Noble, Shelley: Breakwater Bay


Breakwater Bay

A Breakwater Bay Novel

by Shelley Noble


Publisher: William Morrow

Releasing July 1st, 2014

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Breakwater BayThe perfect summer story of family secrets, an abandoned baby, and new romance set in Newport, RI.

Meri Hollis is happy to come home as her restoration career takes her back to her roots in Newport, RI. She can spend time with her Gran, contemplate her future with her not-so-committed boyfriend, and help restore a classic Newport mansion to its former glory. But her idyllic summer takes a turn on her 30th birthday. She did not expect to have her family’s deepest, darkest secret exposed and she certainly didn’t expect that secret to have anything to do with her…

30 years ago, Alden Corrigan was just a boy who snuck out of the house to take his father’s dinghy out on the water. But when a storm come up, he suddenly finds himself playing rescuer to a girl. A very pregnant girl. After he saves her life, the girl runs off. But not before she leaves behind a very special gift.

Now that the truth it out, there is much more at stake for the summer in BREAKWATER BAY. And Meri and Alden are thrust into situation that could prove to be the making of their futures… or the end of their friendship.

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Dan stood and pulled a jeweler’s box out of his pants pocket.   He walked over to Meri and handed it to her, then stood beside her as she opened it.  It was a locket of brushed gold.  The inside held two tiny pictures, one of her mother and one of Dan.

Sudden tears sprang to Meri’s eyes.  “Thank you.  It’s beautiful.”

He hugged her. “You’re the most precious thing in the world to me and to your mother, too.”

Meri smiled up at him as he clasped the necklace around her neck.  She was so lucky that this man had come into their lives and took them both into his heart. He’d been more than a step dad; her real father couldn’t have loved her more.

Meri had noticed a cardboard box, a little larger than a shoe box, sitting on the hoosier. Just an ordinary cardboard box that might be sent through the mail, though this one was dented and smashed from years of storage.

Now Gran went to the hoosier, but instead of retrieving the box, she took an envelope from the top and brought it to the table where she placed it in front of Meri.

“Another present?” Meri asked.

Her father’s lips tightened. “Not exactly a present,” he said.

“More like a confession,” Gran said and Meri swore there were tears in her eyes.

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ShelleyShelley Noble is a former professional dancer and choreographer. She most recently worked on the films, Mona Lisa Smile and The Game Plan. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and Romance Writers of America.

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