27 March 2016

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March 26, 2016

Books and Coffee and Chocolate – Oh My!

This weekend is Easter and because of that, we have 4 blissful days of weekend. Can you hear it?  That is the sound of my body unwinding and settling in for sleeping late, relaxing and ignoring my work emails until Tuesday!

The other great thing about the Easter weekend is the almost childlike delight I take in knowing that I can overindulge in chocolate to my hearts’ content and there’s nothing anyone can really say about it… after all, it’s the one holiday largely devoted to the worship of the cocoa bean. In the interest of not being flogged by my Momma, I do actually celebrate the traditional Christian side of the holiday, but it’s not really relevant to this blog post, so I’m focusing instead on my absolute delight in all things chocolatey!

So, naturally being too… mature… for the Easter Bunny to still visit my home (despite copious quantities of carrots and even good whiskey as a potential bribe), I now have to buy my own chocolate supplies. This year, I decided to treat myself to 2 small “slabs” from a handmade chocolate shop and I can’t wait for Sunday to enjoy them, but while chatting to a friend about the problems associated with being abandoned by the bunny, she mentioned that this year she has a different plan.

IMG_4360Don’t panic, she is still having chocolate, but she suggested something different to members of her book club.  This year, they have decided to do “Secret Bunny” and instead of buying chocolate for the person that they’ve picked, they will give the gift of a book.  Not just any book.  The idea is to give the recipient a copy of your favourite book.  This is a great way for someone to find out more about you and for you to share something that you love with a friend.

I really like this idea a lot! It’s not original, by any stretch, but I like how they’ve adopted it for this celebration.  Made me wish I was part of her book club *grin*.  Since I’m not, I’ve planned out my Sunday… Choc chip pancakes with maple syrup and coffee, followed by a blanket and the sofa and a book. After lunch, I’ll indulge in some chocolate and if it’s cold enough, some minty hot chocolate and then after dinner, I’ll have a chocolate choc chip cupcake in a mug before bed and the rest of my book.  If any carrots come calling, I’ll be available on Monday for healthy foods *wink*

I’d love to know if you could pick a favourite book to give to someone… what would yours be?

Have a great weekend!

Until next time…


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