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Blog tour Destroy Series

by KD Carrillo

★ ★Self Destruct★★

Series: DESTROY #1

Genre: #RomanticSuspense
Publisher: Limitless Publishing


At twenty-years-old, Becca Scott thought she finally had her life under control…
With the help of the people around her, she was able to deal with her traumatic childhood and let go of the pain that haunted her every day. But one unexpected encounter at a lake house would stir up every dark emotion she worked so hard to forget.
There wasn’t anyone Aiden Ryan hated more than himself…
Plagued with a life filled with manipulation and regret, he will try anything to ignore the guilt that eats him alive, even if it means more pain for him in the long run. It’s not until he meets Becca that things start to change.
There’s only one problem—he’s stuck in a relationship he can’t get out of with a woman he doesn’t care about.
Love is complicated, but when two people have demons they refuse to face, love could destroy them. Together, Becca and Aiden try and let go of their painful pasts to be together.
But will their pasts let go of them?


AMAZON US: http://bit.ly/SelfDestructAmazon
AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/1EjCK0g

~ Top 25 reasons you love to write ~

  1. Writing is cheaper than therapy.

  2. I hear voices, and writing makes them shut up. (See reason #1)

  3. I love to read.  Not everyone that is a reader wants to be a writer, but I am seriously obsessed with books.

  4. I’m in love with Mr. Darcy.  I used to daydream the continuation of Pride and Prejudice, which led to me thinking of other stories.

  5. I often enjoy the world in my head more than the one outside my front door.

  6. There are seriously hot men in my imagination, and writing allows me obsess over them for a while longer.

  7. I am all-powerful, at least in my stories.  I create the world and decide the fate of everyone in it.

  8. I like to work in my pajamas.  I mean why would I dress up to be on my computer?

  9. Ever heard, “If you piss off a writer, you’ll probably be killed in their next book.”  Over and over again.  Again, cheaper than therapy.

  10. Writing gives me an excuse for my tendency to daydream.  “No I wasn’t ignoring you and randomly staring into space.  Something you said inspired an idea for a story.  Yeah that’s it.”

  11. I love to watch people, and now I have an outlet for the years worth of crazy things I’ve witnessed people do.

  12. My brain has a stockpile of random facts.  Did you know that the children’s song “Ring around the Rosie” was about the Bubonic Plague?  No, well that’s just one of the things stored in my head.  Writing is like cleaning out some of the mess and making room for more.

  13. I have ADD.  Seriously, I’ve been diagnosed and everything.  Some people can relax by sitting in front of the T.V., but I can’t turn my brain off.  Therefore, I usually do laundry, sit in front of the T.V., write, and help my son with his homework at the same time.

  14. My marriage sucked.  Writing was my escape.  My all time favorite character of mine, Aiden from Self Destruct, was the man I wished I were married to.  Now I’m divorced (thankfully) and I still have all these characters in my head.

  15. I’m addicted to writing.  It almost isn’t a choice, but something I have to do.

  16. I’m proud of myself for the work I’ve done, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  17. Writing is something I feel I’m good at, and can also continue to improve on.  It’s a never ending journey, and something that isn’t likely to get old.  That’s important, because I get bored easily.

  18. Control.  I can control my characters, their environment, basically everything.  I love control, and it’s something we rarely ever fully get.

  19. I can recycle events from the past, and change the outcome to what I would have liked to have happened.

  20. The attention doesn’t suck.  Okay, when it is some horny dude that thinks being a romance writer means you’re easy that isn’t great, but having people freak out because you returned their message is pretty cool.

  21. I give people a world they can escape into.  I know what books have given me, and the idea that I can turn around and do that for others is amazing.  Sometimes life sucks, and writers give you something to take you away from it for a little while.

  22. I like the sound of the buttons clacking on my laptop.

  23. I have an artist’s soul.  Dancing, singing, acting, and writing fill my spirit, but writing is my first love.

  24. I’ve met the most wonderful people through my writing.  Lisa Greenwood and Lydia from HEA are just two of my favorite people in the world I wouldn’t have met without my writing.

  25. I write because there is an indefinable spark inside of me that demands to be released.  I can’t explain it, nor can I control it.  I sometimes feel I exist for two reasons: to be the mother of my incredible son, and to give life to the stories in my head.  I write because it’s as much of what I am as what I do.


Destroy Me

Series: DESTROY #2

Genre: #RomanticSuspense
Publisher: Limitless Publishing


Kate Kennedy guards her secret from all who know her…
Independent and cunning, she traverses through her life one day at a time. Keeping to herself and living her life on her own, just the way she likes it. However, one man is intrigued by her mysterious ways, despite her attempts to keep everyone at arm’s length.
Reed Martin struggles with the circumstance of his past on a daily basis…
His nights are full of terror and haunting memories. He’s a man looking for his purpose outside of the tragedy that curses his mind, and he thinks he may have found it in a reserved and mysterious blonde.
Can they rescue each other from everything that threatens to destroy them both?
Demons can only hide for so long.
Pasts can haunt.
Secrets can destroy.   


Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1GM4SdN
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1MNqxrc

About the Author

K.D. Carrillo

I’m super normal.
I’m a single mom to one. Which is plenty, because my son is a genius.  How many mothers have to tell their children to turn off the documentary about Einstein so they can sleep?

I suppose it was inevitable.  My brand of rebelling in college was to minor in French when my advisor told me not to take it.  

I’m a teacher by day, and wonder woman by night.  Okay, not really,  But how cool would that be?

I like long walks on the beach, and running in slow motion.  Oops,  wrong profile.

Seriously,  did I mention I’m kind of a nerd? That’s in now, isn’t it?

I live books.  Love isn’t a strong enough word.  I think my first crush was on a Hardy Boy.  Now I’ve moved on to rock stars and tattooed bad boys, as long as they’re fictional.  

Talking about myself is weird, because I’m just me.  So anything else you want to know hit up my author page on Facebook.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kdcarrilloauthor
Website: http://kdcarrillo.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/centralcoven
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7084737.K_D_Carrillo

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