Pull Up A Chair on Room With Books – February 27, 2016 @_BookMistress

February 27, 2016



nailsYes, you read that correctly. I was supposed to be working on this blog post amongst other things and instead of doing that… I decided to paint my nails. I was procrastinailing.  I haven’t painted them in more than two years so I reckoned it was far more important to follow my desire to play with nail polish than it was to do the work on my “to do” list. Oops!

The truth is that writers are experts at finding other things to do when they should be writing. Sometimes it’s because our characters are refusing to play ball… they’re sulking or sleeping or just freezing the author out and so writing feels like “work”. It’s hard to be creative when you feel like you’re battling uphill with something, so we do something else.

You can generally tell if my characters are being well behaved or not by how much housework I’ve done or if I’m baking up a storm. For some of my favourite authors, procrastination takes many interesting forms. One likes to grab her camera and go for a walk. Another paints, two sew and another makes jewellery. Many read.  Finding another creative outlet allows your mind to wander away from the tangle that has happened in the manuscript and invariably you will come back to the computer rejuvenated and energised and then you can carry on with your writing.

Nails 1For me though, this week, it was procrastinailing and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It took hours for the various layers of polish to dry and so I had to sit down and watch a movie while I waited.  It was the first time in months that I’ve taken so many hours away from any kind of work and I have to say that it was arguably the best thing I could’ve done.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of business.

Until next week.

Domino x