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Someday, My Forever

by Carrie Fox

GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION DATE: September 15, 2014
EDITOR: Michelle Escamilla
COVER DESIGN: Alyson Raynes
LENGTH: 25,000+ words

About the BookRae Ann Bailey has focused on her family and education for her entire life. Now a college freshman, she’s looking forward to everything that being in college entails. She has always thought about what everyone wants and making them happy, so she’s relieved to be out on her own and making her own decisions.

Sam Jenks is a junior, and a vital part of the college rowing team. Studying and getting his team to the national championships are his only priorities. He doesn’t have the time or the desire for a girlfriend

When Sam and Rae Ann meet, they have an instant connection that neither of them can deny. As they get closer, his commitment to the rowing team strains their new relationship, and Rae Ann has to decide if she can handle rowing being number one. Just when it seems that things are going well, someone from Sam’s past threatens to tear them apart. Can Sam and Rae Ann move past their obstacles and decide that their forever is worth it?

The honesty in his voice and expression melted my heart. Shooting him a quick smile, I tilted my head back and quickly kissed him before drawing back slightly. His eyes searched mine, as if assuring himself I was feeling calmer, before he took hold of my hand and pulled me up as he stood. “Let’s walk some more,” he suggested.
I nodded and we left the building hand in hand. When we reached Johnson Street, Sam guided me into the heart of campus and pointed out various buildings as we walked. He stopped me at the bottom of Bascom Hill and explained how it was a popular place for sledding in winter; I laughed at the idea of dining hall trays being used as makeshift sleds. “Just wait and see.” He replied, smirking, and we continued to stroll.
Sam stopped me again a few blocks later, and pointed toward a building just off University Avenue. “This is the Chazen Museum of Art, one of my favorite places on campus.” He tugged out his phone and checked the time. “It won’t open for a while yet but I’d like to show it to you.”

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Marrying My Forever

by Carrie Fox

GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION DATE: October 29, 2014
COVER DESIGN: Jasmine Designs
LENGTH: 2700+ words
About the Book
Sam and Rae Ann’s story continues. They met and fell in love in Someday, My Forever. Their relationship grew and strengthened and now they’re back to share the story of their wedding.


The guests applauded and we turned to face them before making our way up the aisle and out into the hall. I drew Rae Ann to me and kissed her again.

“We did it, beautiful,” I murmured, leaning my forehead against hers. The moment between us was fleeting and our wedding party soon joined us. Rae Ann and I greeted each of them with hugs and received congratulatory replies. A receiving line was formed and we greeted our guests, thanking every person for celebrating our day with us.

Rae Ann grabbed my hand as the last guest walked away, and we shared another kiss. Catcalls from Darrow and Jed had us shaking with laughter.

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Book Review

My Forever Series by Carrie Fox which consists of two books, Someday, My Forever and Marrying My Forever, is a sweet, clean, romantic series that gives credence to the idea of “love at first sight”.  Sam and Rae Ann make a connection the first moment they lay eyes on each other outside Rae Ann’s dorm on her first day at college. As their love takes hold and grows, you witness the closeness and strength of these two characters.

What impresses me the most about Ms. Fox’s writing in the My Forever Series is the restraint she allows Sam to show in not rushing Rae Ann into a sexual relationship. There is chaste kissing, sleeping together (literally) with clothes on, and love and commitment before a physical relationship takes place. Once they finally become physical, it is kept “behind closed doors” and not described gratuitously.

I am very impressed with Carrie Fox and her ability to write with emotion and detail, allow her characters to develop naturally and write in a style that I find refreshing in this all too graphic world.

I recommend Someday, My Forever and Marrying My Forever by Carrie Fox and give My Forever Series four steaming cups of Room With Books coffee!










~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ © Dec 6, 2014

About the Author

Carrie Fox has been an avid reader since childhood. Since discovering the Indie author community, she has become a blogger and joined street teams for established authors. Someday, My Forever is her first published work.

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