Pull Up A Chair on Room With Books – Feb 13, 2016

February 13, 2016

Hi there,

I want to start by apologising for being absent for a few weeks. I swear, it was not my intention, but that pesky little thing called “life” got together with that other pesky little blighter called “day job” and totally derailed all my plans for productivity.  I’ve been working on a few projects when I can but there’s not much to report really.

It’s been a whirlwind of activity and yet, as any writer will tell you, the characters never let up. They’re constantly brainstorming their next adventures or trying to prod me into stopping what I’m doing so that I can write something down “quickly”, but as any writer will tell you though, there is no “quickly” about writing when characters have other plans for you.  So they’re sulking in a corner at the moment and arguing amongst themselves.  Who knows which one of them will win the argument. I learned a long time ago that they tend to do what they want regardless of what my plans are and so I simply set myself at my laptop, decide on which story is speaking loudest to me and then let my fingers go.

This week though, I’ve been trying to navigate the sea of pink that is Valentine’s Day. The shops are packed with cards, overpriced flowers and cute bears. It seems as though this is the only time of year when it’s ok for a man to openly buy flowers for a woman without there being some suspicion that he’s done something wrong.  Which is sad really because I would personally love to get flowers on a random Thursday in April, for no other reason than that someone thought I’d like flowers.

Hopefully you have some wonderful plans for the weekend. I am looking forward to birthday celebrations (mine), reading and perhaps some writing even.

Until next week…

D xx