27 May 2014

Robinson, Aleshia: Love, God & Tattoos

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Love, God & Tattoos Bundle

by Aleshia Robinson




Love, God & Tattoos is a series of young adult novels written by American author Aleshia Robinson. The story chronicles the spiritual journey of 21 year old Alcatraz, a troubled tattoo artist, and her struggle to have a positive relationship with God and herself.


Fifteen year old Alcatraz is being chased. Born and raised in a loving family, she suddenly finds herself fending for her life on the streets of Los Angeles. Consumed with anger, hurt and confusion, Alcatraz turns to the spiritual realm to find life’s answers. While experimenting with pagan spells, Buddhist chants, and yoga sutras, she continually encounters a spirit who claims He is God. The Truth she learns from this spiritual quest introduces her to the unexpected world of divine healing, acceptance and unconditional love.


After two years of spiritual searching, Alcatraz has finally decided who the One true God is for her life. But trouble soon follows. Being rejected by her new found religious organization because of her appearance and discharged from the tattoo shop for her beliefs, Alcatraz is forced to enter the Hollywood adult entertainment life with her best friend Kuriko. The nightmares she experiences living on the dubious streets of Los Angeles causes her to struggle to keep her faith.


Alcatraz has desperately wanted to learn more about the mysterious past of her street-smart Japanese best friend, Kuriko. Now her wish has come true, but not in the way she expected. Kuriko handed Alcatraz a black bamboo box before the tragic accident. Inside, Alcatraz finds the diary of a nineteen-year-old girl’s struggle with sex trafficking, powerful men, abuse, betrayal, and surprisingly, a burning desire to know God. After two years of living with the secretive, over-protective high-dollar prostitute, Alcatraz learns the dark truth of Kuriko’s inhumane journey. Now she wishes the past could have been buried with her best friend.

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“What!” I shouted. I couldn’t believe it.

“I’m sorry, kid, I have to let you go,” Moon said.

“What do you mean, let me go? I have appointments booked for the next two weeks.”

Blue Moon stood guard at the reception desk. He wouldn’t let me go to my booth.

“Alcatraz, I believe you are a very talented and promising tattoo artist who will no doubt go far in the field, but I can’t have outbursts like I had yesterday in this shop, kid. Highly unprofessional. That makes people here extremely uncomfortable, and I’m one of them. So I went ahead and packed up your station for you. All your supplies are here. I even threw in some extra materials so you can freelance. Sorry it had to end this way, kid, but I’m in a tough spot here.”

“Moon, come on, surely we can work this out. I experienced a supernatural love yesterday. I didn’t know that was gonna happen to me or else I would have waited until I got home. Come on, man.” I threw up my hands. “You can’t fire me because of that. I work too hard here and I know you see that. I’ll keep it under control from now on. I promise.”

Moon hesitated for a moment. “Here.” He slowly reached behind the desk and handed me my stuff. I could tell he didn’t want to do this. He must have felt strapped because Josh was a cash cow. Moon looked back towards the other tattoo artists then turned to me. “If you need a recommendation just have ’em call me. I’ll refer you to any shop in town. You won’t have a problem getting another gig. I’m sure of it.” He turned around and walked towards his office in the back.

I walked slowly back to my condo with several thoughts running through my mind: What am I supposed to do for work? How am I gonna pay rent? Where am I gonna get a job at fifteen years old? Moon did Kuriko a favor by offering me an apprenticeship but there’s no guarantee another shop owner will extend the same favor. I wouldn’t even turn sixteen for another three and a half months! I didn’t have any legal identification, social security card or birth certificate to even apply for a real job. I didn’t even know what state to begin digging for those documents. California, where I was allegedly born? Illinois, where I was state property or Utah where the Robinsons adopted me last July?

Losing my job at the tattoo parlor turned my world completely upside down. Other fifteen year old girls loitered around in the tenth grade in their cute plaid skirts, studied for SATs, borrowed their daddy’s car for driver’s ed and worked at Forever 21. I was an eighth grade dropout, runaway, semi-tattoo artist rooming with a battered Japanese stripper. I didn’t have a mommy or daddy to get me out of difficult situations in life. The only person I had was three years, three months and twelve days older than me, and I decided to wake up.


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Aleshia Robinson was born in Chicago, Illinois and enjoys writing edgy inspirational fiction, traveling, decoupaging, empowering women in the sex trade and providing clean water for mankind.

WEBSITE: www.lovegodandtattoos.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/authenticityink

TWITTER: @lovegodtattoos



Aleshia will be awarding a print copy of the Love, God & Tattoos Bundle (US and Canada only) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

I encourage you to follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found by clicking on the tour banner below. 

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  1. By Serenity Sixx on

    Oh wow, this is the first I’ve seen or heard of this series.

    I love it. This has suddenly been not only added to my TBR list, but it somehow (oops, lol) hopped over a couple of others and made it’s way closer to the top (hmmm?? wonder how that happened? lol.)

    Alcatraz…I love it. I love that as a name. I recently became a first time Grandma (two weeks ago) and they named my granddaughter Cambria Rayne. Another original and not often heard name. My second grandchild is literally being born as we speak. This one a grandson, and they are naming him Landon Jacob. Two grandchildren born two weeks apart, how’s that for cousins getting to grow up together?…I’m sorry, I just realized I was rambling…I guess I’m quite the excited new Grandma…lol, she’s dilated to 3 and I simply cannot stand the wait…unfortunately only for pics because we live 3000 miles away :((

    And now back to the tour, lol, sorry about my slight DETOUR….. I will certainly be following Aleshia Robinson and her books. I LOVE inspirational fiction, and this series definitely looks JUST MY TYPE!!

    Patricia, I just wanted to let you know that this is also my first time visiting and hearing of your blog. I have added you on Facebook, and will most certainly be back.

    Thanks for the opportunity. I hope everyone is having an amazing day.

    Serenity Doesn’t Come Easy

    1. By Patricia (Post author) on

      Thanks, Serenity! I’ve just checked out your blog and subscribed to your updates as well! Welcome to my Room With Books! Love having you here! And congratulations on becoming a gramma! It’s the best thing that has ever happened in my life!

  2. By Taylor Closet on

    Love the excerpt, have to

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