January 27 2015

Ignite Release Day

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by Kate Benson


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Ignite by Kate Benson

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Some love sets off a spark… Others ignite the flame.

When the athletic Zeke Turner moves in next door to eccentric Addie Greyson, the unlikely pair become instant friends. Growing inseparable over the years, the two stand together through all the trials of adolescence.

Zeke returns for the summer after his freshman year of college right as Addie’s preparing to start hers at another school. Their time apart forces them to begin seeing each other in a whole new light. When the temptation becomes too much to resist, lines are crossed and their friendship is irrevocably changed.

As outside influences interfere, the relationship they’ve fought so hard to protect begins to suffer. When Addie feels the sting of betrayal from the only other person she can trust, it makes her question everything she ever thought she knew.

When fate brings them back together two years later, will they get a second chance? Or will they find out the hard way that there are some things you just can’t take back?

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