20 February 2016

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February 20, 2016

Being more social

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve had a stunning week? Mine was great, but there was something that came up in conversation that I felt like I should share.

image1At lunch yesterday, a friend and I were talking over the most sublime pasta and a bottle of wine and she complained that she’s exhausted from trying to keep up with Social Media. She’s an author and with all the various avenues of promotion available to her, she’s struggling more and more to make time to write.  In fact, she confessed that it had taken almost 2 days last week to update her website, schedule blog posts and sort out social media posts for the week. She felt tired and demoralised. By our second glass of wine we’d covered how much a PA would cost and whether or not she could afford it and by our third glass I realised that one of the biggest problems that authors face is the sheer volume of marketing opportunities that are available to them.

The truth is that you aren’t expected to be able to do everything.  It’s perfectly ok to let go of some of the social media avenues that are available to you. The best advice is to figure out what works best for you. What do I mean?

Which social media platform do you find easiest to understand and work on? Experiment if necessary and then stick with what you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s going to feel like work and it’s not supposed to be work.

How do you know if a platform is “working” for you? Well, it depends on interaction with fans and followers, potential increase in sales, reach. It really isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of situation. Some authors are better at Twitter than Facebook, Google + vs Tsu, Instagram over Pinterest.  Ideally, you should try to focus on managing two or three profiles.  That will be easier to manage than trying to do all of them.

My advice to my friend – and something that works for me – is this… Pick something informative (eg Facebook), something visual (eg Pinterest) and if you can fit it in, something interactive like YouTube. The reason you’re on social media is to be able to tell people about your books, show them your covers and other artwork and possibly even share promotional videos etc.


At the end of the day, marketing via social media presents us with the chance to talk directly to our readers and potential readers and it should feel fun and conversational. That is what your readers will pick up from your posts. But more on that another time *grin*

Chat soon,

Domino X

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