19 March 2016

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March 19, 2016

“Life Happens”


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a crazy few weeks. You won’t know this about me, but I work as an event manager in my day job and I had a huge charity fundraiser last weekend. As is the way of the world, all my best laid plans to juggle that and blogs fell apart in a whirlwind of deliveries, confirmations and last minute troubleshooting.

That brings us to this week. The week after the event… it’s finally starting to calm down and now the voices in my head are starting to sulkily make their feelings known. To put it politely, they do not like being ignored and after 2 weeks of me steadfastly refusing to take their calls, they’re not shy about letting me know.

The truth is that no matter what you planned, life has a funny way of stepping right into your path and uprooting those plans. The important thing is to realise that it’s not only happening to you and to forgive yourself. No one is perfect. I promise… not one, single person. The only thing that you can do is try to stay on top of the important stuff and when you can, you pick up all the pieces of your plans and start again.

It’s the same when it comes to trying to write while holding down a full time job or being a full time parent. You won’t always be able to write when you plan to. Life happens.  The trick is to not quit. That is how every book eventually gets written… the author didn’t quit.

Now, it’s time for you to listen to your voices and write. Capture that great sentence that doesn’t have a paragraph yet or that monologue that doesn’t have a book yet. Grab a notebook, laptop, napkin… whatever is nearest to you and just begin.

Here’s to the week ahead. Let’s hope it’s a productive one.

Until next time…

Domino x

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