Davis, Jane: A Funeral for an Owl

I have a wonderful, personal message to all of you from Author Jane Davis.

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Dear Friends,

It is with great delight on this grey and miserable November  morning (are those hailstones bouncing down the chimney?) that I am  announcing the launch of my new novel, A Funeral for an Owl. Many  of you have already been part of the process with extremely valuable feedback on  early drafts, proof-reading, book cover design and much-needed IT support (thank  you, Jack Naisbett, thank you!) and I will be eternally  grateful.

It would be great if you  could:

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  • If you belong to a book club – and I know many of you do –  please consider ‘Owl’ when it is your month to choose the next read.
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  • Don’t feel obliged to read it  yourself. If you are stuck for Christmas present ideas, books make lovely  gifts. I have hundreds of the blooming things arriving next week and I would be  very happy to write a personal dedication in my truly  appalling hand-writing. Postage costs £3 approx. Be warned: If I  hand-deliver them to you, I will demand tea and biscuits.
  • Do read on. You are just getting to the good bit. And there  are pictures!

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Out now as an e-book and arriving in paperback 27th  November

Everything changes for Jim Stevens the day he finds a pair of  binoculars and picks them up. Kneeling on the back of his sofa, looking out over  the lamplit night from his London council flat, he spots a barn  owl…

Author, Jane Davis, has earned her fast-growing loyal fan-base by tackling a  broad range of subjects through her fiction. From experimental photography to  near-death experience, religious visions to sex addiction, it isn’t her style to  shy away from ‘big’ subjects. Of her latest release, A Funeral for an Owl,  Davis says, ‘The influence missing persons hold over our lives was  something that I had tentatively explored, but I found myself drawn to the  Missing Persons ads in The Metro, the 14 and 15-year-olds who are  simply slipping between the cracks because their stories aren’t sufficiently  high-profile to land them on the front pages. I looked into the facts and the  statistics are simply staggering. An estimated 100,000 children ‘run away’ from  home each year. Shockingly, of those, a quarter are actually forced out of their  homes by parents or carers and two-thirds are not even reported as missing. I  found a particularly poignant quote from Lady Catherine Meye: “We can’t  establish for certain how many children are missing. You’d have more chance of  finding a stray dog.” And so I asked myself, what if some of the rules put  in place to protect children actually deprive the most vulnerable of  confidential counsel from someone they trust? When I was growing up, we had a  wonderful teacher who operated an open-house, providing a safe haven for those  who were struggling, no questions asked. Today, in an environment when any  relationship between teachers and pupils outside the classroom is taboo, she  would be sacked. I think that’s terribly sad.’

Compulsion Reads, who have championed Davis’s previous novels, These  Fragile Things and I Stopped Time, have also given A Funeral for  an Owl their gold seal of approval. Co-owner Leslie Ramey says, ‘The  Compulsion Reads evaluation system is built upon assessing and endorsing those  indie novels that possess the foundational components of a good story, including  well-developed characters, strong pacing, a well-researched world and a powerful  overall voice.’

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Early reviews:

Compulsion Reads: A Funeral for  an Owl is an absolutely beautiful story, written with an intensity that will  suck you into the disparate lives of Jim, Ayisha and Shamayal. Author Jane Davis  lavishes her considerable talents on developing her main protagonists into  vibrant characters, filled with so much depth that you can’t help but  intuitively understand them.

Cleopatra Loves Books: Jane is one of those writers who  makes you really believe the story you are being told; the descriptions of  places meant that I felt I was by the railway tracks, in the high-rise flat or  in the school playground witnessing a fight, a true gift.

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You can read Jane’s interview for Cleopatra Loves Books in full here.  Alternatively you can connect with Jane using the links below.

Jane Davis, award-winning author of Half-truths and White Lies,  I Stopped Time, These Fragile Things and A Funeral for an Owl.
To purchase,  visit Amazon or Smashwords
To connect:  website: www.jane-davis.co.uk