2 January 2016

Pull Up A Chair on Room With Books – Jan 2, 2016

Hi Everyone,

My name is Domino Lane and I’m a self confessed book addict.  Don’t bother to feign shock… it can hardly be a surprise when you’re reading this on a book blog *chuckle*.

Book fantasyI was really fortunate that my folks both love to read and they read to me every night.  Then, when I started school, I discovered how to make those squiggles turn into the words and it was like getting the keys to the kingdom!  Suddenly I could open any of those books and read the stories for myself.  Even better, I was learning to make those squiggles and soon I could write my own stories.  Even at the age of 5, this was a very powerful feeling and there was no stopping me after that!

So why am I here?  Why are you reading this post?  Well, I love everything about the publishing process.  From writing and research, to sourcing great cover artists and editors.  I even love the marketing side (*gasp*).  As part of my regular commitments, I work with a great blog tour company (The Book Mistress) helping them to promote the talented authors that they tour with.  I love visiting the host blogs to see what other books they’ve hosted… after all, that’s how you find great recommendations for new reads!  Towards the end of 2015, I was chatting to Patricia (our gracious hostess) and was thrilled when she asked if I’d like to guest post over here on Room with Books. Of course I said yes immediately!

So, starting today, I’ll be here once a week on a Saturday talking about books, reviews, writing, marketing, social media or maybe just what I had for breakfast *grin*. It means that I get to share advice, talk about things that thrill me or frustrate me… anything really!  I would also love to hear from you. If you have any questions or need any advice, please feel free to drop me a line.

Until next week.

Domino x

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