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Anything for Love

by Darry Fraser



Cover_Anything For Love

Tilla is the managing director of a temping staff agency who finds herself enmeshed in Kent Taylor’s business world, which includes an IT takeover. When she decides to work in his office as one of his temporary staff members they clash, so she keeps her identity to herself. When they both decide to take a break from their crazy business lives, they have no clue it’s at the same place, in the same house and at the same time, on the isolated North West coast of rugged Australis Island

She tells herself she can’t bear to be near him one moment longer … until they find a way to be together. But when he has to suddenly leave their hideaway and doesn’t give her a backward glance, she realises she shouldn’t have done just anything for love.



Her dream was a loud one. There was stumbling and cursing, unlike any of her dreams before, but she was reluctant to come awake … too tired.  She tossed and moaned her protest, but when she heard the crash of a dozen bottles of wine she bolted upright, wide awake, heart hammering and her throat suddenly constricted.

She clutched the bed-clothes to her chin, gulped in great breaths of air. Tried to shake herself fully awake.

The cursing and snarling continued, the bottles crashing and clanging on the slate floor.

Terror struck her very soul.

There was a drunk in her little haven.

Oh no, oh no …

She couldn’t see a thing—it was pitch outside, no moon. She leapt out of the bed dragging the sheet with her and groping in the dark for her clothes. Where were her clothes—? Oh God—in the bathroom … how’d she possibly defend herself … ?

Another curse and then another. “What the bloody hell—?”

Stopped her frantic panic, covered her mouth with one hand. She knew that voice. It was unmistakable. Tilla shook herself. It couldn’t be. She must still be asleep … It just couldn’t be. Her heart pounded.

“Who the bloody hell put that there?” the gravelly voice boomed.

She tried to distil the solid block of fear which weighed on her chest like a sack of potatoes.

There was no mistaking that voice. No mistaking it at all.




It is my pleasure to feature Derry Fraser, author of Anything for Love, on Room With Books.


Hi Patricia, thank you for having me!

Tell me a little about Anything for Love and what inspired you to write it?

In Anything For Love, Tilla is the CEO of a temping agency whose highly regarded staff are being bullied at the hands of one of her largest client corporations – Taylor Corporations. When she confronts the boss there, Kent Taylor (one last job before a blissful, isolated holiday on rugged Australis Island) she decides to keep her identity under wraps. It seems his cousin has been the culprit while Kent has been away on business interstate.

Even so, Tilla and Kent do not hit it off.

Kent is also looking forward to his holiday … on rugged and isolated Australis Island. Neither of them know that they’ll be there together. Alone. In isolation.

I had an idea for this story after something that had really happened a little like this in my other life. Clients of mine were booked into a cabin for three days of isolation on Kangaroo Island (an island very much like Australis Island) only to find when they arrived that another couple had also been booked in at the same time. (Not my fault, mind you, but another agency). That situation was very swiftly corrected, but I started to think ‘what-if???’ about two single people, how it could be possible as well as plausible, and what would they do about it.

Because it had really happened, it was easy to make sure it was plausible. The rest was a lot of fun.

When you start writing a new novel, do you outline the story or do your characters dictate what will happen?

Most times it’s a bit of both. I have an idea of a story, then I picture two characters and one or two traits for each. Then I ‘ask’ for names and suddenly I have two or more people hanging around in my headspace waiting for the action.

I give them the plot idea, most of the time sketchy, or just a sentence or two at best, set to the keyboard and generally they take me where they want to go…

Do you ever have arguments with your characters and who usually wins?

That depends. Sometimes the one who argues becomes a memorable secondary character – nothing wrong with that! As long as the story works, that it’s plausible (I love a ‘story’ but I equally love it being able to be something which could be real) and that the characters don’t murder each other (but I do write suspense as well…) I’m happy for any suggestions about stories no matter where they come from: the real or the not-real people.

As for winning, I’m a compromise person. And so are my characters. The winners I hope are my readers who enjoy how we’ve woven the story.

What is something about you your readers would be surprised to know?

That this month, May 2014 will see my 7th book published, the 5th e-book with the wonderful . Another two were published in 2000-01 and are since out of print. They might be resurrected, as one has a finished sequel to it (unpublished) both of which are romantic suspense.

The other of these firsts was a romance called Especially Not Brody. At the time I loved it – now I can see how much it could be improved. My baby has warts!!

If you could write with any other author who would it be any why?

Currently I’m reading Jodi Picoult. Her POV is something to be studied. She writes effortlessly, her characters are almost three dimensional and her stories are always powerful. I love her humanity, rather her characters’ humanity, and their human-ness. I love that we can be flawed, but equally lovable, that we make human mistakes but we are redeemable.

I am not a literary person, but perhaps having a go with Shakespeare might be interesting …

When you were little what did you dream of becoming when you grew up and why?

I always knew I would be a story teller somehow, and in later life and from the closet I wanted to be a published writer of fiction. Why? Don’t know – something which just comes naturally and can’t be stopped. It comes out raw, clumsy, tacky, and sometimes with purple prose instead of clever writing, but it does come with a force of its own.

I also wanted to be an actor, but that took many, many years to manifest after a sad episode in front of an interviewee when I was eight years old. I’ve managed to overcome my chin wobbling stage fright and am now in my second local theatre play in august this year. By all accounts, I’m okay at it too.

AND I was desperate to become a teacher – happily for me I was diverted from that road. I think I would’ve been driven mad by it. My hat’s off to all teachers.

When did you decide to write and what prompted you to start?

A little bit of the answer is above; in the main I began in earnest because I had a lot of time on my hands – I wasn’t idle by any means, I had a very busy bed and breakfast establishment and a touring company, but I found that to relax I had to write. With many thousands of words pouring out into stories I thought I’d better do what life was dictating, and get something published.

My first published story was in 1998, a short story in a national Australian woman’s magazine. And from there I was off and running… though I have just come out of a long hiatus. I think I’m making up for it now.

Having said that, three of the four stories published in this last year (from March 2013) were written over that hiatus, I just couldn’t seem to take the next step. Then on one serendipitous occasion, I met my current publisher and I was back on that road again, and joined the ranks of published writers once more.

What music inspires your writing?

This is something I’ve never thought about. I have to be in almost dead silence to write. I love music, but I can’t have it in the background when it deserves to be heard, so I suppose I just don’t play it while I’m writing. When I do play it, it’s loud – whatever it is. Love it!

If I was writing a smoky piece, moody and edgy I might go with blues or jazz, or big ballads; if it was an upbeat piece I was writing it might be pop, or rock. So far I haven’t had a hero or heroine into opera or musicals, but I might do one day. I love them too –not big on heavy opera, I can’t go for Wagner’s Ring for instance, but I do love certain arias and signature tunes. Of course, for me, the greatest musical of all is Les Miserables, and who can top that??

Fun Facts:

What is your favorite breakfast?

At home through the week (and I eat breakfast at work), it is fresh crispy apples with almonds and macadamia nuts and yoghurt with berries.

On the weekends, I splurge with eggs on some thick toast, or crumpets with butter and honey. Next weekend it might be different…

And on holidays. it’s fresh seasonal fruit with yoghurt served up to me in a luxurious hotel somewhere… I don’t have many holidays in luxurious hotels anywhere (well, not yet!), but when I do this is the best breakfast.

What is your favorite color?

Red. Most of my wardrobe has red, black and white in it as the staple pieces with variations on patterns and blocks. I love accents of lime green, teal blue and purple.

What is your favorite movie?

There are too many. Gone With The Wind is right up there, I absolutely love The Last of the Mohicans (and anything else with Daniel Day-Lewis in it), The Sixth Sense was fantastic… just too many to name. I haven’t seen too many new ones lately, we don’t have a cinema where I live and we rely on the web or the DVD shop, but I’m afraid my time is put more to writing than the movies. I do miss movies. I cross all sorts of genres; not big at all on horror, though.

What is your dream car?

Uh, one that goes really well and tells me when it’s time to visit the garage. I like the Nissan Patrol (gets me around Australis Island very easily), the new Alfa Romeo, and for a runabout my Mazda 323.

How can our readers find you? That’s the easiest thing to answer for you: , and

Thank you for taking time out of your busy touring schedule to stop by Room With Books. It has been my pleasure to feature you here, Derry.


So very happy to have been a part of this tour and thank you very much for having me.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

AuthorPicI have been writing since a very young age. I was the one at school with the home-penned plays and stories, the entertaining ideas and the grand vision, believing I had great talent. Wrong.

I believed that because I could put words on a page in a grammatically acceptable way and tell a reasonable story that I was ‘an author’. Technically, I suppose I was, but the apprenticeship as a ‘writer’ – to labour the difference – is a long and hard road.

One day, I had what I still call a little ‘thing’ – I saw my late grandfather in his World War One trench gear talking to ‘me’ at my desk and suddenly the words flowed and so did the short story which was published within two weeks in an Australian national women’s magazine.

So I revisited all my short stories and my novel-length stories and found success again with four short stories and then two short novels in 2001/2.

Alas, life got in the way once more. I kept writing, but in the dark so to speak. I used it as a means of escape, as a retreat and I was able to create my own HEA or HFN.

Then life took another turn and I figured that I had nothing to lose. I dusted off quite a number of manuscripts and began to whip them into shape. At a serendipitous meeting with my current publisher, Nicola at SteamEreads, she agreed to read my current work at the time.  It was a 67,000 word unedited novel, which she accepted. It was published in June – Money For Blood.

Since then I have had three other novels and two novellas accepted, all HEA/HFN.

I currently have four books published with Steam eReads.

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