13 April 2016

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Her Safe Harbor

by Holly Bush

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GENRE: Historical Romance


About the Book

1893 . . . Jennifer Crawford, the peacekeeper in a well-to-do Boston family rife with anger, deceit, and even treachery, was born to solve mathematical mysteries at a time when women are only beginning to venture from home and into the world of commerce and politics. Beautiful and shy, she struggles to find the courage to face a scheming mother and guide a father denying their familial dysfunction, hesitant to traverse the volatile economics banks are facing at the turn of the twentieth century. But danger threatens when she discovers the crimes of an abusive man determined to make Jennifer his own.

Zebidiah Moran, chief of staff for a new senator in Washington, is determined to uncover the lovely Jennifer’s secrets and guard her from danger. But will his sacrifices be enough to keep her safe?

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“Why do you continue to be kind to me?” Jennifer asked.

“I was raised a Southern gentleman. My mother would have tanned my hide had she heard me being anything less than that,” Zeb said and smiled at her. “You have not been yourself since coming here. Although you were quiet when you first arrived, you were different when you were staying with your sister. You were happy and relaxed. You seem to me to be everything but happy and relaxed here in your own home.”

She dabbed her eyes. “You cannot understand the implications of the situation I am in. You know nothing of Boston society or our family business. I must solve these issues in my own way, on my own.”

“I do not understand Boston society, or even your or your family’s place in it, but I do understand men like Jeffrey Rothchild. His kind of intimidation happens in the cheapest saloon, the most luxurious boardroom, and in the kitchens of everyday families. You are not unique nor do you need to manage this yourself. Please don’t call yourself a coward, either. You are not a coward. You are facing an enemy alone; however, that is not necessary. Allow me to help.”

She stared into his eyes. “I am shaken to my core. What I’ve always thought I could discern about another person has been proven to be completely and utterly wrong. The stakes, the consequences of my poor judgment, threaten the Crawford family, threaten those that depend on us, threaten the fortunes and the legacy my family has built. Where Jolene expected a lifestyle of wealth as our due, and Julia naively assumed that everyone lived as we did, I knew differently. I know that the kind of wealth and prestige our family enjoys is the product of incredibly hard work, perfect timing, and considerable luck, otherwise, every other family in America would be wealthy and enjoy a home such as Willow Tree with all of its amenities. That existence hangs in the balance. I will not allow this generation to fritter it away.”


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Holly Bush writes historical romance set in the U.S.in the late 1800’s, in Victorian England, and recently released her first Women’s Fiction title. Her books are described as emotional, with heartfelt, sexy romance. She makes her home with her husband in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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