Gross, Nathan: The Freeing of Jonathon Mark

Freeing of Lonathan Mark

The Freeing of Jonathan Mark

by Nathan Gross

Category: Thriller, Paranoid Fiction

Jonathon is a Taker, some type of modern day psych in the growing industry of modern grief. Takers treat people for all that ails them just by listening. In session, a Taker doesn’t speak. A Taker doesn’t move. A Taker doesn’t even blink. They take till their patients have got no more negativity to give.

A chance meeting throws a new patient into Jonathon’s life. A girl whose carefree lightness of being is in complete contrast to the average patient. She makes Jonathon realise he can no longer refuse to deal with how his job makes him sick, nor his own destructive vice.

Murder is his only way out, an action that leads him towards his own death and beyond. It is a path he hopes will lead him to his freedom.


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I’m not sure what I expected from a book of the genre described as “thriller, paranoid fiction” but it wasn’t what I found when I read “The Freeing of Jonathan Mark”.

Takers are tasked with taking the pain, the grief, the despair, all the negative emotions from their patients. They are exactly as described, “takers”. What happens when a taker realizes he can take no more? You must read “The Freeing of Jonathan Mark” to find out the answer to that question for yourself! And I strongly recommend that you do!

Nathan Gross has found a niche that I believe is his, and his alone. This is a book that I couldn’t put down once I began reading and I know to expect more of the same from Mr. Gross as his writing career takes off.

“The Freeing of Jonathon Mark” by Nathan Gross is definitely  five stars for me!



~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ © March 31, 2014

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About Nathan Gross:

Nathan Gross

Nathan is passionately obsessed with scratching the itch that is his absolute need to write. Whether it be in the form of novels or short stories, film / video scenarios, scripts or songs: writing keeps the demons at bay.

Nathan draws on and interprets the events that transpire around him, transforming minute observations and a distant, large view of the world into prose. He expresses at once his hopes and despairs, and equally his surprise and complete comprehension of events before, or as they unfold, if not always as everyone else sees them.

If his book ‘The Freeing of Jonathon Mark’ is part of his journey as a writer, then perhaps it traces his experiences chasing the plastic happiness of consumerist dreams. Perhaps it is also a study of how he opted out of these pursuits for a fresh start, in order to forge a new life where he can be free from empty conformity; to discover and further himself in the journey that is his life. New beginnings bring new ideas to draw upon and it goes without saying that we will find these thinkings in his subsequent writings.

His other published works include Ginger the Carrot, the first in a series of picture books for adults entitled Rotten Veggies, and the song and music video Tais Toi for the musician Monsieur Grandin. He is also the director and scenarist for a number of award winning short films. A collection of his works both written and visual are to be discovered

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Nathan now resides in the south of France.

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