It is my pleasure to feature Evelyn Jules, author of Cheapskates in Love on Room With Books. Thank you, Evelyn, and welcome to my Room With Books.


What do you do when you are not writing?

This may come as a shock, but I like to read. Dirty books, mostly. *grins* I’m also a high school Physical Education/Dramatic Arts teacher who loves to play, teach, and coach sports, have karaoke dance parties, juggle, hula hoop, and eat endless amounts of peanut butter.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

The first author I can remember reading and loving is Robert Munsch. It wasn’t just the books I loved, either. It was the man himself. He was his books. He became his characters. Not only did that inspire me as an author, it inspired me as a teacher.

Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

My road to becoming published wasn’t nearly as bumpy or winding as some might think. In 2011, I attended a reader/writer conference with a friend of mine who’d recently earned published author status. One of the main features of this conference was the raffle—hundreds of prizes donated by authors and publishers were up for grabs. Since I did a lot of creative writing and had dreams of following in my friend’s footsteps, I decided on a whim to toss a few ballots into a ‘ten page publisher critique’ raffle bag. Guess what? I won! I sent ten pages of a short story I’d written to the publisher who gave me wonderful feedback and some pointers on how to make it more ‘publishable’. Less than a year later, I received a contract from that same publisher for my story entitled Blind Faith.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

Y’know, this is such a great question, and I’ve never really known how to answer it before. But now I think I have the perfect answer. I wish I could write 1000 words per minute. Wait. One thousand really amazing words that everyone will be in awe of. There. That’s better.

What was your first job?

I worked as a ‘summer student’ at General Motors in the truck plant. I did everything from filling radiator fluid (which exploded on me once; messy, messy stuff, let me tell you), to balancing tires. One night I even got to drive the brand spankin’ new trucks off the line. That ROCKED.

What types of books do you write?

I love to laugh so I try to write books that focus on comedy with a heaping helping of sexy times thrown in for good measure. There’s always a kiss of quirk with your kink. 😉

Who’s your main audience?

Everyone who’s reading this! I tend to write characters ranging in age from late twenties to early fifties. That’s essentially my target audience. And people who love to laugh…and pant. Sometimes simultaneously.

Out of all of your characters, which is your favorite? Why?

Julia Weston from my erotic romance short story, Human Touch. She’s cute, incredibly quick-witted, and is adorably (and awkwardly) self-conscious when it comes to encounters with the opposite sex. In short, she’s a carbon copy of moi. 😉

What does your writing schedule look like?

Umm…it looks like a spastic six-year-old with a crayon fetish put it together. I don’t really have a schedule. I just try to find the time when I can and wait for inspiration to strike. I’m livin’ on a prayer, baby.

Do you use your OWN experiences?

Ohhh, yes. Many, many times. I always laugh because every female character I write tends to take on at least one…or twelve of my quirks. My newest release, Crossing the Line, is loosely based on a true story of a border crossing adventure I had with an insanely sexy border guard named George.

Was it easy to pick the title for your book?

Titles have always come easily for me. In fact, I often think of clever titles first and then the story takes shape from there. Cheapskates in Love, one of my two stories in the Heat Wave boxed set, evolved after one of my best girlfriends used that line in a conversation we were having about online dating and the fact that I was too cheap to pay for an actual membership to an online dating site.

Pick one profession you would choose if you were not an author.  Why?

A professional soccer player. Because soccer is awesome. World Cup, anyone?

What are you currently working on?

Nutcases—a story set in a world where peanut butter has been banned. What follows is the desperate attempt of two PB addicts to bootleg peanut butter to the masses using their secret underground peanut-butter-making machine.


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked

Night owl, or early bird? Early bird, even though I’m terrified of the winged creatures

Red, or white wine? How about champagne!

Roller Coasters or Water Rides? Water rides because I get the motion sickness

Swimming in the ocean or a pool? Ocean!

Walking or fitness club? I’m much more of a home worker-outer

Any last words? Thanks for having me here! Hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know me! Come and visit me at my blog, on Facebook, or Twitter! 🙂

Thank you for answering these questions for Room With Books. I know your time is in great demand during a tour and I appreciate your time to let our readers get to know you better!

vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)

Here’s a blurb for Body Check, one of the bonus stories featured in the set:

Alicia Holden is the ultimate hockey fan. She eats, sleeps, and breathes the game, but there’s one real reason for her devotion. And his name is Mike Converset. When an opportunity comes along to win a charity dinner with her hockey heartthrob, she leaps at the chance.

He’s absolutely nothing like she imagined. Rough, tough, and in no mood to impress, Mike assumes Alicia’s like every other woman who’s come into his life, but he soon learns she’s so much more. They share a connection that brings them closer together in mind and body. But is their romantic encounter simply a one-night stand, or can they take their passion into overtime?

Here’s an excerpt from Body Check:

***Intended for MATURE audiences only due to graphic language and sexual situation***

Mike positioned himself at her entrance. His eyes were black. His breathing was erratic. He sank into her wet heat, pulsing and twitching as he buried his full length, pausing when he filled her. “Jesus,” he croaked.

The weight of him pressing against her felt like heaven. She rocked her hips.

“Stats,” he blurted. “Gimme some stats.”

Beads of sweat gathered on his forehead. He was right on the edge, and she was the one who brought him there. A surge of pride rushed through her blood. “One-hundred-and-six points in seventy-five games this season.”

A smile slipped free. He pulled all the way out then plunged into her again.

“Six hat-tricks. Four penalty minutes on two separate occasions, both of which were bogus calls.”

“You’re crazy,” he teased, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “And you’re making me crazy.”

“Good.” She grinned, winding her hips. “Two Art Ross trophies to your credit. Could have been a third if that jerk, Sanderson, didn’t bounce back so fast from his supposed ankle injury.”

He laughed but quickly sobered as her ankles locked around his lower back. She knew it wouldn’t be slow. Her fingers clung to the headboard to help keep her grounded. She knew it wouldn’t be gentle. The mountain of pillows behind her gave her the confidence to push back just as hard. But he made love like he meant it, and now that she knew the man behind the uniform, she could see how passion was a constant in his life.

Naughty EvelynHer heels dug into his ass. She groaned for every grunt and moaned for every growl. She met each thrust with the same energy and urgency, heedless of her aching muscles and waning strength. The kisses did her in, though. They were slow and gentle. A soft brush of his lips to her cheeks and chin. Sweet nibbles along her neck and shoulder. Feather-light strokes of his tongue across her breasts. The juxtaposition drove her mad.

vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)

Author bio:

Hailing from the Great White North, Evelyn Jules loves curling up on the couch with a hot toddy and a steamy book. Nothing warms a girl up faster than a little hanky-panky. When she’s not reading deliciously erotic tales, she’s weaving her own in hopes of warming her readers’ hearts and other parts!

Come and visit me at my blog, on Facebook, or Twitter!

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LaRocca, J.M.: Drifting into Darkness

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, that there was a path we were all supposed to be on and the choices we made led us to those paths.

My path led me to work on the Johnson farm in Texas, where I met Landon, the owner’s son. He worked there during the day and raced cars for fun at night. He was a bad boy with a reputation that exceeded my own. The guy all the girls wanted to change, the one that hooked up with random girls because he didn’t do relationships.

He was exactly the kind of guy I wanted to stay away from, but there was something about him. It wasn’t just his looks, although they didn’t go unnoticed. There were layers I wanted to peel back and reveal. I wanted to know the real Landon Johnson.

All the choices I made led me to him and he would change my life forever.

*17 and older due to language and sexual content*


Buy Now
Novels by J.m.
Lifeless: AMAZON
My Beautiful: AMAZON
About the Author
I’ve had a passion for reading and writing for as long as I can remember. It has always been an escape for one reason or another. Now, I’m taking that passion and turning it into a book. My debut book Lifeless will be released late summer 2013. I can’t wait for you to read this story that has been brewing in my head for over a year. 🙂
Twitter: jmlarocca1
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Witek, Barbara: Daddy Wore Dog Tags, Guardians of Freedom


Daddy Wore Dog Tags

By: Barbara Witek

Genre: Military Romance

 vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (2)


DaddyWoreDogTags_MA soldier running from his past and a young woman denying herself a future become caregivers of a beautiful baby girl and find their true destiny as a family.

Army Ranger Max Hamilton has returned to Destiny Falls after the sudden death of his brother. Only coming home means more than trying to save the family farm. Coming home means facing the demons he left behind, and allowing himself to love again.

After her twin sisters’ death, suburban veterinarian, Chelsea Stevens understands that raising her niece is the only chance for a child she will ever have. Fulfilling her sister’s final wish is more than just moving her career…it’s risking her heart.

Can their shared love of a child be the common ground these wounded souls need to trust and find love for keeps?

 Purchase Links:



 vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (2)


A soldier running from his past…

Army Ranger, Max Hamilton, has returned to Destiny Falls after the sudden death of his brother. Only coming home means more than trying to save the family farm. Coming home means facing the demons he left behind, and allowing himself to love again when becoming a father wasn’t part of the plan.

A young woman denying herself a future…

Suburban veterinarian, Chelsea Stevens, understands that raising her niece is the only chance for a child she will ever have. Fulfilling her sister’s final wish is more than just moving her career…it’s providing a sense of family and risking her heart with a man intent on walking away.

 vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (2)


Barbara Witek

Author Pic 2014

I live in upstate New York with my very own alpha-male and a loveable Labrador who thinks he’s the fourth child! Proud mom of an Army ROTC cadet, a soon to be college freshman and a teenage daughter who’s involved in everything, there’s never a dull moment in our busy household.

I’m a firm believer in love at first sight, second chances and creating your own destiny. Isn’t that what romance is all about? Being a hopeless romantic helps me write my touching, emotional and heartfelt romances.

I also write Gossip Girl fan-fiction under the name Kyra Steele. You can find Kyra through Amazon’s Kindle Worlds.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy a good glass of wine and getting lost in a book. I also love cross-country skiing and ice-skating (although I admit to not having done either in years!) hiking, anything crafty, and competitive family game nights (scrabble of course)!

Social Media:

Street Team (Barbie’s Barracks):


Pinterest: NYBarbie84

Instagram: NYBarbie84

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Rivers, Mary Ann: Live, The Burnside Series


Live: The Burnside Series

By: Mary Ann Rivers

Bookbub Promotion $.99 from 4/2-4/8

 11497598-vintage-elements-and-borders-set-for-ornate-and-decoration (1)


Mary Ann Rivers kicks off a new contemporary romance series—sure to please readers of Ruthie Knox, Kristan Higgins, and Jill Shalvis—where love can be found unexpectedly.

If there’s an upside to unemployment, Destiny Burnside may have found it. Job searching at her local library in Lakefield, Ohio, gives her plenty of time to ogle the hottest man she has ever laid eyes on: the sexy wood-carver who’s restoring the building. But as the rejection letters pile up, Destiny finds an unexpected shoulder to cry on. With his rich Welsh accent, Hefin Thomas stirs Destiny so completely that, even though he’s leaving soon, she lets herself believe the memory of his scorching kisses will be enough.

 Hefin can’t help but notice the slender, confident woman with ginger hair who returns each day, so hopeful and determined. So when the tears start to fall, his silence—penance for a failed marriage—finally cracks. Once he’s touched her, what Hefin wants is to take her back to Wales and hold her forever. But Destiny’s roots run too deep. What they both need is each other—to learn how to live and love again.

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Bookbub Promo for $.99,

11497598-vintage-elements-and-borders-set-for-ornate-and-decoration (1)

Author Info

Mary Ann Rivers

Mary Ann Rivers was an English and music major and went on to earn her MFA in creative writing, publishing poetry in journals and leading creative-writing workshops for at-risk youth. While training for her day job as a nurse practitioner, she rediscovered romance on the bedside tables of her favorite patients. Now she writes smart and emotional contemporary romance, imagining stories featuring the heroes and heroines just ahead of her in the coffee line. Mary Ann Rivers lives in the Midwest with her handsome professor husband and their imaginative school-aged son.

Connect with Mary Ann Rivers: Facebook | Twitter | Website

11497598-vintage-elements-and-borders-set-for-ornate-and-decoration (1)



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