5 August 2017

#RRBC August Spotlight Author – Carol Marrs Phipps

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What inspired the writing of Wham! Timewalker, Book 1 of the Timewalker Series?

I’d have to say, this most recent series, Timewalker, was inspired by a combination of  current world political affairs, and the increasingly insane agricultural practices being carried out today, which not only poisons the food we eat, but also the land, the waterways and the very air we breathe. How sad that in “our new world order” the air in the cities, polluted by exhaust fumes and factory emissions, is cleaner and safer than what used to be fresh country air. Enough said, it is not my intention to get on my soapbox and preach to you here, but rather, to set the background for the series.

Wham is the first book of a planned dystopian/scifi-fantasy/time-travel trilogy called Timewalker. It takes place in the 21st century. This world is populated by a number of races including humans, trolls elves, fairies and even the occasional dragon. The world is controlled by a new world government, but the location of the capitol and the potentate who pulls all the strings, are unknown to the general population. The citizens are controlled by watchers from spying devices, which look like crystal balls, which are mandatory in every room in every home. The young are systematically indoctrinated in their schools and their families are usually forcibly torn apart by the local Children and Family Services Police. This world is being systematically poisoned with agricultural chemicals designed to increase the yield of the planets produce, which profits those in control of the world’s wealth, mainly the head of new Wolrd Alliance, Potentate Pandora Coel,  and her minions. As the planet becomes increasingly polluted and  inhospitable to the people and wildlife on the surface of the planet, the potentate and her entourage secret away to their undersea city, Atlantis, from where their tyrannical rule over the citizens is merciless and absolute.


When the World Alliance seized power from all the governments of the world, they said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary to unite all the nations of the globe under one banner in order to bring universal peace, equality and prosperity to the world.

To most families throughout the world, the rise of the Alliance and their grandiose promises meant little. They had long grown weary of the lies of the corrupt law-makers and heads of state and were far more concerned with their day-to-day struggles to survive.

The Greenwood family was no exception, and for a time life went on much as it had before the rise of the Alliance. In time, individual cultural and racial identity were outlawed. They said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary to create a more harmonious, homogenous world community. The Greenwood family adapted.

But then they took away freedom. They made it mandatory for all households and public buildings to have skinwelers, crystal spying balls in every room, in order to watch the people’s every move. They said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary for public safety and civil order. And the Greenwood family adapted.

But then the state took their family farm and lands and moved them to Gollsport where they had built barracks for all the displaced citizens. They said it was for the greater good. They said the countryside had become contaminated by farm chemicals and the relocation was for their continued health and safety. Once again, the Greenwood family adapted.

But then they came in the night and took away seventeen year-old Tess Greenwood’s entire family. They said it was for the greater good. They said Tess would adapt and in time she would be far better for it.

But Tess cared not for the Alliance’s greater good. She did not adapt. She wanted her family back and vowed to do whatever she must in order to see them again. Little did she know, that to keep her vow, she would have to become a timewalker.


*Wham! is currently exclusive to Amazon.*

Carol Marrs Phipps is a teacher turned author. She was born in Missouri, grew up in Illinois and lives on their farm in Illinois with her husband and her menagerie: a parrot, a raven, two cockatiels and her Siberian Forest cats. The books she has written with her husband, Tom Phipps include, Elf Killers which takes place a millennium before the books of the Heart of the Staff series: Good Sister, Bad Sister, The Collector Witch, Stone Heart, The Burgeoning, The Reaper Witch, the final book of the series, Doom, and Heart of the Staff: Complete Series boxed set and Heart of the Staff: Complete Appendix. Recently, Carol and Tom launched a new Dystopian/Urban Fantasy series with the first book of a planned trilogy, Wham! (Book1 Timewalker). All their books are available as eBook or paperback except the boxed set and the appendix.

Carol taught with her husband on various Native American Reservations in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, where they learned a great deal from their students, the very first fans of their writing. Not long after they married, she discovered to her joy that he also loved to write. They have been writing together full-time ever since.

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  1. By Natalie Ducey on

    Congratulations, Carol! Wishing you a fabulous month in the “Spotlight.” Such a fantastic kickoff for your tour. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Thank you, Patricia, for the warm welcome, as always! 🙂

  2. By Micki Peluso on

    Congrats, Carol!! Wham sounds exciting and perhaps a frightening forecast of might might happen in our own world.– one step at a time. Thanks for hosting, Pat!!

    1. By niargcom on

      Thank you for your comments and support, Micki. We do live in frightening and trouble times…

  3. By jinlobify on

    Looks like you are in for a great time.Carol! Have a wonderful and rewarding tour. Thank you Patricia for hosting her. 😀

  4. By ~Mar on

    Congratulations on your Spotlight, Carol!! I hope you enjoy your exciting month! 🙂 Patricia, thanks so much for hosting!

    1. By niargcom on

      Thank you, Malena. I am really enjoying the “Spotlight” and greatly appreciate your comments and support!

  5. By beemweeks on

    Yay, Carol! Congratulations on this amazing honor. You are truly deserving.

    Thanks for hosting and supporting, Patricia!

    1. By niargcom on

      Thank you, Beem, it is an amazing honor, indeed. I have finally worked up the courage to be interviewed on “Bring on the Spotlight” …that is a bit amazing, too. (But I’m still secretly a bit terrified). At any rate, everyone has been nothing but kind and supportive and I am enjoying this all very much.

  6. By Jan Hawke on

    Oh, Wow! There goes the TBR budget again! LOL! All sounds super, Carol! 🙂
    Thanks for having us all over, Patricia <3

    1. By niargcom on

      Sorry about that, Jan…I hope you enjoy the book, though.

    2. By niargcom on

      I know the feeling, Jan, I’m forever overspending when it comes to books…but what better way to part with our money?

  7. By Gwen Plano on

    What an amazing story-line! I’m looking forward to reading WHAM and have just purchased it on Amazon. I’m excited! And, Carol, thank you for all the support you offer on Twitter — you are an incredible support and inspiration! ♥

    1. By niargcom on

      Oh happy day…I love it when someone chooses to read one of my books, and I do hope you enjoy it. You are also welcome for my support on Twitter. I try very hard to support as many authors each day as I can, and wish I could do more.

    1. By niargcom on

      Thank you, Yvette, and I hope you enjoy it.

  8. By Soooz on

    What a great post, Carol! I’ve long admired your book covers and now with more information available I will be adding Wham to My TBR. Thanks for hosting today, Patricia.

    1. By niargcom on

      Thank you, I’m always happy to hear that people like my book covers…and even more I enjoy hearing that people also like what is inside those covers. I hope you enjoy Wham! when you reach it on your TBR list!

  9. By Shirley Harris-Slaughter on

    I guess I should have read your post first so I went back and love that you are talking about a topic that concerns me greatly. I feel that our world is not moving in the right direction. I bought your book, something I don’t do very often outright. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

    1. By niargcom on

      It’s good to “see” you again, too, Shirley. I hope you enjoy reading Wham! I hope to delve further into some of the issues currently facing our world in the upcoming two books planned to finish this series. I do agree…we seem to be headed in the wrong direction entirely, and I just hope it isn’t too late to turn it around.

  10. By Shirley Harris-Slaughter on

    Hi Carol and Congratulations! I’m so surprised that you are our spotlight author and so glad to see you. I have several of your books and will get to them eventually. Since you are in the spotlight, I can put them aside to read.

    1. By niargcom on

      Thanks so much Gordon, you are such a great supporter of my work on Twitter, too, that I want you to know I really appreciate it a lot!

  11. By Wendy Scott on

    An amazing cover for what sounds like a fasinating series – interesting to learn about the background world building.

    1. By niargcom on

      Thank you, Wendy! The cover for Wham! is my favorite of all my covers so far.

    2. By niargcom on

      Thank you, Wendy. I always have found it fascinating to find out a bit about what actually inspired an author to write a certain book, so I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed learning the background behind mine.

  12. By niargcom on

    The honor of being featured here on your website to kick off my Spotlight Author Blog Tour. Thank you!

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