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Author Lizzie Chantree?


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An inventive author!

Lizzie is a wife and mum, who is also an accomplished inventor, businesswoman and artist. She founded her first company at the age of 17 and has been creating products ever since!

She went to a design and advertising college, called The School of Communication Arts, which was based in London. They took only a handful of students each year from all over the world, so she made the most of the opportunity by learning everything she could about how to create products, advertise and package them.

After college she started her own business opening her first retail venture. She designed and sold her own brand of products to customers all over the world. This business grew to two shops and a wholesale business, including a retail gift catalogue, which Lizzie ran for over 20 years.

During this time she also invented a product called Runaway Spray, which is a lipstick size spray, perfect for a ladies handbag, that prevents further ‘ladders’ or ‘runs’ in stockings or tights. She became one of Fair Play London’s Female Inventors of the Year. She also won business awards and the ‘Livewire’ competition, run by Shell UK in association with The Prince’s Trust. She was asked to return the following year as a ‘Livewire’ competition judge.

Lizzie’s daughter had been unwell for two years and to keep herself awake at night, she wrote her first novel, Babe Driven. Five years later, when her daughter’s health improved, she had it professionally edited and happened to read a magazine article about a well known author who was self-publishing his novels. She discovered a brilliant book club called RRBC, (you should join!) and this helped her along her way as an author.

Currently Lizzie has written three books;

A sizzling beach read-Babe Driven:

A medical romance story-Love’s Child:

LC Book CoverHer latest book, which has just been released on Amazon:

A mystical romance-Finding Gina:

All of Lizzie’s books have strong central characters and a sprinkling of humour.

Reader quote: ‘This is a really compulsive read and not easy to put down; but quite light hearted.

The characters are really fun, engaging and believable.

I am really looking forward to the authors next Novel… Give it a go!!!!’

Excerpt of chapter two from Finding Gina:

‘There’s something strange about that girl,’ hissed Rachel to Tom, her aunt’s resident baker, who was hands deep in flour as he stretched a batch of dough for the next day’s quota of cakes.

‘What do you mean?’ he asked quizzically, shaking flour dust from his nose and almost making himself sneeze. He looked at Gina through the glass door to the tearoom and thought she looked kind of cute!

‘I mean that she is always smiling and I’ve never seen her here with the same person, other than my aunt a few times. It’s a bit like she picks up waifs and strays, but she’s also a stray herself. Do you know what I mean?’

Tom raised his eyebrows at Rachel’s views on their customer. She was always offering an opinion on everyone that girl; from the delivery boy, to that unfortunate young mother with the face full of spots!

Rachel waited for Tom to reply, then raised her hands into the air in surrender and grabbed the next order that was sitting ready to be delivered to table three, slapping the plates together and almost covering a pretty cupcake in coffee as it sloshed onto the saucer.

Follow Lizzie Chantree on Social Media:

Twitter handle: @Lizzie_Chantree

Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/lizziechantree/

Website address: https://www.writewithsydney.co.uk/

Any additional means of contact: Blog: https://www.lizziechantree.com/

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  1. This is cool you are an inventor, too! Glad your daughter is better and you started writing! Glad to find another great blog!

  2. This is a lovely post, Lizzie. You are inspiring! Congratulations on your Spotlight tour! 🙂

    Patricia, thanks for being such a wonderful host for Lizzie! 🙂

    1. Lol! It really is Rebecca. It’s a lipstick size spray, not tested on animals and doesn’t stick to your leg! It’s only available in the U.K. though.

  3. Your accomplishments are truly inspiring, Lizzie! Bravo! 🙂
    I really enjoyed this excerpt too. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
    Thanks for the warm welcome, Patricia. 🙂

  4. Looks like Finding Gina will involve a lot of bake-off fun – looking forward to it, Lizzie! 😀
    Thanks for inviting us over to your lovely blog Patricia.:-)

  5. Wow, so many accomplishments, Lizzie! Congrats on yet another with your latest release. Wishing you the very best on your tour. It’s wonderful learning about the authors in RRBC!

  6. You amaze me, Lizzie! You’ve accomplished so much in your young life. Like so many others, I’m in awe of your creative energies… 🙂

    1. You’re making me blush Gwen! I love anything innovative, which is why I enjoy being part of the RRBC book club so much. It’s full to the brim with creative talent!

    1. Thanks Michelle. The doctors did say she would improve by around the age she is now, but after so many years of breathing problems, doctors and hospitals, it seemed pretty difficult to believe at times. She is a chatty ball of energy now though! We encouraged her to talk as she coughed so much for many years and found it hard to breathe, now she chatters constantly! I love it!

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