Daws, Amy: Chasing Hope

Chasing Hope
Chasing Hope (Chasing, #1) by Amy Daws

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I would like to offer some very personal feedback.

I started my first read-through and discovered I needed to stop being a reviewer/editor in order to get through the first reading of your story. “Chasing Hope” touched my heart so deeply, I found I couldn’t focus on the mechanics of the story and the grammar and punctuation because I was so emotionally entrenched in the story itself. I have just finished my second read-through and feel that I can begin to offer feedback on content and the few mechanical errors with some degree of confidence in my professional abilities.

I have never found a book that touched me on such a deep level that I couldn’t separate myself from the reading of it to do my job. My heart goes out to you and your family in so many ways, for the losses you have suffered, and for the joy your Lorelei Hope has brought.

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