Damaged 99¢ Charity Donation Sale

★✩★ 99¢ Charity Donation Sale ★✩★

★✩★May 22nd – May 26th ★✩★

This weekend only all proceeds of Damaged sales will be donated to Saints and Sinners Books Books for Boobs Charity Campaign in honor of my Dad. This October Saints and Sinners Books will be sending book care packages to women who are battling cancer that have been nominated by their family and friends!

Damaged special promo
Evie Carter has faced trials and tribulations her entire life. Her teenage years have been ripped away from her as she battles cancer. Just when things can’t get any worse, her doctor delivers the news that it’s finally time to make a life or death decision. Her options are limited and come with deadly consequences. The miracle drug that is meant to save her life changes her on a cellular level. She might not be damaged anymore, but she might just be damned in her new life.
Just when Evie’s life couldn’t get any worse… her miracle turns into a nightmare!

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