Post-Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome

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Post-Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome
By: Tamara Lyon
Pages: 348
Published: May 29, 2015

Bristow Sparks, an interior designer in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has just landed the contract of a lifetime, working for the Cherry Wyeland, volatile reality star and CEO of Wine-A-Lot. Designing for a crazy person is an around-the-clock commitment. It frays Bristow’s nerves and forces her to compromise in unimaginable ways, but, given that the finished product will be featured on The Decorating Network, she must succeed.
While her professional life is hot, her personal life is barely room temperature. After surviving the relentless media spotlight because of a personal tragedy and a traitorous ex-boyfriend, Bristow flies so far under the radar she can’t even be detected. A homebody to the core, she binges on episodes of the Showtime series, Dexter, lives in sweatpants, and is addicted to exercise and Oreos.
As for relationships? She has fallen hard and fast for witty and adventurous Jack Hoffmann. However, after their disastrous first date where Bristow collides with a park bench among other mortifying mishaps, they are unfortunately just friends. At least there’s one male sharing her bed, even if it’s only Vegas, her theatrical golden retriever.
For her twenty-ninth birthday, Bristow goes out of her comfort zone and gets a makeover at an elite spa. Post-Brazilian wax and in excruciating pain, Bristow realizes that she’s been in a post-traumatic state for years. She vows to start taking risks again. When she finally goes after what and whom she wants, no matter the cost, tragedy strikes again . . . 

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Book Review - Copy

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Post Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome from Tamara Lyon in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I express are my own.

The title is what caught my eye and who wouldn’t want to read a book titled “Post Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome”? I was fascinated because as a woman I can’t imagine putting myself through that type of pain. I find it incomprehensible that I pay someone to wax my eyebrows and that is about all the waxing pain I can handle!

This book started out pretty slow for me and I had a devil of a time getting really into it. It isn’t that the characters are stupidly hilarious or the plot lacks, I was over a quarter of the way into the book and considering not finishing it before it finally caught my attention. I’m glad I stayed with it because it turned in to a story worth reading.

Poor Bristow . . . she is so emotionally damaged by her past that she has absolutely no idea how to approach a future of any sort with a member of the opposite sex. She has a sure thing in front of her and is totally missing the forest for the trees.

Then there is Bristow’s family . . . if they were mine I think I’d run far away and change my name and start a new life! Talk about drama! Margarita brings a life of drama to a whole new level of drama queen!

And the characters that she works with and works for . . . they are too much from the very beginning, as Post Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome starts with a sex toy party thrown by Bristow’s boss, Lola, for a very persnickety potential client who is launching her new sex toy business.

What a bunch of business Post Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome turns out to be. I do recommend you dive in for an evening of laughs, sadness, criminal activity and happily-ever-after.

I give Post Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome by Tamara Lyon three hot cups of Room With Books coffee.

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© June 19, 2015

Patricia, Room With Books

DIVIDERAbout the Author

Post-Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome is loosely inspired by an unfortunate, painful event that occurred three years ago and is critically acclaimed author Tamara Lyon’s sixth novel. Her previous works include The Ugly Tree series, a Flamingnet Top Choice Award winner, 2011 Next Generation Indie Finalist, Eric Hoffer Finalist, and Midwest Book Award Finalist. In 2010 her novel, Fixing Forever Broken, earned an IPPY Award for romance. Lyon has taken her recent books in a decidedly chick-lit direction and creates characters and stories that are refreshingly and humorously real. She makes her home in Wisconsin with her talented husband, cycling-superstar son, and counter-surfing golden retriever, Macy.

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