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Eyes of Payne

By Anthony D. Flores


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Genre: Alternative History

Pub Date: March 26th, 2015

Publisher: John Galt Publishing


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About the Book

Jack Payne discovers who he really is through the painful events of 9/11.

September 11th, 2001, chaos and confusion were ignited shortly after the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Three thousand miles away Jack Payne went about his day as usual. Jack was unaware of the horrific events taking place in New York City, unaware of how these acts of terror would change his life. Unaware that his wife, Catherine, was a passenger on United Airline flight 175.

Once Jack learns about the attacks, his world is turned upside down. Secrets are exposed, a threatening bomb plot is uncovered, and Jack begins to understand his true calling. But his biggest concern is his six-year-old daughter.

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He sat down on the couch and watched the coverage of the attacks on 9/11. Sitting in his living room, on the other side of the country New York and Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania seemed a world away. But the people, the idea that his wife was out there somewhere, the nightmare of families from every corner of the United States, was sitting right next to him.

It was just past nine in the morning on September 11th, 2001, and Jack’s heart stopped when he heard there was breaking news. United Airlines Flight 175 was the plane that hit the south tower of the World Trade Center. It hadn’t been announced yet, but he knew Catherine Payne was on it.


Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy Eyes of Payne from Anthony D. Flores in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

It is my privilege to read Eyes of Payne by Anthony D. Flores.  Though a very short story, Eyes of Payne is filled with an almost incomparable measure of emotion.

Mr. Flores took me back to that atrocious day with his vivid writing and the raging emotions of Jack Payne as he tried to grasp the reality of losing his wife in the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings by the cowards that hit us without warning that day. I felt Jack’s need for revenge as it flowed through his mind much as the whispers of the wind.

Eyes of Payne ended rather brusquely and that left my emotions somewhat afloat, but I am looking forward to reading Lazarus Rising and confirming once again that Mr. Flores is able to reach inside and pull feelings from deep inside me.

I highly recommend Eyes of Payne by Anthony D. Flores and give it five scalding hot cups of Room With Books coffee.



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About the Author



Anthony D. Flores lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with his wife, youngest daughter, and two dogs. Born and raised in California, he moved to the beautiful Black Hills in 2004. He dreamed as a kid about becoming a teacher and writer. In 2006, he went back to college to make those dreams come true. Anthony earned his degree in Writing and Literature from Union Institute & University before attending Black Hills State University to achieve his teaching credentials. Currently he teaches 8th grade Social Studies and Writing at St. Thomas More Middle School. Lazarus Rising fulfills the other half of his dream and is his debut novel. In March of 2015, he released a prequel short story to Lazarus Rising titled, “Eyes of Payne.” He spends his down time in the summer studying American history, reading historical and science fiction, and writing his next book.

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