Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 10 – The Sun Still Shines @jodi_o_brown @LovingtheBook

In a candid and witty memoir, Jodi recounts how her life was transformed when, as a thirty-three-year-old wife and mother, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Unwilling to accept her new fate, Jodi’s family searches for a doctor who will join their fight against the odds. But when the surgery that could save her life thrusts her into battle with a devastating spinal fluid leak and facial paralysis, even her own children fear her new appearance and physical failings. Jodi perseveres, even with an injured body and spirit. Interweaving the inspiring, provoking, and sometimes disturbing, Jodi reveals the hells and highs of her journey as she fights for hope and purpose—and life.


Jodi Orgill Brown is inspired by people who live fulfilled lives in spite of their struggles. She loves spending time with her muses, namely, her husband Tolan, and their four children, Trenden, Lindi, Casen, and Daven. Her favorite outing locations include Hebgen Lake, Montana, Hawaii’s North Shore, the rolling hills and woods of Virginia, the Weber River Parkway Trail, and even her own backyard.

When she is not writing, reading, or enjoying family time, you’ll find Jodi visiting neighbors or having lunch with a girlfriend on 25th Street in Ogden. She loves learning principles through analogies and she discovers inspiration all around her, from nature, stories, friends, and especially from her children. Jodi holds a BA in communications from Brigham Young University, an MS in organizational communications and leadership from the University of Utah, and is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). She is the founder of Amplio Development, and is dedicated to living and teaching personal improvement. She resides in northern Utah with her husband and their four children. 

Book Jodi as a keynote speaker, consultant, or presenter: Email: ampliodevelopment@gmail.com Website: www.ampliodevelopment.com

Q & A with the Author

When did you start writing, and was there a specific event or person who influenced you to become an author?

I’ve been a writer my whole life, long before I published a book. As a youth, I scribbled poetry in endless notebooks, wrote stories with heartbreaking endings, and teamed up with friends to throw a twist into every English writing assignment. I love the power of words. When I was in 8th grade, my English teacher had us write about our favorite author. I wrote a letter to the publisher and asked for information on my favorite author of the day, Jack Weyland. A few weeks later, Mr. Weyland called me on the phone! He later followed up and sent a packet of reference material to my home. My favorite author became one of my greatest inspirations. He writes powerful stories, but he also showed me that is he a real person. Today we are Facebook friends and recently he sent me a note of congratulations on my book reaching a #1 spot on Amazon.com. He continues to inspire me!

Are you currently working on a project, and if so, can you tell us anything about it?

Yes, several projects are in the works. I’ve always thought of myself as a nonfiction writer, but I also love storytelling. Current and future projects include both. I am writing a sequel to my memoir, detailing the hard realities of my second life, post brain surgeries. In addition, I’m working on a nonfiction book that shares simple life-changing principles, akin to a modern-day book of parables. One of the projects I am most excited about is a creative narrative based on the real-life experiences of my grandmother, who lived one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever known. I hope to resurrect her strength by telling the lesser-known and humble heroics of her life.

Connect with the Author:

10 Favorite Things

 10. The salty smell of the ocean

  9. The reflection of the evergreen trees and hills as seen in Hebgen Lake (Montana)

  8. The chirping of crickets and the sight of fireflies on late Virginia nights

  7. The sounds of water trickling and falling over rocks and down riverbeds and streams

  6. The statistical impossibility and reality that all four of my children inherited confederate blue grey eyes from their

grandfather, their only recessive-gened relative

  5. The coalescing of two people to form one perfect small human

  4. Nature, which turns decay into dirt which grows and harbors life

  3. Words strung together to form poetry in motion

  2. Ten intertwined fingers linking together to form one whole  

  1. The transformational power of unconditional love


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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 9 – Save the Last Dance For Me @Cora_Lee49 @LovingtheBook

Save the Last Dance For Me

by Cora Lee

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a major in history, Cora is the 2014 winner of the Royal Ascot contest for best unpublished Regency romance. She went on a twelve year expedition through the blackboard jungle as a high school math teacher before publishing Save the Last Dance for Me, the first book in the Maitland Maidens series. When she’s not walking Rotten Row at the fashionable hour or attending the entertainments of the Season, you might find her participating in Historical Novel Society events, wading through her towering TBR pile, or eagerly awaiting the next Marvel movie release. If you’d like to find out more about Cora or her books you can visit her website, sign up for her newsletter, or connect with her on Facebook or Goodreads.

http://eepurl.com/bA1-VH (newsletter sign up)

Mr. Benedict Grey is the only heir to a long-standing title, and he knows his duty: find a suitable girl, get married, secure the succession beyond himself. But if a gentleman could be called a wallflower, Benedict would fit the description perfectly. And for the past six years, he’s been out of Society more than he’s been in it. How will he find a woman to wed and bed when he can barely converse with the ladies of the ton?

Lady Honoria Maitland has promised her dying father that, before he breathes his last, she would find a husband to take care of her. But she wants a gentleman that loves her, not her dowry or her name. When she reunites with her old friend Benedict, she proposes a plan that will help them both: a faux courtship and betrothal. She can teach him how to woo a woman and simultaneously ease her father’s last days. But Honoria’s clever plan failed to account for Benedict’s heart…or her own. Is she strong enough to bear the loss of her father and her friend?



Grab your copy from one of the links below!

Amazon (US): http://amzn.to/21kUo5E
Amazon (UK): http://amzn.to/1Rrl24L
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/1LIHt0K
B&N: http://bit.ly/1QATiHs
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1OyJH2z
iBooks: http://apple.co/1XPhiMV
All Romance E-books/Omni Lit: http://bit.ly/21vcGO8


“I would marry you, you know.”

She froze. “What?”

“If we were caught together. If I compromised you.” His eyes met hers in the half-light. “And not just because I’m looking for a wife now. I would have then, too.”

He didn’t have to explain when then was. She knew he was thinking of the day her mother died. He never did tell her how he’d gained entry into the house or how he found her bedchamber without disturbing anyone, but he’d managed to do both late that night. He’d sat with her and held her hand as she had talked of her mother, then cradled her against him when she’d wept. Only when she had calmed did either of them realize the potential for an immense scandal his presence caused. And even then he’d stayed with her until she fell asleep.

Her fingers tightened on his sleeve in response. Perhaps some of the old Benedict still existed after all.

Ready for some Author Q&A?

What is the thing you struggle with the most while writing? And how do you defeat it?

Lately it’s been focus. I was a teacher for a number of years, so a large portion of my adult life was regulated by bell schedules and after school meetings. I have a lot more freedom now, but my brain is used to unstructured time being down time. I have to consciously remind myself that writing time is precious, and that I can scroll through Facebook posts later 🙂

Which of your personality traits did you write into your characters? (Deliberately or accidentally)

I gave Benedict (Save‘s hero) my love of books and reading, though his taste is different than mine (he tends toward academic treatises and I gravitate to good storytelling). He also has a serious aversion to cold weather, which I share. We both returned home to cold winters after living for several years in warmer climates, and neither of us is particularly fond of the change 🙂

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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 8 – Sparks @RSMcCoy1 @LovingtheBook


by RS McCoy

Sparks Saga, Book One



“Everyone in the world has a Spark, a light inside that guides them, keeps them alive.” 

Starting school is supposed to be a fun and exciting time for any new student. But for Lark, a skilled archer and fledgling mind-reader, it’s a creative form of torture. Locked in rooms and hallways with both friends and enemies, bombarded by the thoughts and feelings of his peers, Lark is a prisoner.

On a quest to master his Spark, Lark’s mentor–his one ally–is anything but helpful. What Lark fails to realize is the value of his rare ability, and just how far some are willing to go to have control of him.


RS McCoy Author PhotoRachel McCoy is a Texan living in New Jersey. Between binge watching MTV reality shows and baking gluten free treats, she writes paranormal fantasy and science fiction novels. She is the self-published author of the Sparks Saga trilogy as well as numerous short stories, some of which now reside in anthologies. Back when she lived in the real world, Rachel earned a degree in marine biology, which contributed to her die-hard love of manta rays.

To connect with RS McCoy (or swap recipes), visit her on her website (rsmccoyauthor.com) or check out her Facebook page (facebook.com/AuthorRSMcCoy). You can also join her newsletter to receive release updates, free stories, and bonus extras (eepurl.com/YItp1).

Facts About the Author

I really struggle with time management. I have two little kids, a husband that works 60+ hours a week, and recently starting hitting the gym after back surgery. My schedule is full and writing often takes the hit when I need to get something done. I end up working late at night to hit my deadlines, but in the end, I always make them!

My characters often have a no-nonsense attitude and a large vocabulary of curse words. My husband is literally a sailor and we are proficient users of all the words my mother hates. I think profanity adds an authenticity to my characters and, when used appropriately, really adds to their depth. And in fantasy it’s a lot of fun to create some more interesting terms!

Connect with the Author:




“In order to complete this Round, you must learn to fight another unarmed student without the use of your Spark. To prove you have successfully mastered this form of combat, you must defeat each and every Round Two student. Only then will I award your stripe. Use of combat techniques outside of my presence, or that of the combat instructor, will mean a free trip home.” The smile on his face made it clear as day that my trip home was what he wanted.

Avis led me to the dining hall, which was completely full—I guessed at least a hundred others. I had never been to the dining room so early, and the volume was just as bad as I feared. Aside from the audible roar of students at breakfast, their thoughts screamed into my head until I could do nothing but follow behind Avis like a dog.

He pushed me towards a table and brought over a plate of biscuits and bacon. “What’s this for?”

“How are you going to fight anyone if you can’t even lift up your little twig arms? Eat.”

I couldn’t exactly argue with him; he was right. I was at a complete disadvantage compared to the well-fed students of Myxini. It’s going to be a massacre. Not in the mood to deny the opportunity to eat, I shoveled it in my mouth and tried as best I could to not wince from the ache in my brain. Before I could even finish, Avis dropped a second plate in front of me. “Eat,” he said again, and I ate. By the time we left, I was certain I’d never eaten as much at one time, and it didn’t feel pleasant.


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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 7 – The Witch’s Reward @liz_mccraine @LovingtheBook

The Witch’s Reward

by Liz McCraine

Liz McCraine is an outdoor enthusiast, military spouse, and mother. She loves to ride horses and go hiking with her family. When she isn’t writing or corralling children, Liz enjoys relaxing with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Her motto is: If it doesn’t have a happy ending, I don’t want to read it.



Fairy tales are not a thing of the past.

In the kingdom of Aggadorn, seventeen-year-old Larra Stoneworth of the village of Farr discovers she has a strange magical power. But the law for humans having such magic is simple: death. When word of Larra’s gift reaches the palace, the king’s son is sent to capture her and bring her to trial. During their journey from Larra’s small village to the city, Larra faces dangers unlike any she has ever imagined. Though Larra’s magic may seem a threat to some, another far more sinister threat emerges that endangers the life of everyone—even the king himself.

An innocent girl with powers she didn’t know she had. A noble prince sent to imprison her. A powerful counselor gone mad with jealousy. An evil plot. A death sentence. And above all, the strength of one young woman to do what is right, no matter the consequences.


The cage was made of wood and metal. The wood looked dark and heavy, hewn from the sturdiest of trees. The structure was equal in height as it was in length, the top and bottom separated by long, steel rods four or five feet tall. It was an inescapable prison guaranteed to contain the most dangerous beasts of the forest. Claw marks scratched the floor and impossibly marred the steel, testifying that the cage had been used before, and often. It had been built onto a wagon, and was hitched up to two large draft horses. And as Larra stared, she realized this cage for wild beasts was to be her new home. She was now the animal among the humans.

One of her guards opened the barred door, and before she realized what was happening, she was lifted by the waist and roughly shoved inside. She fell sprawled out on her stomach, the impact against hard wood stunning her before the brief onslaught of pain. Recognizing she was about to be locked in, she struggled to rise, the act difficult without the use of her hands. She quickly moved on her knees toward the door, reaching it just as it slammed shut in her face. No emotion was visible on the faces of the knights as they locked her in. The bright summer sun glinted off their helmets, casting their features in shadows. Larra leaned into the bars.

“Don’t do this,” she begged.

They ignored her.

“Cease your ranting, witch,” came a deep voice from behind them. Her guards stepped away to reveal the younger man who had read the proclamation, the one with the aloof, hazel eyes. The captain, their leader.

Beyond him the cottage door was shut, and Larra saw no sign of her grandmother through the windows.

“Please,” she shouted as he walked past. “Can you at least tell me if my grandmother is all right?”

The man altered his direction, heading to the wagon with long, direct strides.

“I told you to be silent,” he warned. Stopping just inches away, he stared at her hard. “You will do as you’re told.” He nodded at something beyond the wagon. “Do you see those wolfhounds?”

Larra hadn’t noticed the two large dogs when she was first dragged from the cottage. They lay in the shade of a wide tree, waiting the command of their master.

“They’re trained to hunt and kill. They can outrun a deer at full speed across a field. If you try to run, those hounds will track you down and tear you to pieces.” His eyes remained fixed on hers, revealing nothing but his determination to do his job. “And remember,” he continued, “any use of your power will result in your immediate death. The king values the lives of his knights far more than your own. Do you understand?”

He didn’t wait for her to respond, but turned quickly away, striding to a big black horse that was close to seventeen hands tall. He rode to the front of the party and, lifting his arm in the air, signaled the group to move forward.

Larra was thrown off balance as the wagon jolted. The drafts strained the first few steps from the weight of their load, despite their obvious strength. Without the use of her hands, Larra couldn’t steady herself and ended up sprawled on the floor again. Struggling to sit, she was eventually able to lean into a corner, peering anxiously through the lines of horses and riders to catch one last glimpse of her home. There was still no sign of her grandmother, and the ache in her heart expanded even as the cottage shrank from sight.

And let’s look at some Q&A’s with Liz!

What is the thing you struggle with the most while writing? And how do you defeat it?

Coming up with proper nouns. For me, creating names to fit the people and places in my stories takes an enormous amount of effort. I could write a dozen pages in the time it takes me to decide on a name for one of my characters.

Which of your personality traits did you write into your characters? (Deliberately or accidentally).

Queen Lissa is pretty sassy to her husband, King Steffan. It was a little too easy to write.

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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 6 – The Haunting of Springett Hall @EB_Wheeler @LovingtheBook

The Haunting of Springett Hall

by E.B. Wheeler



Eighteen-year-old Lucy doesn’t know why she’s haunting Springett Hall in Victorian England. All she remembers of her life is that she was trying to fix a terrible mistake. Now, a necromancer’s plans threaten everyone in the house–living and dead–and her only hope of stopping him is enlisting the help of a servant named Philip–the one living person who can see her. But as Lucy delves into the mystery surrounding her death, she realizes Philip may have secrets of his own.







E.B. Wheeler grew up in Georgia and California. She attended BYU, majoring in history with an English minor, and earned graduate degrees in history and landscape architecture from Utah State University. She’s the award-winning author of THE HAUNTING OF SPRINGETT HALL and BORN TO TREASON (May 2016), as well as several short stories, magazine articles, and scripts for educational software programs. She lives in the mountains of Utah with her husband, daughters, various pets, and as many antique roses as she can cram into her yard. If she had spare time, she would spend it playing harp and hammered dulcimer, gardening, hiking, shooting archery, knitting, and reading.

Q & A the Author

What is the thing you struggle with the most while writing? And how do you defeat it?

Sometimes when I’m writing, I hit the, “Why am I doing this? This is the worst drivel ever set to paper,” mindset. It usually happens when I crash into a plot hole or some difficult part of the character’s development. It’s really hard for me to slog through it. That’s what I do, though: I slog through it. I set time aside for writing every day, and I make myself write at least a little even when I don’t feel like it. I find when I keep writing, I get new ideas, I get excited about the story again, and then I’m back on my writing high.

Which of your personality traits did you write into your characters? (Deliberately or accidentally)

I think we all put more of ourselves into our writing than we realize. My characters may have picked up more of my insecurities than I would like. I did intentionally use my own experiences with a disability to influence how Lucy, the main character, reacts to being helpless in her disembodied state.

Connect with the Author:


I stared at the room’s reflection in the glass doors of a bookcase, trying to focus on the blank space where I should have been. Why could Philip and Edmund see me when I couldn’t see myself? I passed my fingers over the glass. “What do I look like?”

Philip sighed and set aside his book. “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know what I look like. I can’t look in a mirror, and I don’t remember. Will you please tell me?”

“Why does it matter?” Philip grumbled.

“Wouldn’t it bother you not to know?”

“I suppose.” He shrugged. “You have long, dark hair.”

“I can see that part. What color are my eyes?”

“Brown.” Philip picked up another book.

“Just brown?”

“If you want a poem about them, ask Sir Edmund.”

“Perhaps I shall.”

“They’re dirt brown,” he said, still focused on his book.

I stepped back and blinked my dirt-colored eyes. “I think you’re just being horrid again. The worst part is, I can’t even cry when you hurt my feelings.”

Philip tilted his head back and exhaled. “They’re the color of fresh soil when the gardener first takes his spade to it in the spring. It’s dark, and rich, and full of potential—one of the most beautiful colors in the world.”

I gaped at him, and he met my stare. He leaned forward, deep blue eyes fixed on mine. Something in my chest trembled at the intensity of his gaze, and I fought the desire to flee. Or to rush into the harbor of his arms. I felt certain I would be safe there, but that certainty filled me with a fear I couldn’t understand, and a deep, painful longing.

I shook myself and blinked rapidly. What was I doing? What was I feeling? I hardly knew anything about Philip, and I was dead.

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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 5 – The Secret Life of Daydreams @lucindafwhitney @LovingtheBook

The Secret Life of Daydreams

by Lucinda Whitney

Lucinda Whitney was born and raised in Portugal, where she received a master’s degree from the University of Minho in Braga in Portuguese/English teaching. She’s a cancer survivor, and served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Salt Lake Temple Square Visitors Center mission in Utah.

She lives in northern Utah. When she’s not reading and writing, she can be found with a pair of knitting needles in winter, or tending her herb garden in the summer. She also works part-time as a substitute teacher.

Visit her website at http://www.lucindawhitney.com/




Sometimes the dream you never planned for is the one you can’t live without.

Six years after a painful divorce, Josh Conrad is happy traveling the world as a photographer. When he arrives in Portugal, he plans to complete the assignment as quickly as possible. What he doesn’t plan for is Sofia, the girl he baptized eleven years earlier on an LDS mission, and soon he’s making excuses to prolong his trip.

Sofia Monteiro leads a structured life in Braga, Portugal, teaching high school by day and caring for her mother by night. After she reconnects with Josh through mutual friends, the memory of a failed relationship and her new graduate program are enough reasons to stay away from him.

As they collaborate on a project, Josh is wary of repeating his old mistakes and Sofia hesitates to spend time with an American who’s only passing through.

Can two people with wounded hearts bring themselves to trust their dreams to each other?



 Grab you copy today!


A few Q&A’s with the Author!

What is the thing you struggle with the most while writing? And how do you defeat it?

Distraction and Super focus, which are the sides of the same coin. On one hand, I have a hard time not getting distracted. But once I’m able to focus on a scene/chapter, I don’t want to stop.

Which of your personality traits did you write into you characters? (Deliberately or accidentally)

Josh is a photographer, and I had a photography business for a few years, and Sofia is an English teacher, which is what I did before I served a full-time mission. It wasn’t a conscious decision but it turned out convenient.


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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 4 – Numbers Game @RebeccaRode @LovingtheBook


A citizen girl someone’s trying to kill. A hot military slave with a mysterious past. A dangerous game that changes everything.

In futuristic America, everyone wears a number. Treena’s as ready for Rating Day as anyone can be—she’s a top contender in Level Three school and has a highly-rated boyfriend. But when her number is announced, it shocks everyone.

To get her life and boyfriend back, Treena must go undercover and expose a military spy. Doesn’t sound too hard, except that someone wants her dead. And then there’s Vance, the mysterious soldier with a haunted past and gorgeous brown eyes. Together, they discover a dark numbers conspiracy, one that shatters the nation’s future. Treena must join up with Vance if she is to survive the dangerous game of numbers—and the terrible war that rages within her heart.

If you love futuristic thrillers and dystopian sci-fi adventures, you’ll love this action-packed mystery with a dash of romance for fans of Suzanne Collins,Veronica Roth, and Ally Condie. This is the first book of the #1 Bestselling Numbers Game Saga.

“Gripping, from beginning to end . . . a tale as action-packed as Divergent yet as introspective as The Giver. . . . Sure to be an instant classic in the genre.” ~  R.J. Craddock, author of The Children of Cain series

“Best dystopian fiction I have read since Red Queen!” ~ Sheri, Reader


REBECCA RODE is an award-winning author, journalist, and mother of four. She is the author of the YA dystopian novel, NUMBERS GAME, and the inspirational book, HOW TO HAVE PEACE WHEN YOU’RE FALLING TO PIECES. She also writes for Deseret News, KSL.com, FamilyShare, and Provo Daily Herald. However, her true love is writing for teenagers. She enjoys traveling, reading, and martial arts, and she has a ridiculous addiction to chocolate-banana shakes.

Facts About the Author:

What is the thing you struggle with the most while writing? And how do you defeat it?

Not being “in the mood.” It’s rare that I jump into writing with enthusiasm and the words flow effortlessly. Sometimes it’s agony to get things moving. But if I waited for those rare moments, nothing would ever get done. I have to set deadlines for myself and then look forward to a reward of some type for getting the work done. Yes, I’m like a puppy that way. A really cute one.

Which of your personality traits did you write into you characters? (Deliberately or accidentally)

Hmm. Well, these were definitely accidental. Treena is a perfectionist, a girl with a checklist, prioritized and color-coded. I’m totally that way too. But there’s a little of me in Vance as well. He finds it hard to see past his mistakes in the past and beats himself up over it. I’m my worst critic, and shutting off that inner voice is really hard.


Connect with the Author:


Snippet #1

“Your Rating is wrong,” he said. “Their precious Rating system says absolutely nothing about you and what you’re capable of.”

“So far, everything I’ve done has proven my number absolutely correct.”

“Treena.” His tone softened. “I don’t know why that happened to you. But I do know one thing.” He stopped on the step below me, and I whirled to face him. We were the same height now, and his expression was fierce. “You are the most loyal, most determined, and most fascinating girl I’ve ever met. No number could ever describe you.”

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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 3 – See Me For Me @Writertpeck @LovingtheBook

Her most recent accomplishment started in the summer of 2015. Finishing her father’s dream come true by publishing his works. She is the 2016 local American Night Writers Association (A.N.W.A.) chapter (Snake River Writers) president, won NaNoWriMo and participated in the online writers’ conference March 2016.

Teya has been writing for as long as she can remember. At a young age she lived on a street she affectionately named Hill Street Blues. She is street smart and fluent in sarcasm, all help in her writing. Her father would always be and will continue to be her inspiration, even after his untimely death in 2006.

She loves sitting in her soft chair next to the fireplace and watching out a big living room window. It gives her plenty of creative juice for stories.

She met the love of her life in the loft of a barn. Yep, that set up some teasing from her father. They have been happily married since 2003. They have four children and all are loving and supportive of her writing. She refuses to comment on the trolls in the closets and under the beds. She is active in her church, has compassion for others, and a love for all life brings. 

One wrong step changes Jocelyn’s Prima Ballerina life…

One choice results in Jeremiah facing unbearable consequences…

When these two meet, it could be catastrophic or the answer to unspoken prayers.

Can love be tested too far? Will hearts soften and hurts be forgiven?

Or will too much loss be too devastating to find hope?

One thing is for sure, lives are about to change forever…



and from www.teyapeck.wix.com/teyapeck

And here are a few fun things about Teya

  1. At first writing it was hard until the second storyline hit me. It’s not been out long enough to find out about the marketing.
  2. Best advice I received growing up was not take myself to seriously. From life: Treat each day as if it’s your last because it could be.
  3. The thing I struggle with well two things really: Focus- I roll intune on my temples and forehead to help me focus. The second is writing the right thing because I want everything to sound good. However, I have to remember to just type just write because somewhere in there is a pearl and then it just flows out.
  4. One of my personality traits in this book. Oh yikes, I incorporate several deliberately and accidentally. I think the most common is seeing beyond the surface, and being stubborn. Also I have a hard time sitting still accept when I write.
  5. I have been writing since I was little. I remember writing at five, it was the only way to deal with watching my brother pass away.  Two things influenced my writing. My father who always wrote, and took classes. But what really spearheaded it was when a person I know published a book. It needed work, which I helped with later, but it pushed me enough to say hey, I can do that, I’ve written. I found my book of writing and started typing them on the computer to a flash drive. I started writing up a story and the characters came alive and I finished my first novel in a week after starting. Which is now my published book “Within Qwestar.”
  6. I am currently working on five projects. Two are with beta readers, finishing a three book series, and starting two others. 1- The next generation to Within Qwestar, 2- a new book Death by the slice about an American baby left on the doorstep of a martial arts master in Asia. The story opens up with her ‘dad’ sending her to America, she has exceeded his teaching and he can teach her no more. She doesn’t know he’s dying. She has a job with a partner in America with the FBI private investigators office. He’s won ball room dance awards. The case they are put together takes both their skills, they have to learn to work together, before they kill each other or be killed. The only problem besides solving the string of deaths is loosing their hearts to each other. The trilogy is an adopted girl that find out her mother is a siren and her father is a decent of a crew member on Ulysses ship and made the Ulysses pact. She has to save both parents whom she has never met with powers she’s only just discovering. She also betrothed to one man and falls for another, neither of which are entirely human. The others I’m not ready to share yet.

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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 2 – Immortal Mine @cinbennett @LovingtheBook

Immortal Mine

by Cindy C. Bennett


Niahm (pronounced Neeve) Parker is thoroughly content with her life in the small town of Goshen. Her parents, who travel frequently for their work, have raised a headstrong, independent teen. While her peers can hardly wait for the opportunity to leave, Niahm plans to stay forever.

When Shane Coleman and his nephew Sam move into town, it’s the biggest event to happen in as long as anyone can remember. It’s quite remarkable for anyone to move into Goshen rather than out, but when it’s discovered that Sam is 17, it requires some serious burning of the phone lines. All the teen girls are thrilled to have a new hottie in town—all except Niahm. Sam Coleman represents a threat to her perfect way of life.

Sam is drawn to Niahm against his will. He’d prefer to not be bound to this angry, stubborn, unlikeable girl. Unfortunately, he has no choice. However, Sam didn’t plan on falling for Niahm. For Immortals, love is not only forbidden, but dangerous for her. He finds himself in a fight not only for Niahm’s heart, but to protect her from being harmed by those who seek to destroy Sam and those like him.

Niahm finds herself attracted to the tall, copper-headed boy, who becomes her friend and then her support when tragedy strikes. Soon, she begins to realize that there may be more to Sam than she ever suspected… much more. But what he truly is, she can’t begin to imagine.

Bennett lives a most unglamorous life in the beautiful state of Utah. She is the author of several YA books in many subgenres. She’s the mom of two daughters, two sons, two daughters-in-law, and a son-in-law not to mention her three adorable grandbabies. She loves gooey cookies, dark chocolate, and cheesy popcorn. She hates housework and cooking, and has no plans to become a domestic goddess. Her favorite pastime–other than writing–is riding her Harley.


Q & A with the Author:

What is the thing you struggle with the most while writing? And how do you defeat it?

Self-doubt. I begin to question my writing skills each time I sit down with my laptop and begin to write anything. I don’t have any really good advice for defeating this at the time it happens other than to ignore it and just write. Later, when I go back and read what I wrote, it’s usually better than it sounded when I was actually writing it.

Which of your personality traits did you write into your characters? (Deliberately or accidentally)

I don’t think it’s possible to ever write without putting yourself into your characters to some degree. So while there are occasional traits that I deliberately put in, they’re mostly subconscious and yet entirely recognizable as pieces of me. Usually my sarcasm leaks into my characters whether I mean it to or not, definitely my sense of humor, and usually a lot of my principles find their way into my MC’s.

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Snippet #1

“I want you to trust me,” I implore. “Just stay there, just… wait. And remember what I said before: everything is going to be okay.”

The smile on her face falters as I pull the gun from my pocket.

“Sam, what—” I can hear the fear sliding up her words.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.” I flip the cylinder of the revolver open and show it to her. “Only one bullet.”

She begins to rise out of her chair.

“I think you should stay sitting,” I tell her, trying not to sound threatening. She hesitates, but when I don’t turn the gun her way, she continues to a standing position, slowly moving toward the door, hands raised toward me, as if she’s the victim of a hold-up. My heart breaks at the fear that shrouds her entire body.

“Sam, I don’t know what you’re planning, but I think this has gone far enough.” Her words are soothing, but firm. I feel a moment’s fierce pride at her courage.

I slide the cylinder back into place and she reaches for the door knob. It turns, but the door doesn’t open.

“Sam,” she says, her voice exerting authority, even over the tremor of fright. “Unlock the door. I want to leave now.”

I almost give in, but can’t now. She has to know, has to see.

“Just trust me—” I see the change in her face at my words, and quickly revise. “Just give me ten more minutes. Then I’ll let you out, and we’ll go home.”

“I don’t like this. I want to go now.” The pleading that has crept into her voice nearly undoes me, but I have to follow through. Her eyes haven’t left the gun since I closed the cylinder. I take a breath and turn the gun toward my chest.

“No!” Her response is immediate, and she takes a step toward me, hand reaching as if to stop me. I can’t let her get any closer, in case something goes wrong. It’s not her time yet.

“Everything will be okay,” I reiterate, and pull the trigger.


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Spring Clean Reads Countdown Blitz Day 1 – A Change of Address @BatesNatalie @LovingtheBook

A Change of Address

by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Let’s start this off with some romantic suspense.

Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.

Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian photography, Frozen Charlotte dolls, and antique poison bottles. Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia.

She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.

Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/Natalie-Nicole
Tsu : https://www.tsu.co/NatalieNicoleBates
Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/585466478240251/
Twitter: @BatesNatalie https://twitter.com/BatesNatalie
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natalie-Nicole-Bates/352610728138768
Blog: http://www.natalienicolebates.com/
Street Team Sign Up: https://www.facebook.com/groups/441841792565396/
Amazon Author Central Page; http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0071MP0DC

Saved from a traumatic past and successful in her present as a home care nurse, Josselyn Adler’s dream of home ownership in the idyllic town of Unity are dashed to pieces when Dr Ben Parnell, a cancer specialist, shows up on her doorstep claiming to be the rightful owner of the house—and Ben has a will to prove it!  To Josselyn, the house represents a new start in her life. With a stable home, hopefully a much wanted family wouldn’t be far behind.

After a near career-ending allegation is made, Ben has returned home to lick his wounds. But now he must prove Josselyn’s claim to be a fake, that she used her position as a live-in nurse to his sick father to ingratiate herself into his good graces. But as he gets to know her, he can tell by her shy, often standoffish behavior, that Josselyn is a woman who has been deeply hurt in her past. Although he is attracted to the dark haired beauty that has invaded his life, he is still suspicious of her true motives and her past involvement with his father.

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After what seemed an eternity, the door flung open. The first thought entering her brain was a ghost had entered her home. A younger, blonder visage of Morgan stood in the threshold. Before she could utter his name, a second, more coherent thought followed; a ghost wouldn’t use a key.

 Here are a few fun author questions.

What is the thing you struggle with the most while writing? And how do you defeat it?

Procrastinating. I often put off writing even though I have a complete plan. There is no cure for it. I just have to get down to it and take care of business 

Which of your personality traits did you write into your characters? (Deliberately or accidentally)

Uniqueness, stubbornness

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