Hopkins, Linda K.: Bound by a Dragon

Bound by a Dragon

By Linda K. Hopkins

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The dragon turned its head and seemed to look straight at Keira. Pulling her arm out of her sister’s, she drew herself upright and stared straight back, meeting the golden eye of the dragon before it turned its enormous body in a slow, fluid motion and lazily flew towards the mountains.

A dragon has moved into the neighborhood of Keira’s small, medieval village, unsettling the residents as they fear for their safety. All except Keira, who is fascinated by the creature, both dangerous and beautiful. But when Aaron Drake decides to take up residence in his ancestral home of Storbrook Castle, set deep in the nearby mountains, Keira finds herself unsettled by the handsome stranger. Why did he decide to move to Storbrook, almost eighty years after it was last inhabited, and does the dragon really live in the caves below the castle?

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As she watched the mighty beast before her, the dragon bent its neck into a graceful arch downward, bringing its face closer to Keira’s eye level, its golden cat-like eyes watching her intently. Keira quelled the desire to step back, instead keeping her feet firmly planted as she continued to gaze at the dragon.

“Why did you take me?” she finally asked, shuddering at the thought of what might have been. She lifted her hand to her cheek, feeling the sting of scratches scored down her face. A flash of sharp teeth made her draw in her breath as the dragon replied with a growl.

“I’m sorry Keira,” it said. “I should have been there sooner. When I think of what that boy was about to do …” The dragon stopped and pulled in a breath. “I shouldn’t have left him alive!”

Keira trembled at the thought. “But why?” she said. “What does it matter to you?”

The dragon stared at her for a long moment, until finally it breathed out a sigh, sending sparks flaring from its nostrils. “Come closer, Keira,” it said.

Keira hesitated, wondering what the dragon intended to do with her.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the dragon said.

She looked at the mighty beast before her and suppressed a shudder. Its claws rested on the ground, razor-sharp and menacing. She could see its pointed teeth and knew that it could rip her to shreds in an instant, or burn her to a crisp with one hot breath. One swipe of its massive tail could send her flying through the air, or leave her broken on the ground. Keira knew that the dragon could wield mighty power with barely any effort, striking fear into the hearts of many brave men. But as she looked at the dragon, gazing into eyes that blazed like the fire it breathed, she felt her fears slowly melt away.

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It is my pleasure to feature Linda K. Hopkins, author of Bound by a Dragon, on Room With Books. Thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions.

Please tell us about Bound by a Dragon and what inspired you to write it?

Bound by a Dragon is the story of a young woman living in a small, medieval village. Her mother despairs of her ever finding a husband, since, despite her twenty-two years, she has spurned the attentions of the eligible bachelors in the village. In fact, Keira is starting to consider taking holy orders when a dragon moves into the nearby mountains, creating terror amongst the villagers. But unlike her neighbors, Keira is fascinated by the marvelous beast that soars high above them. But as interesting as the dragon is, there is another newcomer that will turn Keira’s own personal life upside down. Close on the heels of the dragon someone else also moves into the mountains, taking up residence in a castle that has stood empty for more than seventy years. Aaron Drake is a both handsome and wealthy, and he very quickly turns his attentions to Keira. But who exactly is this stranger, and what is his link to the dragon?

The story grew from a spark of ‘what if’ that just refused to die down! Every night in that time between waking and sleeping, new chapters were added, demanding attention until I finally wrote them down.

When you start writing a new novel, do you outline the story or do your characters dictate what will happen?

I generally start off with a rough outline of the story, but I find that the characters like to write the details themselves! I don’t worry too much about how to resolve sticky points in the story, because I know the characters will find the solution.

Do you ever have arguments with your characters and who usually wins?

I find that the characters know themselves the best, so unless they want to do something I really don’t agree with, I usually just go with the flow!

What is something our readers would be surprised to know?

Hmm, that is a tough one! Most of my close friends are surprised that I would write a fantasy romance, so perhaps my readers would be surprised to know that my friends see me as serious and intellectual!

If you could write with any other author who would it be?

Jane Austen. It amazes me how a woman who lived a fairly closed life could imagine someone like Mr. Darcy, and write him into being, especially with no computers where it is an easy thing to have multiple drafts.

When you were younger what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

I think when I was very young I imagined myself being a story writer. As I grew into my teens my lack of self-belief led me to change this dream to one of journalism, and it was with this in mind that I studied communications. Although I wrote many business documents, I never realized the goal of being a professional journalist.

When did you decide to write and what prompted you to start?

I have always loved creating stories in my mind, but have never written any of them down. About 18 months ago I decided that I was enjoying my story at the time so much, I would write it down so that I could remember it later. What started as a few word sketches turned into a full length novel (which I have not yet published), and led to me writing down more of my imaginings, of which one became Bound by a Dragon.

What music inspires your writing?

I love classics, especially the old masters. Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Handel …

Fun Facts:

Favorite breakfast? Chocolate croissants and coffee
Favorite color? Lime green
Favorite movie? Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version)
Dream car? Something small, zippy and convertible! And bright green.

How can our readers find you?

Website || Amazon Author Page || Goodreads Author Page || Facebook

I appreciate your time today, Linda, and thank you for allowing Room With Books to be part of your tour!


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MEDIA KIT Author PhotoLinda K. Hopkins lives in Calgary, Canada, with her husband and two great kids. When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading (a great pastime when you are trapped in a snowbound landscape eight months of the year!), tinkering on the piano or just living life!


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