Parker, Morgan: Hope


by Morgan Parker


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About the book

Morgan Barker, the lead character of Non Friction and brilliant author of Our Story, has all but recovered from the heartache caused by Emma. But when his company’s accounting firm sends a beautiful young woman named Hope to inquire about some suspicious account practices, Morgan finds himself lured back into the beautiful story that he created and wanted to forget about.

Except this new story is different than Morgan’s unpublished, never-seen-before version. Read deeper into Olivia and Oliver’s ongoing and difficult love affair, their secret moments and the struggle that kept them apart for so long. – Hope, February 2014.

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I took my time to read, then re-read this beautiful story before I could begin to write a review.
I first became acquainted with Mr. Parker’s writing through non fric~tion. It took me a bit of time to get used to the tone and concept of his writing and I found that, given thought and a more open mind, I absolutely loved it!
I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting in Hope, but I found it, and I’m still carrying it around with me. Love and longing fill the pages and I could put myself in the story with Oliver and Oliva more than once.
This is such a touching story of love and filled with so much heart, how can I do anything but recommend it to anyone who loves a love story!
3D 5 Gold Stars
~Patricia, Room With Books~ © Feb 14, 2014
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About the author

Morgan Parker is the pen name for a shy and introverted banker. He currently divides his time between Toronto, Canada and his imagination. When he isn’t writing or working with clients or relaxing at Balzac’s with a medium non-fat cappuccino, Morgan Parker enjoys spending time with his family. And sleeping, preferably on a bed (the left side) but depending on the day, he can pretty much curl up anywhere. No, he is not currently accepting applications for cuddling partners.
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