27 June 2014

Indie Writers Monthly, Part 8

I’m excited to welcome Briane Pagel and Indie Writers Monthly to Room With Books today!

“And in the end, the… something something something I know the words but I don’t want to have to pay the Beatles royalties.”

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 unnamedSo we have reached the LAST day of the Juniest, Blogiest, Indiewritingest blog tour ever, the final installment of the IWM Blog Tour! “IWM”, you will see if you will set your decoder ring to “STUN”, means HEY WATCH WHERE YOU ARE POINTING THAT THING means “Indie Writers Monthly,” a group of five speculative fiction SERIOUSLY DON’T AIM IT AT ME five writers who have joined together to give you ALL RIGHT WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO MAKE THE DECODER RINGS ALSO SHOOT LASERS? GIVE ALL THE DECODER RINGS BACK. PUT THEM RIGHT HERE, ON MY DESK.

OK. Now, as I was saying, IWM is five speculative fiction writers who’ve joined together to do a blog and a magazine and an annual collection of short stories, and for the past month I’ve been highlighting what we humbly called:

We had our founder
encased entirely in chocolate,
as per Directive One.

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This is part EIGHT and the first parts were:

Part 1 appeared on Sizzling Hot YA Books, and told how reading IWM will teach you how to time travel.

Part 2 appeared on lit, a place for stories, and told how reading IWM will give you super powers.

Part 3 appeared on Laws Of Gravity, and showed how IWM brings your childhood friends to life.

Part 4 was on Life Is Good, and pointed out that we have The Blutonian Death Egg, and so you’d better let us be in charge.

Part 5 …. There were clones! We sent in the clones!

Part 6 showed how to create entire universes, which is pretty helpful if you need a universe or six.

Part 7 explained about how… well, how I’m weird. But in a cool way (I HOPE)

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So number 8 leaves me thinking: What else is there to say about why you should read IWM, both the blog and the magazine?

I mean, should I mention that in our June issue you got — for just $0.99 — three great stories on the theme of bugs, plus writing tips and blog reviews and interviews with authors? I COULD do that, I suppose.

But maybe it would be better to use my limited space to tell you that the JULY issue will be ready on Amazon on July 1, and it’ll have a totally surprising featured author and an awesome short story which crosses Shakespeare and the

Beatles plus lies writers tell other writers plus how to make your indie ebook into an audiobook? Yeah, I should probably do that.

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unnamed (1)

We at IWM care about wildlife and want to give back. Among
our many charitable efforts is a new program to help orcas
cross the street.

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Except then how would I have time to tell you that you should mark your calendars for July 4th, when our “INDIE-PENDENCE DAY” annual comes out, the first ever, an anthology of time travel stories by some of the hottest indie authors around? I DEFINITELY have to mention that.

But also I need to fit in at least some mention of the amazing articles that have appeared on our blog recently, like links to sites that will help you sell books in other countries, or tips on writing  fiction versus non-fiction, how ebooks stack up to real books, a whole week of posts on what we expect the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII to be, previews of books and movies and magazines we’re looking forward to, publishing and formatting ideas, and just fun articles about sci fi and fantasy and real-life horror plots and rap battles with Isaac Newton and


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unnamed (2)

This branch kind of looks like a sea monster, if you squint.

That is how creativity works. See?

You learned something today.

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I just can’t decide what to mention here!

Oh well, I’ll think of something, I’m sure.  In the meantime, definitely go check out Indie Writers Monthly, the blog.  And check your laser decoder ring at the door. We’re not located in Mos Eisley, after all.

Click here to check out the IWM blog!

Click here for a link to our June magazine, still available for just $0.99. 

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Here is a picture I drew of an astronaut.

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