Computers These Days . . . Blog Post

Holding head in front of computerI have been fighting with an older computer than runs relatively slow when compared with anything built in the past several years. My husband, being the considerate type, suggested I swap mine for his since his is much faster than mine. I dragged my feet and resisted for several weeks, looked at new computers on the web and finally gave in.

I thought to myself (I was a network administrator in the days before Windows had been invented) how hard can this be? Both computers are running Windows 10 and I have a OneDrive to transfer my files from one computer to the other. Simple!

I had to contact Microsoft Support and had one marathon session yesterday and another slightly shorter session today. This “simple” project took me the better part of 36 hours but I now have all my files, my internet bookmarks and many more grey hairs to prove nothing is as simple as one would imagine it to be.

Lesson learned? Yes. Do not keep blog files on a OneDrive with nothing available as a back-up locally!

I missed out on posting anything for Friday and Saturday this week and beg forgiveness from the tour organizers and authors that I had previous commitments to.

I’m up and functional. The missing posts will be going up tomorrow I pray (I know, I don’t post on Sundays, and it’s EASTER on top of it all).

Thanks to all for your understanding. Now, off to dye my hair so the new grey doesn’t show!

Patricia, Room With Books