Ireland, Dawn Greenfield: Bitter Chocolate, Book 2 of the Alcott Family Adventures

Bitter Chocolate

by Dawn Greenfield Ireland


Bitter Chocolate could be read as a stand alone however, Dawn feels you will enjoy it more by reading Hot Chocolate first.

Publisher: Artistic Origins Inc (June, 2014)

Category: Cozy Mystery

Series: Hot Chocolate Series- Book 2

Available in: ebook, 400 Pages, With Recipes vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)

The characters you loved in Hot Chocolate are back with more escapades of life in Houston’s wealthy River Oaks.

Lila Mae is in a tizzy over the Chocolate Ball – a huge event that she and her sisters, Dorothea and Madge, host every year. But due to unusual circumstances, Dorothea and Madge dump everything in Lila Mae’s lap. If it weren’t for Julian Gillespie of Event Is King, the Chocolate Ball would have melted.

Bernie, the Alcott sisters’ 92-year-old father, decides he wants his Bentley back. The sisters and Bambi are horrified. They hire Joseph’s cousin Chewie as Bernie’s new chauffeur.

Wolfram, Lila Mae’s new astrologer, gives clues of things to come. This leaves Lila Mae and her sidekick Amelia with brows furrowed.

On her day off, Amelia decides to bake a chocolate blueberry pie. She discovers she needs to make a grocery run. When she returns home, she discovers her kitchen door is slightly ajar. Arms loaded with groceries, she toes the door open.

Three things catch her attention: a vase of flowers on the kitchen island that was not there when she left the house, her marble rolling pin covered with blood… and a dead body on her kitchen floor.

Amelia’s eyes drift toward the dining room and beyond – is the house empty, or is there a murderer inside? She backs up, turns and hurries outside. After setting the bags on the ground, she slips back into the kitchen and snaps a picture of the dead guy. Then she calls Detective Chance Walker, Lila Mae and finally… 9-1-1.

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There is a part of me that will always be pure southern, no matter where I plant my feet and call home.  This book appeals to all that is southern in my soul.

The Alcott family is full of the wonderful characters that remind me so much of the people I have loved most of my life. They are the central part of what makes Bitter Chocolate a delightful cozy mystery. And then there is the planning. Old-moneyed, southern belles just love planning, whether it’s for babies, new houses, divorces . . . the reason never matters!

Follow the Alcott antics from Hot Chocolate through Bitter Chocolate and then hunker down for the long wait until Spicy Chocolate makes it’s appearance in 2015! This can only get better!

I highly recommend Bitter Chocolate and the Alcott Family Adventures a stunning

3D 5 Gold Stars


~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ © July 2, 2014

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Hot Chocolate was an Amazon Best Seller for 8 months!

It also won AudioFile Earphones Award on Valentine’s Day 2014!  


Praise for Hot Chocolate:

“Hot Chocolate is a captivating tale with vivid and fun characters. I could almost visualize myself socializing with them, and I definitely enjoyed their interactions with one another. They felt like real sisters, albeit high-society ones.

All the players are in place, and we think we have them figured out. So when something unexpected happens one night at the bowling alley, the Alcotts, Bambi, and countless others are caught up in a mystery that had me turning pages rapidly. Who or what could be responsible for the shocking events? What will Bambi discover when she starts searching through her husband’s dresser drawers and files? And what other surprises await the Alcotts?

Through all the excitement and intrigue, we are gifted with wonderfully descriptive moments in the lives of the characters, including the delicious food they enjoy. The dishes are presented so realistically that I could almost taste them. As a final pleasing treat, there are several wonderful recipes at the end of the book. A five star read.”-Laurel Rain Snow, Chocolate and Mimosas

“Hot Chocolate is a light-hearted Southern comedy. The Alcott sisters are the epitome of Southern culture. They are each other’s fiercest enemy and closest companion.

One of my all-time favorite shows is Designing Women. The Alcott sisters, Dorothea, Lila Mae, and Madge could be the Sugarbaker women. Picture Suzanne Sugarbaker every time you read something about Dorothea and you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing every time she hollers and faints. It doesn’t get better than this.

The plot is well written and from the very first page there is no doubt these women live chocolate as much as the company they own makes chocolate. From the cocoa colored Bentleys to the hot chocolate they start their day with, this book is full of chocolate – what could be better than that?! The characters were dazzling creatures and full of spunk making the book an enjoyable read. I found no grammatical errors and the book ended with a surprise you won’t see coming, a definite plus in book world.” – Donna McBroom-Theriot, My Life, One Story At a Time

“I love reading a good cozy mystery and when it’s paired with good old fashioned southern charm and whit well I’m sold! “Hot Chocolate” by Dawn Greenland Ireland gave me that plus a plenty of offbeat characters,along with a fast moving plot with a murder mystery woven in,  sprinkled together with a liberal amount of humor in to make this a book that I just couldn’t read fast enough!

As I read this story I couldn’t help but think that it would make an awesome movie. Set in the south with more than a few quirky characters that had me laughing out loud on several occasions.As I read the story I found the characters getting stuck in my head and could just imagine their southern twang.

If you enjoy reading a fast paced mystery that has more twists than a winding country road, along with vivid descriptions of people, food and places that will grab your imagination and hold on tight until the final page your certainly going to enjoy “Hot Chocolate.” I loved this author’s storytelling ability and look forward to reading more of her work.”-Brenda Casto, VW Stitcher

 Now Dawn Greenfield Ireland is back

with the second book

in the ‘Hot Chocolate’ Cozy Mystery Series,


Praise for Bitter Chocolate:

“Ireland has expanded her hilarious and intriguing picture of a family that eats its way through crisis in full Southern Style. We get to peek into those River Oaks mansions, eat at their tables, and shop at all the best boutiques, all while stalking a killer. Ireland likes to kill off the bad guys, because in Texas, you know, some people just need killing. And as if a good mystery wasn’t enough, now you can “Eat Like the Heiresses,” as the book ends with recipes for the delectable goodies introduced throughout the story. If you like a lot of daily detail and feeling like you’re one of the family, this is your best summer read. *****Five Stars. Everybody loves chocolate, and this is as delectable as a mystery comes. What’s next, Ms. Ireland?” – Review (C) by Sandy Penny, Founder of

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About Dawn Greenfield Ireland:

AuthorDawn Ireland is the CEO of Artistic Origins Inc, a 100% woman-owned publishing and technical writing service company that has been doing business since 1995. She’s an award winning independent publisher and author of The Puppy Baby Book , Mastering Your Money, and Amazon Best Seller Hot Chocolate (the first in the series, and her fifth novel). The Hot Chocolate audio book was awarded the AudioFile Earphones Award on Valentine’s Day 2014.

Her family feature film screenplay A Girl and Her Dog was awarded a Kids First! Endorsement by the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media in October 2012 and optioned by Shadow Cave Productions in February 2013.

Originally from Feeding Hills, MA, Dawn migrated to San Antonio in 1968, then when her first son was one years old, her family moved to Houston where work was more plentiful. After 40+ years of heat and humidity, she has her sights on the Pacific NW.

Dawn is the co-author of the animated screenplay Memoirs of a Dog which won the Spirit Award of the Moondance Film Festival (children’s category) September 2011. Her dark comedy Plan B was a finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay script competition in 2010 and years before that, Standing Dead won the Women in Film and Television (Houston Chapter) screenplay award.

Stay tuned for The Last Dog (futuristic/sci-fi 2015), and Spicy Chocolate (2016). Twitter: Facebook: Google+: vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)


Dawn is awarding an ebook copy of Bitter Chocolate to one lucky winner. This giveaway is international.

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