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What a glorious spring day it is here! The weather is wonderfully warm. My flowers are starting to bloom. And even the little birds are starting to rebuild their nest outside my living room window! This might be my favorite time of year!

I enjoy blogging and reviewing books. Late this year I will add author to the list of things I do!

I want to share the back-cover blurb of my book with you.

It was difficult, and very sad, to see my life laid out on paper. The timeline covered the front and back of a 36″ x 24″ poster board and wound around it like a steep mountain switchback.

The memories brought back by black lines on paper . . .

June, 2001

He dragged me down the stairs by my hair. I remember giving up. I was so tired, physically and emotionally. The fight had gone out of me. I’m certain if one had looked into my eyes they were empty. I was already gone.

He dragged me to a standing position, which I could barely hold in my weakness. Peering into his eyes I saw evil. I saw death. My own. My daughter’s.

“Remember, no matter what happens,” he leaned down, whispering in my ear, “no matter what happens, remember how much I’ve loved you!”

I stood there stunned. He loved me? He loved me? How could this be called love!

That moment was a turning point for me and I’ve been crying out to tell my story ever since. I hope you’ll join me when I release “Where the Heart Grows” later this year!



  1. I love those yellow daffodils! It really made my day go well. I am glad you are hanging strong,m and enjoyed reading the article. I would like to give thanks for your really great writing. I wish the best in keeping up the good work in the future.

  2. My! You had such a busy day yesterday and I’m so glad for you, Patricia! <3 So sorry I'm late to the feast but I had minor eye surgery yesterday so I wasn't able to come online very much at all and didn't have much time or access to a keyboard.
    Kudos for writing your memoir – which I can see is both powerful and disturbing. I'm very glad that you found your happy ending in the end 🙂

    1. Good afternoon, Jan. It’s never too late here! I hope your eye surgery was successful! I appreciate your support! It means a lot to have you on my side!


    1. Good morning, Mary. My story does have a happy ending! Today I can consider myself blessed by everything I have been through because it made me the woman I am today! That is what makes the memories of the terror lessen! Bless you!


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