Herman-Ponce, Terri: In This Life, Book 1 in the Past Life Series



In This Life, Book 1 in the Past Life Series

by Terri Herman-Ponce



IN THIS LIFEHidden memories. Buried secrets. Resurrected revenge.

Psychologist Lottie Morgan knows something is wrong when she relives memories of a lover she’s never had. At first she attributes them to fever-induced dreams. But when the fever disappears and the visions don’t, Lottie realizes something else is going on.

Then she meets Galen. Their first encounter is as intense as it is eye-opening, and his revelation that they shared a passionate relationship thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt entices Lottie into wanting to learn more about her past. Her decision, however, comes at a price. Galen may hold the answers but he could destroy the devoted, lifelong relationship Lottie has with her current lover, David.

It also could mean her death—again.

Someone is protecting millennia-old secrets, determined to keep them buried while exacting a revenge on Lottie for a mistake made a very long time ago. A mistake she could be destined to repeat.

Take a trip to mysterious ancient Egypt, where Lottie becomes caught between two lifetimes, two men, and long-buried deceptions. Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony and Macavity-winning author, calls this paranormal suspense “Inventive, original and thought-provoking; this mystically romantic mystery will instantly intrigue.”

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B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/terri-herman-ponc%C3%A9



“Doctor Morgan?”

Galen’s voice soothed me into a strange calmness that intrigued and scared me. I nodded because I couldn’t find my voice.

“I am Galen Briscoe,” he said.

He held out his hand and I took it, unprepared for the heat that surged between us, and the images came hard and fast—sweaty, intertwined bodies, his hungry mouth on mine, and a desire so desperate, so insatiable, it devoured everything we were.

I tugged out of Galen’s grip, breathless and overheated and unhinged. I stared back at him and swore I could see the two of us in the depths of his sand–colored eyes. With a pounding heart, I headed for the window. I needed space and time to think, not to mention a good dose of cool, calming air.

“Take a seat,” I said, unable to restrain the huskiness in my voice. Whether he took the seat or not didn’t matter. In fact, I didn’t even care that he may have considered my immediate disregard of him as rude, and when I opened the window and felt the fresh summer breeze rush in, it did little to temper my overheated body and the fine sheen of sweat that covered it.

“Doctor Taletta Morgan,” he said, reading my diplomas from the other side of the room. “Unusual name.”

Once again his voice blanketed me in a calm that eased my alarm as quickly as his touch ignited it. It was deep and refined with a hint of an accent thrown in, and I would have asked him to continue talking just so I could keep taking pleasure in it. I closed my eyes, determined to fight the startling and primal effect he had on me, and didn’t face him until the restlessness in my body subsided.

“Taletta is a derivative of Taletha,” he said, peering over at me. “Did you know that?”

I shook my head, still unable to find my voice while some baser part of me took pleasure in his, wanting more. “No,” I said after clearing my throat. “I didn’t.”

He shoved his hands in his pockets and continued browsing around my office as if it were his own. I tracked his lean body and long legs, and the form–fitting silk T–shirt and black slacks that accentuated it. Understatedly wealthy. Supremely self–confident. And an unexpected enigma to me.

“It’s a biblical name,” he went on. “Taletha is Aramaic for little girl and is taken from the phrase taletha cumi, meaning little girl arise. Jesus spoke the phrase to bring a little girl back to life.”



It is my pleasure to feature Terri Herman-Ponce, author of In This Life, on Room With Books.  I know how busy you are during a book tour and appreciate you taking time to let me tax your brain a bit.

Please tell me about In This Life and what inspired you to write it?

Don’t laugh, but there’s a funny story behind this. Way back in the day, I started out writing fanfic for Star Trek: The Next Generation. I know, geeky, but what can I say. I adored the show. One story in particular was about me feeling sick and going to sleep at home, and then waking up the next day feeling better and on the Enterprise. Now, I should probably tell you that I met my best friend through this fanfic group, and she beta-read all my material including this one. So one day she said to me, “You’ve been writing fanfic for a long time. How about branching out and writing something of your own? I think it’s time.” I agreed, and she prompted me to use that particular fanfic story as a launching pad for a mainstream novel—using the whole concept of “what if reality wasn’t really what it seemed?” And In This Life was born. It’s a story about dangerous secrets, resurrected revenge, second chances, and the hope of true love.

When you start writing a new novel, do you outline the story or do your characters dictate what will happen?

Oh man. What a loaded question because I recently tried writing a novel outside of my usual manner and it totally backfired! But that’s another story…The short of it is, something grabs me. Usually it’s a song, but it could also be a photo or a scene from a movie or tv show. And that inspiration fires up my imagination. But I have to write chapter by chapter, and in order. There’s something in my writing brain that suffers from ADD, and that has to make sure each chapter is pretty solid before I move on. Maybe it’s because I write suspense, and I have to pay attention to lots of details. I dunno. But it works for me.

Do you ever have arguments with your characters and who usually wins?

I don’t have arguments. No. Probably because I have a love (lust!) affair going with my sexorific male lead, David Bellotti. In my eyes, he can do no wrong. The love of his life Lottie Morgan, however, sees him differently and probably more realistically. LOL I have a sense of who my characters are. I’ve been living and breathing with them for over a decade now so, no, I don’t argue. They DO, however, surprise me. Often!

What is something about you your readers would be surprised to know?

Hmm. Thinking…thinking…I’m ambidextrous. But that’s not very exciting. I love red wine and a friend turned me onto sipping tequila recently. But that’s not exciting either. Oh. OH! I have it. I have a major fear of very long escalators. I’ll go up in small airplanes, and I used to ride roller coasters, and I’ll even go to the top of tall buildings to admire the view. But a long escalator? *major shudder*

If you could write with any other author who would it be any why?

Robert Crais and/or Harlan Coben. Two masters, in my opinion. I think I can learn so much from them. And, they seem like genuine good guys. Can’t get any better than that, could it?

When you were little what did you dream of becoming when you grew up and why?

You know, I’ve thought about this and often. I don’t remember growing up thinking I wanted to be a doctor or psychologist or teacher or whatever. At least not long enough for it to have made an impression. But here’s the thing I DO remember. I remember making up stories at a very early age, and going to bed imagining different scenarios, and writing my own plays and songs right up until I went to high school. And I never made the connection that those things may have paved the way for my writing now until only recently.

When did you decide to write and what prompted you to start?

See item #1 above. LOL Seriously, I had a major fascination with Star Trek: The Next Generation and loved the idea of writing the characters the way I wanted. But over time, I didn’t get the same satisfaction out of it the way I used to. And my best friend picked up on that and gave me the inspiration (read, kick in the butt) to move on and grow. So I did!

What music inspires your writing?

Holy cow, that’s another loaded question. My playlist is eclectic to the nth degree. I do create playlists for books, and I have one in particular that I used for In This Life and the Past Life Series in general. When I listen to it, it immediately draws me into David and Lottie’s world to the point that nothing else exists during the time I listen to it. In fact, some of the songs are VERY strongly connected to me, so much so that I can hear a song and remember the exact scene that came from it. In fact, “Forgiven” by Chris Botti wrote the last chapter just before the epilogue in In This Life. I’ll never listen to that song without that scene coming to vivid life in my head.

Fun Facts:

What is your favorite breakfast? You ready for this? It’s a mouthful. An iced venti decaf soy with whip upside down vanilla macchiato from Starbucks.
What is your favorite color? Blue!
What is your favorite movie?nSigh. I have so many, but I’ll stick to the few that immediately come to mind. The Mummy Returns (which also inspired In This Life). Meet the Fockers (Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman steal the show). Finding Nemo (funny and bittersweet!). Alien vs Predator (the heroine was majorly kicka&&). Star Trek (the 2009 remake; I secretly adore Bill Shatner and thought Chris Pine was fabulous as Kirk).
What is your dream car? A Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible in RED. Sigh.

How can our readers find you?

My website: http://terriponce.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerriPonce

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Terri.Ponce.Author


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Ponce_PhotoTerri looks for any opportunity to make stuff up. She thinks anything that can’t so easily be explained is worth an extra look and often makes a great story. She loves red wine, scotch, sunrises, Ancient Egypt, the beach—and a host of other stuff that would take too much real estate to talk about. The youngest of five children, Terri lives with her husband and son on Long Island. And, in her next life, if she hasn’t moved on to somewhere else, she wants to be an astronomer. Terri’s fascinated with the night skies almost as much as she’s fascinated with ancient Egypt.

Terri is a member of member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and you can read about her at http://terriponce.com/.

If you love social media, you can also find Terri on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Terri.Ponce.Author/and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TerriPonce/. Come visit. She’d love to hear from you!



Terri will be awarding a digital copy of IN THIS LIFE (Book 1 of the Past Life Series) to a randomly drawn commenter at each stop during the tour, and a Grand Prize of a $50 Amazon gift card to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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