25 February 2014

Murphy, R: Bob at the Lake

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Bob at the Lake

By R. Murphy



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Take a crabby woman of a certain age, move her to the wintry shores of a New York lake, and then throw in a martini-loving ghost from 1920s Manhattan. Last, stir in the good-looking grape grower who lives up the hill. Now there’s a recipe for a potent screwball cocktail!



Bob, [my new ghost], looked around at my quiet, carton-filled house. “But don’t you think you’ll ever get lonely way out here? You might miss having a man around.”

“Well,” I responded, “I’m human, so of course I’d like to have a guy around on a regular basis. But by the time you get to be my age most of the good guys are taken. My grandmother used to say, ‘It takes a very good man to be better than none.’ She was right. If I can’t find a good guy, I’m not going to waste my time and energy on a fixer-upper. You know what they say about teaching a pig to sing.”

“Huh?” he replied, bewildered.

“You know, ‘You can’t teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and it annoys the pig.’ I feel the same way about spending my time with an inappropriate man. I’m sure they’re all fine, they just don’t have what’s right for me. I’m tired of pretending that underneath all the nuttiness, I’m not smart and competent. I just don’t feel like putting on the ‘Love me, oh, please, love me’ song and dance routine anymore.”

“Good one about the pig. I should jot that down.”

“Feel free.”


Thus began months of the strangest dinner conversations I could ever imagine. Topics ranged from the sex life of newts to the menace of buttered toast. We spent several days talking about Bob’s bone dust theory (he believed the kind of person you were was determined by the amount of bone dust in your body). I started buying my semi-dry riesling by the case and developed a taste for very dry martinis. Half of our dinners wound up with me yelling, throwing my hands in the air, and storming out of the kitchen. The other half ended with us laughing so hard tears streamed out of my eyes. What a blast.



MEDIA KIT roz murphy (2)Roz Murphy is the pseudonym of a shy, retiring writer who doesn’t want her neighbors to know how nutty she really is. Brooklyn-born and Jersey-bred, Roz now lives on the misty shore of one of New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes. Prior to that, her business writing career took her to many locations, including Manhattan, where she worked for a number of years. As a freelance and corporate writer, Roz won several national and international writing and communications awards.

Now Roz is pursuing her first love—fiction. She’s writing the ‘Bob’ books, the humorous chronicle of a crabby ‘woman of a certain age’ who moves to the wintry shores of a New York lake—and gets a ghost. And not just any ghost, mind you. Bob’s a plump, middle-aged ghost from 1920s Manhattan who swans around in a silk smoking jacket and drinks far too many martinis. Stir the good-looking grape grower who lives up the hill into this mix and you get a pretty potent screwball cocktail!

When she’s not reading, writing, hill-walking, staring mindlessly out the window at the lake or piling rocks onto her ever-diminishing lakefront, you can usually find Roz hanging out with her family, travelling, or exploring the amazing wines and wineries of the Finger Lakes.

‘Bob at the Lake’ is exclusively available as a Kindle download from Amazon. Please join Roz Murphy Author on FaceBook for updates on the many adventures of Roz, David—and Bob.


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  1. By Catherine on

    Hi Roz! I’m Jersey BORN and bred. Lethal combination. LOL. I like the excerpt. I’ve never thought of a guy as a “fixer-upper”–but I agree about not wasting time on one!

  2. By rozmurphy on

    Patricia, thanks so much for hosting Bob and me on your blog today. We had a great time hanging out, and I hope we can return in the not-too-distant future! Roz

    1. By Patricia RoomWithBooks (Post author) on

      Roz, it was my pleasure to have you here! You all are welcome to return to my Room With Books any time! Best wishes for your future! Patricia

  3. By rogergarberg on

    I’m looking forward to the book, since the author is such a hoot to hang with. Regarding the passage re teaching a pig to sing, I’ve also heard that you oughtn’t to mud wrestle with a pig, since you get covered in muck and the pig enjoys it. As a male, I appreciate the slightly more respectful bon mot used by the author to describe the negatives of the relationship!

    1. By rozmurphy on

      Roger, how much fun to see you here today! Thanks so much for visiting! I’ve already got a great bottle of Finger Lakes riesling set aside for your next visit to the lake…

  4. By rozmurphy on

    What a great blog! Thanks so much for inviting Bob and me to visit today. We’ll be back later to answer any questions… Roz

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