17 December 2013

Lewis, L.V.: Exit Strategy

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The Highly Anticipated Follow-up to Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever!

Ex•it Strat•e•gy (noun) 1. A preplanned means of extricating oneself from a situation that is likely to become difficult or unpleasant. 2. The method by which a venture capitalist or business owner intends to get out of an investment that he or she has made in the past.

Will Keisha and Tristan exercise their elaborate EXIT STRATEGY and end their unorthodox arrangement?

Assailed by demons she thought she had conquered, Keisha Beale has uttered the words to end her tumultuous relationship with Tristan White. Separated, they grapple for a time with their personal demons. However, when their lives apart become unbearable, a credible threat brings them back together prematurely.

As they seek to discover who is responsible for the threats, several seemingly unrelated incidents throw them into a tailspin. Will Keisha’s youthful indiscretions or Tristan’s un-reconciled feelings for a former sub derail their tenuous arrangement?

In the meantime, trouble in Nathan and Jada’s paradise send dramatic ripples that hint of future difficulties in the idyllic pairing.

Nothing Ventured…

Tristan uses his vast wealth and connections to correct a gross miscarriage of justice, while Keisha makes herself utterly vulnerable to Tristan and fears he has chosen to exercise his own exit strategy.

…Nothing Gained!

Will this be the end of the indecent arrangement that became a fairy tale? Or will Keisha and Tristan reveal the trauma from their pasts so they may heal and completely embrace their relationship?

Sensual, suspenseful, and still infused with the riotous levity of Triple-G and Fairy Hoochie Mama, the Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy departs from full parody with a distinctive take on love, loyalty, sacrifice, redemption, and acceptance.

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I lean over to knock on the cocktail table and almost spill onto the floor. Carmelo is swift. He catches me before I fall.

His eyes lock on my mouth, and a strange sensation comes over me. Unexpectedly, I have an impetuous desire to kiss him. I need to see, once and for all, if it is as I suspect.

I wet my lips, and he gets the signal that I want to taste him. His arms are already around me, so all he has to do is close the few inches between us. His lips brush mine, tentatively at first, and I register that they are softer than Tristan’s. Then he goes for pay dirt, and I abandon caution and let him kiss me full throttle. I’m not sure if it’s the liquor fueling my deprived libido or if Carmelo Rojas has got serious skill. It’s not a Tristan White eyes-wide-open, soul-stealing kiss, but it’s more than decent.

I’m gonna tell Tristan, Triple-G says. She grabs my ear with her little hands and tugs. Chick is suprisingly strong for a fairy her size.

Carmelo, must think I’m pulling away, because he breaks the kiss just as I begin to feel a little heat.

“I said I wasn’t out to get you drunk and take advantage of you,” he whispers against my lips. “Now is a good time to stop if you don’t want to get horizontal on your couch.”

His words snap me out of making a mistake of monumental proportions. I slip out of his arms and sit back on the sofa, my face burning with embarrassment. “You’re right. It’s only been two weeks since Tristan. I’m totally not ready for this.” I look around the room, afraid to meet his eyes.

Fairy Hoochie Mama plasters a Hello My Name Is… tag on my chest, which says, “Use-A-Ho.”

I think she means, Idaho, but these chicks never get simple jokes.

“Keisha?” Carmelo touches my chin and assists me in returning his gaze. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

“What? Kiss me?”

“I’ve wanted to be with you since I broke up with Monica at DePaul, but the timing was never right. You know what I’m saying?”

I nod.

He continues. “At best, all that can happen be between us right now is a rebound romance. But I want you to know if the Prince of the Loop doesn’t step up soon, I’m giving it my best shot.”

I should tell him there’s no chance Tristan will step up, but I don’t because he won’t understand how or why I’ve fallen for someone who never wanted a real relationship. I could possibly have with Carmelo what Tristan is unwilling to give me. All I’ve got to do is say the word, and we could pursue this and see where it takes us. However, for some inexplicable reason, I’m not ready to give up on Tristan yet. There is a difference between perfectly good and passionate. Fool that I am, I want to hold out for passionate a little while longer.

“Thanks for the warning, but if I’m fair to you and myself, I’m not ready.”

Meet the Author

L. V. Lewis is a married, mother of four who lives in South Georgia and works in the Florida Panhandle. A new author who decided stories like Fifty Shades of Grey needed a little more diversity and comedy, penned Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever as a parodied response to those wildly popular books from a woman of color. A voracious reader since Kindergarten, Lewis loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine. She and her husband are political junkies, a hobby that is time consuming but free. Now that Lewis has teens who think they don’t need their parents anymore, she has taken up another time-draining career of writing. However, she is happy to report, for once, her extra-curricular activity costs far less than her husband’s. Her love for writing is only eclipsed by her love for her family.

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