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The Gods of Garran

By Meredith Skye

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MEDIA KIT Book CoverOnce the Borrai, the Gods of Garran, walked among the people, taming the wind and the fiery mountains. Then invaders came from the sky and killed the gods–destroying all who opposed them. A hundred years have passed since the Invaders came from the sky–an advanced alien race known as the Chanden. Now, having suffered many grievances at the hand of the aliens, the tribesmen rise up to find the god-stones and revive the ancient powers of the Borrai–and reclaim their world.

When the Chanden learn of this, they send a spy to infiltrate the Garrans–a young woman named Asta, who has her own reasons for hating the Garrans. She begins to realize that they are dealing with a real power and not a superstition when they get close to finding the god-stones. Can the Chanden be in the wrong?

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Asta stood there on the edge of the cliff.

The sea churned below the stormy sky. Asta could feel its anger and understood it. She felt the strength of spirit of the sea, and it spoke to her in words she couldn’t make out. Images came to her mind: fire, brimstone, craggy rocks, a tall mountain.

Beneath the water lay an ancient city. Whisperings.

If she could get closer. . .

* ^ *

Something jolted her out of the dream. Asta struggled awake to find herself laying on the hard rock. Moorhen lay on top of her. She cried out and tried to get up but the native Garran held her down, restraining her wrists.

“Moorhen!” she shrieked, struggling against his hold.

She’d kill him! If only she could reach her knife. Again she tried to break his grip, but he held her fast. What was he thinking!

“Get off!” she yelled. At this, he released her and got up, freeing her.

Quickly she sat up, embarrassed at this impropriety. Then as her senses returned, she realized she really was on the cliff near the pylon. All the others stood around her.

“You should not have done that!” said the old woman, Sindke, angry.

“She would have thrown herself off the cliff!” argued Moorhen. Asta struggled to her feet, still trying to grasp the situation.

“I think not,” said Sindke. “Now the dream is broken.”

Asta stared around at them. She had done it again–the sleepwalking and they had let her. Had followed her. “What–?” she asked.

They had walked all night to the sea, following her.

 MEDIA KIT Book Cover (2)


It is my pleasure to welcome Meredith Skye, author of The Gods of Garran, to Room With Books.

Please tell me about The Gods of Garran and what inspired you to write it?

I had a dream that I was looking for a special stone, one that had some kind of power. With me were some friends, but I had lied to them. I betrayed them and took the stone and I remember the look on the young man’s face. Later, I went to a special building to activate the stone. I wore a special helmet, but I knew there was a chance I would die if I went through with this.

When you start writing a new novel, do you outline the story or do your characters dictate what will happen?

I’ve done both ways. I think I always have an ending or a few key scenes in mind. I once spent a year outlining a novel and another year writing it from the outline, but it didn’t turn out very well. Very perfunctory. But with The Gods of Garran, I had very little to go on when I wrote it, except for that vivid dream. I wrote Gods of Garran for the Nanowrimo Challenge (National Novel Writing Month). Miraculously, the story came together with amazing speed and I really liked how it turned out, though it did need a lot of rewriting. I added 28,000 words and 13 chapters to it before I was done.

Do you ever have arguments with your characters and who usually wins?

I’m sure I do have arguments with them. And they win, mostly. And that’s for the best. My characters have occasionally surprised me. I’ve had bad guys that make a change during the story. I think that the line between my good guys and bad guys can get a little blurred, at times.

What is something about you your readers would be surprised to know?

I once lived in Taipei, Taiwan for a year and a half; and I speak fluent Mandarin.

If you could write with any other author who would it be any why?

Probably C.J. Cherryh. I really admire her work and have read a lot of her books. I really connect with the kind of situations and characters that she comes up with. They are great, as are her aliens and alien societies. Amazing.

When you were little what did you dream of becoming when you grew up and why? 

An astronaut. I loved Star Trek and I really, really wanted to go to other worlds. But that never worked out for me (sigh). However, if I put myself in suspended animation when I turn 70, to be woken in 50 or 100 years, maybe I’ll have a chance. And I can keep doing that, until the world catches up with our imaginations.

When did you decide to write and what prompted you to start?

I wrote my first short story in 5th grade. It was a (bad) Star Trek story. I loved the show so much that I vowed to be a writer. From then on, I worked hard to be a writer.

What music inspires your writing?

Enya. I like it because a lot of songs have no words and it’s very mellow and soothing. Also, the songs that have words are really hard to understand. So it isn’t distracting. Other than that … Fresh Aire.

Fun Facts:

What is your favorite breakfast? Skillet with eggs, bacon and hash browns

What is your favorite color? Purple

What is your favorite movie?  Lord of the Rings

What is your dream car? A Delorean (fit for time travel!)

How can our readers find you?

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Thank you, Meredith, for taking time to let our readers get to know you better. And thank you for allowing Room With Books to be part of your tour.

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MEDIA KIT Author PhotoWhen I was young, I lived in Alaska. As an adult, I moved back to the land of the Midnight Sun. I’ve always loved reading. I began writing fiction in elementary school and always wanted to be a novelist. I was fascinated by tales of the fantastic and bizarre, tales of strange worlds.

I love to travel. I’ve been to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Ancient buildings fascinate me. On that trip, we saw about 30 castles. I have also traveled extensively over the United States, visiting all 49 states and 22 national parks.

I have a fascination with the Middle Ages. I love swords, medieval costumes, ancient stone buildings, and ancient lifestyles. I love Celtic art and music. I love the desert. I am a vivid dreamer and many of my dreams come back to life in my novels.

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