29 July 2015

Once Upon A Scandal Book Tour

Once Upon A Scandal

by Julie LeMense




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About the Book

Caught up in a scandal of her father’s making, Lady Jane Fitzsimmons is now an outcast in the society that once prized her refinement. So when Lord Benjamin Marworth offers to help redeem her good name, she leaps at the chance.

Too bad his plan requires her very public demise.

Marworth, society’s darling, is actually a spy for the crown, and important war communiques have been stolen. If Jane can carry off her disguise as the mysterious Madame Lillianne Fauchon, with close ties to Napoleon, she just might tempt the thief out of hiding.

If only Marworth didn’t find her so tempting himself…




“This is rather awkward.”

“Not at all,” he said, praying humor would mask his turmoil. “I’m approached for this sort of thing all the time. My reputed expertise, you see.”

“I don’t doubt it.” And there was something in her voice. If he didn’t know better, he might have called it jealousy.

“I am joking, you know.” Her eyes grew wider with each step he took toward her. Did she realize how expressive they were? She was undoubtedly nervous, but curious too. When they were mere inches apart, close enough that her face was almost nestled against his chest, he stopped. “You will need to do one thing for this to work.”

“What’s that?” she asked, speaking into the folds of his jacket.

“You will need to look up.”

She did, and something hot uncoiled inside him. Because her face was flushed, and her breathing had quickened, and those magnificent breasts were pressed against him.

“There are several types of kisses, Jane,” he said, his voice raspy now. “A light peck on the cheek. A quick meeting of lips. Both are expressions of affection or friendship. For the sake of our task, I will show you one quite a bit different…”


About the Author


A Georgetown University graduate with a degree in English Literature, I’ve loved the Regency romance genre since my first deliciously bad Barbara Cartland novel. These days, I prefer the complex characterizations and plotting of Julie Anne Long, Sherry Thomas, Meredith Duran, Courtney Milan, and Sarah MacLean. A member of the Romance Writers Association of America, I am currently working on my next novel, as the ghosts who live in my haunted, gilded-age home try to sneak their way into my stories.

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